Sunday, March 23, 2014

AG Hair Cosmetics BB Cream & Deflect Spray

Two new products from AG Hair Cosmetics recently hit the shelves at Ulta.  Providing extra care for hair , especially colored hair, I gave them a  test drive.

I like hair BB or CC Creams. I've used a couple and while the naming might seem gimmicky, that they add plenty of lightweight leave in conditioning along with other benefits like UV blocking, breakage reduction and more, is what's important.

 BB Cream is a thick cream that you emulsify a little in hands and then spread through hair. The directions say to use a dime size amount but I needed a good bit more than that to do all of my long hair. Maybe a half dollar amount. It does  a good job conditioning , taming down split ends and adding moisture without weight.  It is not super hydrating though, and if you have drier hair you might need something heavier , or another leave in like an oil with it.

 Deflect is a heat protecting spray. If you use any heat styling you should be using protector. If you use a flat iron you really need to use one. This one not only adds that protecting but also smoothes  and has UV protection built in. It also is said to speed up blow drying. I can't say that it did speed up drying time, maybe a little but not a big difference. It worked well though as a heat protector, hair was smooth but not deflated.

AG Hair Cosmetics BB Cream is $ 26
AG Hair Cosmetics Deflect is  $ 24

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