Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Paris Fashion Week- Balmain

Calling all Rocker girls or wannabes- this is your dress. Balmain's collection sent a number of gunmetal rocker chic worthy pieces down the runway at the beginning of Paris fashion week.
This dress really caught my eye. It would look great with tights or leggings ( if you dare) as well. It is edgy, but beautiful, for the rock star in everyone.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Oscar Fashion Fest

" Ladies and gentlemen ,I give you the Queen" (helen's acceptance speech). She wasn't kidding. Congrats to one of the best actors out there. With a dress truly fit for the Dame she is, she sparkled on the stage, literally. The dress is by Christian Lacroix, a designer who does some of the best couture. Helen you picked well. Rule Brittania.

Helen and Rachel Weisz were the fashion winners to me. Rachel's Vera Wang dress was the epitome of elegance, and the jeweled neckline was lovely and accented with that whopper of a Cartier necklace. She stunned. Loved the dark lips too. They really work on her.

Nicole Kidman was a stunner in her red dress. A wow. The bow totally worked, and she wore it well.

Queen Latifah in her black Carmen Marc Valvo. What a perfect fit, and shape for her. She has once again shown that a larger woman can be a glamour gal. I do think that she should have worn a necklace though.

The award for best makeup goes to Reese Witherspoon. How hot can she get? I was underwhelmed with her dress, but her makeup and hair was so perfect, who cares?
Cate Blanchett gets a runner up nod for makeup.

Lastly, who ever thought one of the best dressed, most glam would be Ms. Jodie Foster. She looked incredible. Everything was pitch perfect , her dress, her hair, her makeup( almost as good as Reese's) and her earrings which matched the color of her dress and brought out the blue in her eyes. Awesome. Almost an old school 40's look, which was something we saw a lot of tonight.

Diane Keaton looked really lovely too at her surprise appearance at the end.

Major honorable mention goes to Rinko Kikuchi, channeling 1930's Shanghai, and Catherine Deneueve, for just being so elegant, so lovely, and daring to go sleeveless, at an age most would not think of it but should, because you're beautiful .

Now to the not so good.
Jennifer Hudson: I never thought I would ever see an Oscar De La Renta creation that wasn't bordering on perfection. How did this happen. Brown, pockets, and a short leather or skin jacket? Ok, full figures and short jackets are a tough call. Really tough, as in think 10 times at least. It was really bad.

Leonardo- such a fine, fine actor. Please leave the bronzer alone next time you go out. You could clearly see the actual brush marks , I think. way too overdone, think Charlize and that infamous spray tan.

So best dressed:
Helen Mirren
Rachel Weisz
Nicole Kidman
Jodie Foster
Queen Latifah

Go ladies

photos: abc.com, catwalk queen ,eonline

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Potential Bargain Find

The March issue of In Style magazine has a feature on trench coats, and one is from Old Navy. It's this pretty black satin number. My picture didn't come out very well, but if in person it looks as nice as the photo, this may be fashion find. Trench coats are always in vogue, but a black satin one (for perhaps evening assignations?) would be oh so nice. The retail is 49.00.
It is not yet listed on the Old Navy website. Occasionally these items made available to magazines don't make it to the stores, but hopefully this will.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bargain Fun Find Of The Day

Today at my local Target I picked up this cute ELF lipgloss cell phone charm set for 1.00. I have seen the ELF line( but not these) at other Targets, but mine hasn't had any until now.
I have had my eye on the Bourjois charms for awhile, but those are 9.00 and I am glad I didn't get one.
The ELF set is 2 interchangeable glosses, both very sheer. One has a med. pink tint, the other just a bit of pearl. They have a strawberry smell and slight taste. It's real strawberry ,though, not fake plastic kind.
A fun dollar spent.
PS : These would make a seriously cute Easter Basket treat for girls and ladies of all ages.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Funny photo

In one of those funny forwarded emails I received today came this fun picture. I rarely take the time to look through those emails but am glad I did on this one. This is just too much, it really would be perfect for today's multitasking woman.

