Thursday, February 19, 2015

Balenciaga Paris L'Editon Mer

 Balenciaga's newest brings a burst of sunshine and effervescence. Something  we need in February , right ?

 L'Edition Mer  is a bright fragrance bursting with citrus  and green notes.

The first spritz brings that citrus, zesty and lemony in the form of the yuzu note. The green notes come along and according to the brand , the scent uses green shiso leaf living , a plant grown hydroponically.  That leads to  an aquatic feeling, but a very light one . It never gets bogged down by any dewiness but is more fresh . Muguet adds a hint of floral and by the drydown the fragrance is a  soft woods tinged citrus.

L'Edition Mer wears lightly and is a great Summer complement but I happily wear my citruses all year. For me, they always work.

As with many citrus scents, I love this and  Balenciaga scents have yet to disappoint. Last years's B. Balenciaga is a beauty and a favorite , as is the  violet/chypre original  fragrance.

Full note list:

Top:             Yuzu, Green Shiso Leaf Living
Heart:          Wet Floral Muguet, Seashore Living  
Base:            Dry Woods, Seashell Accord

Balenciaga Paris L'Edition Mer is   $145  for 2.5 oz  EDP at Neiman Marcus from February through August. 

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Anonymous said...

I found Balenciaga Paris L'edition Mer to be the ultimate in luxury freshness. It is aquatic and reminds of the exhilaration of the ocean. I found it to be non-sweet, non-aftershave like unlike other fresh perfumes which is what I like. It is a feel-good, energizing scent that is light, subtle but lingers and appears periodically like the original Paris. The bottle is beautiful. This is the whole package. I've been looking forever for the fresh perfume and I finally found it.