Sunday, June 24, 2012

Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15

Bright skin is always good, right ? If you have melasma ( brown spots) or  just general dulling of skin , you  look for something to help  skin back into shape. In summer  especially, with the sun beating down, we need to protect and correct.

I like Vitamin C products in general, and if you get a  good one they do work on brightening and lightening. They are great for summer  and after sun exposure to help repair any damage and add antioxidants . Newest is Perricone MD  Vitamin C Ester 15 and it is a good one.

You get 4 tubes of the product, which is great since Vitamin C is not stable when exposed to light  and these individual tubes keep the light and air  out  ensuring long term stability.

I got one tube to test  and while  the company states that each tube would last a week, I'm well into week 2 with mine with a nice bit left. I don't use it on my T Zone so that may be part of it but it seems to me there is more than a week's worth in the tube and that's great.

In my test  period I've been quite happy. There hasn't been a huge difference but a subtle one. And I know that  brightening takes time, a good bit of time. But  my skin  has more clarity and glow and some spots have been beaten back a little. It's got a lot of firming action going on too. Firming you can see.

The formula is nice and  creamy but not heavy, with light moisture. Just enough for my oily skin but if you are dry you might need  to layer night cream over it. It sinks in fast and you do not need  a lot.

According to Perricone MD, the chief  ingredient, Vitamin C Ester , comes in at  15 %  which is the "highest concentration in any anti- aging treatment ." They also tell us  " Vitamin C  Ester is a fusion of Vitamin C with a fatty acid derived from palm oil."

I'd be happy to use this all summer  with it's just right feel and high Vitamin C percentage.

 Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15 is $ 120.00 for 4  10 ml tubes and available at and Sephora stores.


chatchien said...

Topix does make products with 20% Vitamin C.

Look at Products and then Citrix, the site won't let me link you there directly.

I do agree that Vitamin C does wonders for your skin.

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Chatchien. I hadn't heard of Topix. Doesn't say where to buy it, but 20% is really high.

Beach Sun Umbrella said...

Agree along with this protection, look for a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher to ensure adequate protection. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes prior to sun exposure in order to allow the protection to fully protect the skin.

chatchien said...

You can buy the 20% Citrix/CRS product at The Skinstore. They are currently having a 20% off sale.

So it's 20% Vitamin C at 20% off. Coincidence? ;-)

Vitamin C Ester said...

Ester C is non doubt the best form of vitamin C that is more preferred rather than the other forms just because it stays in the body for long time and vitamin C great properties of antioxidants helps to prevent the skin against wrinkles and makes you to stay more healthy and younger.