Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dial Vitamin Boost Super C & Amazing B Body Wash

Juicy fruits  are the star of the new Vitamin Boost Body Washes from Dial . There are two new varieties, Super C and Amazing B and both are moisturizing for our winter dry skin.

Super C is my favorite, naturally , because it's citrus based. It has a zesty orange and grapefruit scent in a gel formula that uses grapefruit oil .  The gel isn't heavy or greasy but  just a nice lightly hydrating body wash with that great scent.

Amazing B has mango and kiwi juice and be warned the wash is as green as the bottle. I'll admit that was a little odd at first. This one has lotion in it for a creamy body wash that like Super C is lightly moisturizing.

I've liked many of the great scents Dial has come out with in the past few years and these fit right in. Vitamin Boost Body Washes are great for normal or drier skins and the fragrances will take you right into Spring and Summer.

Retail is $ 4.99

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