Do you think maybe Chanel or MAC could come up with this??? Seriously, can you imagine the sales if Chanel made a logo'ed mouse with lipstick , eyeshadow or powder in it?
The Mind Reels.

If they do, you saw it here first( well sort of, not counting the email. )

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Milan Fashion Week

This week the fashion world goes to Milan. In looking through several of the collections, I haven't seen clothes as nice as what NY and London sent down the runways, but there were some highlights.
Burberry Prorsum's show was almost all about coats, as it should be, and they were some dandy ones. Lots of leather : shapely , straight, zipped and more.
This one shown at left, has an amazingly neat zipper down part of the back.

Alberta Ferreti pleased as she usually does with soft clothes that have some edge. Grey was the pallette here as it has been all month. She also brought out awesome coats, like this Matrix reminiscent ( and completely lust worthy ) black number.

I was happy to see Romeo Gigli. In the 80s I thought they were some of the coolest clothes around. This collection was a bit all over the place, and not pulled together enough for me, but there were lots of hats, and yes, another wonderful coat. This one in redder than red, with a big shawl collar.
( I am also loving the makeup done here. the contouring and blush are fantastic.)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bill Blass fragrances

A new Bill Blass fragrance launched recently.
The original version pictured bottom right, was a longtime favorite of mine for many years back in the 80s. It was almost a signature frag. and often a gift from my friends who knew how I liked it.
These days I don't really wear it, but still have a bottle. Many of the fragrances I wore years ago at a young age, aren't to my liking these days, with the exception of Chloe.

The original Blass was a sharp white floral. It's a big fragrance, although not as " big " as some other 80's notables like Jardins De Bagatelle, are to me. I suppose it's a softer, big fragrance.
The other notes, besides the flowers, are cinnamon and sandlewood.

The new one, pictured above, is also a floral, decsribed as having purely floral notes with some grassy touches. Notes are: Neroli, galbanum, and green mandarin at the top. Middle notes : white Hyacinth, lily of the Valley,tuberose and jasmine. It sounds very nice.

It has been described on makeupalley as a very lily fragrance with a bit of an aquatic note.

Exclusive to Saks right now, I look forward to a test of this.
1.3 oz edp is 65.00

Friday, February 16, 2007

Michael Kors With Love fragrance set

Sephora's catalog arrived in yesterdays mail. Not as full of goodies as past ones, but plenty there to like. I had already noticed this set of Michael Kors perfume on the website a few days ago.
The set contains 3 rollerballs at .2 oz each. One each of edp and edt, and one of the Sheer version.
The Sheer version is whats most special here. It has been harder to find lately and is a lovely scent. I finally got a bottle a few months ago, after having loved it for a couple years. I love tuberose, and the regular edp is great, but the Sheer is to me, just special. It is lighter, but by no means wimpy. It's a medium white floral but with a bit of a green touch. More subtle, but not so subtle that it's not there.
The Sheer has little to none of the spices that the original has, and more florals like jasmine added. It is a perfect lighter scent, and to me, always appropriate.
Of course the indivdual rollerballs also make for a great way to take one with you in your purse or bag, or store one in a desk drawer. Easy portability.
40.00 for set at Sephora.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Silver Nail Polish

Silver nail polish is going to be the trend in nails for Spring and into fall . I have always loved silver polish and thought I'd post a pic of two of my oldie but goodies. They are Fluorine( metallic) from Chanel, and Gunmetal from the Revlon Streetwear line( this was such a great line).

The Chanel isn't showing up overly well, but it is a dove grey/silver metallic with a hint of lilac. The Gunmetal is a hardcore silver, darker, shimmery. Both are great, I reach for the Streetwear more often. It is very molten looking. Thats what you want in a good silver polish.

Some of the runways had the most amazing silver metallic nails , like foil. I loved it. This one from Chanel Spring 2007 is one would love to see at the counters.

