Monday, November 17, 2014

B. Balenciaga

The new B. Balenciaga  feels like the fragrance I've been waiting to sniff this year.  And I have been waiting months to try it. It doesn't smell like everything else, and it's not fruity sweet. What it is , is quite good.

The fragrance is  very dry , owing mainly to the violet  leaves  and  orris ( iris root)  along with edamame accord . I have to be honest,  I've not smelled edamame before , but it's obviously a green  scent and there is plenty of that in here .

 I love the dry  feel of iris and B.  never goes too powdery.  It's also as I mentioned  a very green scent . The florals are a tease that come and go as you sniff.  Lily of The Valley  is one of the top notes but I don't get much of that pretty floral  at first. More like after 5 or more.  Ambrette seeds, another favorite note of mine, add a little warmth but also continues the dry feel, with cedar well represented as well. There is a peppery spice to the drydown that gives it a little edge.

This wears fairly light ,  more than a skinscent but not heavy or strong and  there is  light sillage. For a day fragrance that has a little verve and a lot of elegance, B. Balenciaga is a perfect choice.

B. Balenciaga comes in a rollerball for $ 25, 1oz EDP for $ 82, 1.7 oz EDP for $ 110 and 2.5 oz EDP for $ 145  as well as shower gel and lotion and is available at  Sephoraand Nordstrom. 

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