Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Calyx Returns via Clinique

Do you have memories of Calyx by Prescriptives? A fragrance that was truly different when it was released in 1986 it became a classic but was not for everyone. I well remember loving it and getting my bottle for Christmas one year. I think I may still have that original bottle.

When Prescriptive sadly closed up shop many wondered what about Calyx, will it still be available ?  It was for awhile. Now however it's truly back and under the Clinique umbrella. I was browsing their website earlier this week and saw it online and wondered what was up? Now the full release details are here.

Calyx by Clinique is now available exclusively at Clinique.com and Clinique counters .

If you haven't ever tried it, Calyx is a zesty , green citrus floral . Not easy to describe  the green notes are sweet rather than stem or root which is what usually comes to mind. Grapefruit  makes up a large part of the citrus  and is in fact the only actula fruit note in the composition.   It has a clean soapy feel at times with a good bit of vetiver along with plenty of tropical fruit scents like passion fruit and mango.

Calyx Clinique is 1.7 oz for $ 52.00 and $69 for 3.4 oz


chatchien said...

Thanks for the writeup. I'll have to give this one a smell and maybe a buy. I usually hate fruity perfumes---except for Peach, Peach is Prime; but I love the grapefruit smell of my Neutrogena face wipes.

Has this formulation changed from the Original? Due to various restrictions, a lot of the old perfumes have been reformulated. Can you tell any difference?

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi CC,
It smells pretty much the same to me and as far as I know, they haven't changed it . Give it a sniff, it's different from what we think of as "fruity" these days.

I love those Neutrogena wipes too. Calyx is nothing like them though but the wipe are nice.

Thanks for stopping by