No doubt most of the top companies will have some great silvers at the ready, plus you can do like I did, and dig through the stash you already have.

photos by the alchemist and elle.com

Off topic: Westminster Dog Show/DOGS

Off topic, but personally, I feel that there's nothing more beateous than the Dog. The most perfect being in the universe.

A big congratulations to this years Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show, James the English Springer Spaniel. He presented himself so beautifully,( and with no makeup that we know of ) .

For all of you who may have watched, and don't have a dog and are now thinking about getting one, please heed those sweet, and sad Pedigree commercials, and adopt a dog from a shelter or a breed rescue. The most wonderful ones are out there just waiting for a good home.

You can find links to the ASPCA and Petfinder .org on my blogroll. Feel free to leave a message in comments if you want more info as well. I'd be happy to help.

For those that have dogs, just love them all you can.

Dogs Rule.

PS: Despite doggies needing no makeup, my German Shepherd and the amazing one before her, both have eyes that sport the most perfect " eyeliner " you'd ever want to see. So, see it's all beauty related after all :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chantecaille's new release -Corail Powder

Way too many beautiful products are being released soon. How much can a wallet take? This new comapct is truly beautiful. I have long admired Chantecaille's butterfly products, but had not caved on any. This may be different. ( and it does go partially to a good cause)

In March, Chantecaille will be launching a new face powder called ‘Corail’ (“Coral”). The sea-blue and coral compact flaunts a coral motif that is embossed on the powder as well. The coral motif wasn’t picked by chance, because the item is sold to benefit the PEW Institute for Ocean Science. Corail Powder at www.chantecaille.com. It retails for 75.00 euros, not yet listed on any sites with the dollar price, but thats about 97.00.
info/pic: osmoz.com

Sunday, February 11, 2007

YSL Beaute Lip Twins Duo, Art for the face

There are many beautifully packaged lipsticks out there, Guerlain's is a personal favorite, but this new one from Yves St. Laurent takes top prize. The companies are constantly trying new looks and ideas to capture our dollars, and this lovely will do it.

It looks like an ornament,or piece of art, almost. Something you could stand on your desk, or dresser. The one side has the YSL name etched in silver, the other shows one shade of lipstick.

The case conceals two complementary shades of lipstick (satin and sheer) and a brush. It comes in 12 different shade combos.

You can see a pic in the new Elle magazine's large Saks ad layout. Retails for 30.00
I need no new lipsticks( how many of us really do?) but who
could resist? No doubt that was part of the design master plan.

Friday, February 9, 2007

In Praise of MAC Fluidline

I finally got a MAC fluidline after ages of wanting to try these. These cream eyeliners are the greatest, period. I have tried for years, and years ( and years , get the idea?) to find eyeshadows that actually last on me. Well actually makeup that lasts. I can put it to the test, let me tell you. So many longer lasting formulas have come along in the last few years , so I have been able to achieve pretty good results, but this is different, this is huge.

I used the Rich Grounds Fluidline as an allover shadow and just blended a bit of MAC pigment in Vanilla for highlighting in the corner. This lasted from 8am until 10pm. That long, and still looked excellent. I am SO happy. I have never, ever had any eye makeup last even close to that. ( oh and I did use a primer on lids, always do, not sure which one I used that day, however)

Now if it makes through NJ humidity in summer, it might just need some special prize.

Fluidlines come in many colors, in a little pot and should last ages. Now I simply have to convince myself that i don't need 2 or 3 or 6 more.

Fluidline is available at all MAC counters, and retails for 14.50

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Random Post: You know you've had a long day when....

It's been a crazy few days. We all have days when we just get a mowed down feeling. For me Tuesday was one of those. ( and yes this is actually beauty related, I'll get there)

That night I almost used toothpaste to take off my eye makeup.

So : You know you've had a LONG day when you grab the Colgate to use on your eyemakeup. Thankfully, I noticed that it wasn't quite what I wanted before I used it.

Feel free to share your long day woes. It'll be cathartic.
Photo: Dog Gone Bad, source unknown( and I in no way wish to promote smoking, but this is just the perfect pic for my post).

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bond 9 Bryant Park

I had the great pleasure of being able to test in advance the new Bond 9 fragrance, Bryant Park.

I know many were wondering about Bond doing another rose based perfume so soon after West Side, but there is no need to worry. The rose here is very low key , and the other notes are far more predominant. To me West Side is a strong rose, a comfort scent( and a huge favorite of mine). Bryant Park is more like the breeze from a nearby rose bush as it passes by your nose on a sunny day.

The notes in Bryant Park include rhubarb, pink pepper, rose, raspberry, patchouli, and lily of the valley.

The patchouli is very dialed down and just like the rose, provides a nice base for the fragrance. After the initial burst of berry, Bryant Park settles down into a light rose, with the pink pepper coming out, and the berry staying on as well.

This fragrance has a very zesty feel to it, it is lighthearted but not fleeting. It will be a wonderful everyday fragrance and one that should appeal to many. I don't see it as very unisex, but it is also not overtly " girly". It's a breath of spring freshness, that seems to stay close to the skin.

I look forward to testing the actual spray bottle, as that often seems to make a difference.

Bryant Park officially releases on March 1st at the Bond 9 shops, and Saks Fifth Avenue Dept. Stores.

Pricing is available on Bond9 webblog: http://bondno9fragrances.blogharbor.com/blog/Updates

the site also has a lovely description of Bryant Park- the official park and inspiration behind this new fragrance.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Louis Vuitton for Valentines

I saw this little beauty in an ad in today's paper and knew I had to get this on here. The picture is so-so as I had to use my camera , viewing the LV website.
This is from the new Valentine's collection. It is called simply, Heart Purse, but it is so much more. It's a pulse racing red darling. This photo does not do it justice. The red is called Pommes D'Amour( yum). It is a red patent change purse, comes with those cute charms and can be attached to your purse. It's so darn cute.
The tagline for the line is " let yourself be tempted by our delicacies", ok I am.
I have no price info, as it's not yet on eluxury.com.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Ancient Egyptians and Cosmetics

It's a wonderful thing when two loves come together. In this case it's beauty and art and artifacts.

Beginning tomorrow the hugely anticipated King Tut exhibit opens at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Egyptian history and it's artifacts are simply amazing, but not at all simple .

The Tut exhibit will include a cosmetic jar, pictured here. Makeup and perfumes were widely used by the Ancient Egyptians.The cosmetic jars or vessels often held oils or animal fats( unguents) for perfumery.

Eyeliner in the form of pulverized malachite( green) and galena(later kohl) for black, was also very common. They had cosmetic palletes to grind the pigments, and also cosmetic spoons like the one here, made of wood. This spoon is a style known as the Swimming Girl, and would have been part of a larger cosmetic set.

Red Ocher was used to color the lips. ( so, yes, red lipstick has always been a classic)

There is obviously, so much more to the Ancient Egyptians than makeup, but besides the tie in here, it is ,to me, so interesting to see that they had and used such things as we do today, albeit in a more modern manner. The Egyptians were extremely advanced in so many areas. If you can make it to the Tut exhibit, by all means do. There are also so many great permanent
exhibits in museums around the country, and the world. All offer something to see.

Tut has previously been on view in LA, Florida, and Chicago.It will go to London in November.

If anyone has been already, please let me know your thoughts.

More Info :
www. 2fi.edu( Franklin Institute)
www.kingtut.org( official site)

Cosmetic jar photo: Franklin Institute
Cosmetic Spoon : 18th dynasty, Egyptian Museum , Cairo
Perfume Vessel- Egyptian Museum,Cairo
Some information via World Liverpool Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Apothia Sale

Just a quick post today, more things coming over the next few days.

Apothia by Ron Robinson is having a sale with 20-50% off many beauty products including Bliss, Monyette Paris, and Delux( which I believe is soon to be discontinued)
here's the link if you are interested: