Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Target Fall Accessories 2012

Target has some hot fall accessories at those price points we all love.  Here are  just a few of the items coming soon.

Merona Ankle Boot $ 34.99
Merona Leather bottom tote ( faux) $ 29.99
Alligator Ring $ 7.99
Merona scarves $14.99 each

Body by Victoria- New Fragrance 2012

New this month from Victoria's Secret is Body by Victoria. There was another Body by Victoria back in 2002 and while this shares the name and some similar notes it looks to be a new fragrance. I recall liking the original, it was very sheer and soft and despite being a musk based fragrance, not overly musk .

I haven't smelled this one yet, but hopefully it's like it's predecessor.

Notes :


Mandarin, Peach, Raspberry Leaves, Water Blossoms


Orange Flower, Ginger Lily, Magnolia, Lily of the Valley


Musk, Precious Woods, Sheer Amber, Orris

Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz. $65

Eau de Parfum, 1.7 oz. $49

Fragrance Mist, 8.4 oz. $25

Fragrance Lotion, 8.4 oz. $20

Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Fall Fashion 2012

Target has released the images for their fall lines collections. Mossimo, Merona and more. I have to say, I haven't a seen a group of items this good from them in awhile. Not that I don't love Target , I surely do, but I've got my eye on a lot of pieces from fall.

 You might notice my  preference for plaids and leopard here, as they show up in many of my favs.   Fall staples in my opinion.   There is also what looks to be a really pretty, polished peplum dress. With sleeves. I may have to sit down, wait I am sitting. Sleeves make me so happy.  And  a fab tan trench. Everyone needs a trench and $ 49.99 makes it much more affordable.

These will begin to hit stores in early August, will rollouts all month into mid -September.

Anything here catch your eye ? There is so much more, this is just a small sampling. Accessories post to come next.

Mossimo Peplum Dress $ 27.99

Merona ankle pant  in brown plaid, black watch plaid or leopard $ 27.99

Merona two tone  tan trench $ 49.99
Merona leopard  knit top $ 24.99
Mossimo Owl sweater $ 22.99

Sunday, July 29, 2012

MAC Prep and Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35- New Shades

Last year MAC released their Prep and Prime Beauty Balm or BB Cream. I found it to be really good. It was the first BB I'd tried at that point and  even after trying many more, I still think the MAC ranks up there . 

This BB is lightly hydrating , but still ok for slightly oily skin, primes skin, smoothes and perfects a little as well as having a high SPF of 35.

You can read my full review of  the original shade for more info here

The three  new shades are extra light to medium tones  in Extra Light , Light and Light Plus.

$ 30 beginning Aug. 16 at www.maccosmetics.com and Sept. 12 in the permanent line in stores.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

butter London Fall 2012 Nail Lacquers

butter London has some pretty new fall lacquer launches. There's the fall collection and the Olympic Medal Collection which is a trio of metallic shades.

The fall colors are based on texture like tweed and satin  and have fun Brit slang names .

Shades are :

Lovely Jubbly , Trustafarian,Gobsmacked ,Shag  and Dodgy Barnett

 With Olympic fever in full swing , the Olympic Medal Metallic Nail Lacquer Trio  is a commemorative set including three metallic nail lacquers -The Full Monty, Diamond Geezer and The Old Bill. This set will debut on QVC July 31st as 9PM EST during Tuesday Night Beauty.    
Also there is the butter London Lippy Collection which pairs nails with coordinating lips.  
butter London lacquers are $ 14 each and the Heavy Medal set is approx. 29.00 ( QVC definite price not set).

You can find them at QVC ,  www.beauty.com , and nordstrom

Friday, July 27, 2012

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower Hair Mist

Carnal Flower is a sexy scent, a big scent and a beautiful one. That Frederic Malle has come out with a matching hair mist is genius. Can you imagine swishing your hair all over and that scent wafting out ? Va Va Voom indeed. Plus it's a  nice way to wear fragrance anyway. I've always been fond of the hair spritz with my fragrances .

In case you're not familiar, Carnal Flower is a bold but not overpowering( to me, at least)  green tuberose.  The green notes temper the bold , creamy tuberose and a small hint of coconut lends a slightly tropical feel. It's simply gorgeous.

The Hair Mist is $ 160.00 at www.shop.fredericmalle.com  and www.barneys.com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Elemis Discount at Time to Spa

Elemis is a fabulous brand and a firm favorite here at BA HQ.   The British brand is known for luxury skincare and  I've talked about many of their  products before.  In homor of the London Olympics, you can get a rare discount across the board on all Elemis products at Time to Spa .

 My top picks ? The Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt ( you can read my older post here) and the Treat Yout Feet Foot Cream , which is the first foot cream I've used that makes a big difference almost immediately.

 Head over to http://www.timetospa.com/bestofbritish and use code BRITISH 25 at checkout  to get 25 % off  July 26th thru July 31st.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elie Saab Le Parfum- The Eau de Toilette

Elie Saab Le Parfum was one of last year's strong releases in fragrance. A year later the EDT is being released .

In general EDTs are  lighter versions of the original scent and here they've ( the designer and perfumer Francis Kurkdijian ) have decided to highlight the orange blossom note , a memory of which  is a treasured part of Saab's childhood.

The orange blossom  here is light  and breezy  with hints of citrus from mandarin tree blossom, a touch of sweetness via the rose honey note , also found in the original perfume, and a voluptuous ( is there any other kind?)  gardenia. As it dries down , it doesn't change a lot but the  grounding note of vetiver  make a small appearance .

This is very much a white floral but one easily suited to summer . It's not a wildly unique fragrance, but a pretty one all the same.  It lasts long for an EDT, and a little goes a long way.  You need one to two spritzes max.

Elie Saab  Le Parfum The Eau de Toilette will be available in August at Neimans, Saks, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. 

You can find my look at Le Parfum here.

1.7 oz EDT $ 75.00
3.0 oz EDT $ 105.00

Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming To My Senses by Alyssa Harad

When I  heard about the new book Coming To My Senses: A Story of Perfume , Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride by Alyssa Harad, a memoir about perfume, I was pretty sure I would like it. Simply because  I love it's topic.  What I found was even better. This is a book that engages you from the first page. It may be a personal story but you do not need to know this person to feel drawn into her story. It's well written and you find yourself waiting and wanting to get to the next part of the book.

I can relate to some of her story. While she discovered fragrance later in life, I was always into it. As a tween/early teen I already had several different scents and as I went into further into my teens I discovered high end ( department store) perfumes and added more to my collection each year. By 18 I probably had between 8-10 fragrances, which is a lot for that age and at that time.  But what I share with Ms. Harad is the world that the internet opened up to me.  Once I discovered sites like MUA, and then Sniffapalooza and  blogs like Now Smell This, I went way further down the very fun rabbit hole. I suddenly was immersed in all fragrance including hard to find , niche and artisan.  Yes, those sites were certainly enablers, but it's been so much fun. Ultimately it led to me starting this blog of my own.

Harad discusses her journey into fragrance via so many of my favorite, old friend sites and mentions by name some people I know.  It was amazing to her what was out there perfume-wise  and in her case it was the beginning of her education and induction into the  pastime, passion, call it what you will.  When she discusses her first Sniffapalooza event, I wonder if I was there. I think I was, although I don't recall ever meeting her. We certainly could have brushed past each other at some point in the very big crowd  though.

And in reading her story at the beginning, I feel kind of sad for her . Sad that she somehow felt being a feminist meant distance from things like perfume. I am a feminist and think I was born that way. I also love makeup, fashion and fragrance and have never felt them mutually exclusive. It's also sad that she when she discovered perfume so many people looked at her like she was nuts when she expressed her new hobby.  Although any perfumista has been there at least a few times.  I am happy that she found the forums that we all know and love.  She tells of their welcome to her and any newcomer which is totally true . Perfume people love company. We love to talk  about it, compare thoughts. So there is a happy ending to her reconciling her feelings on fragrance. She also happens to come up with the best bridal shower idea EVER.

It's more than simply a discovery of perfume though.  She is also planning a wedding and trying hard to do it her way. No easy task. And there is self discovery along the way. She finds more about herself and her world, a world populated with some  very interesting and delightful sounding characters that we meet throughout the story.

If you love fragrance, and you love reading about fragrance then you will love this story. It will resonate as it did with me. Yes, I have some up close and personal experience with some of the people and places  , but I think it would have been enjoyable even I hadn't.

You can find Coming To My Senses anywhere books are sold . Hardcover edition is $ 25.95

For more , check out www.alyssaharad.com

Friday, July 20, 2012

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

I've had good luck with most of Clinique's Even Better collection and was intrigued when this new item landed on my desk. Fortunately I don't have dark circles but I am certainly not above a little under eye improvement. It's a little deeper under there than the rest of my skin so I gave it a try.

This is not really a concealer . more of a highlighter , but it's not quite that either. The Corrector adds a  little tint of color  that really does brighten up the eye area. It's subtle but definitely there. It also makes the skin feel much smoother.

The product itself is very light and it comes with a the cooling tip applicator you may have seen in other products.

Ok, onto the skincare component. Clinique says that with 12 weeks of use, Even Better Dark Circle Corrector is proven to lighten circles by 30%. That's pretty good.

Ingredients include Vitamin C and Mulberry Root for lightening, Caffiene and Green Tea Extract for soothing, Linoleic Acid and Cholesterol for hydration.

Also there is " Translucent Optics Technology"  which is a blend of optics that capture light for immediate improvement. I did see a wee bit of shimmer on my eye area , which would be from this. Now don't worry about that shimmer, it's minimal. It makes you look better and you will , most likely, be putting your foundation or BB Cream over it.

Overall verdict- I like it. If you have  under eye issues , it's definitely worth a try. It comes in one shade, that is basically translucent on skin, so one shade should work on most.

$ 39.50 at Clinique.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Biore Pore Strips Pop Art Tin


Cute product alert- Biore has a new jazzy pop art print tin filled with their pore strips instead of a simple box. There is also a mirror inside. Use the strips and you have a fun place to store other things or refill with strips.

Look for it at the usual places. LE.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends - The Body Lotion

 I tweeted after I tried these, that Grapefruit scent in a Creme de Corps formula was a total win. That pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the body lotions from Kiehl's new Aromatic Blends line. The lotion is super creamy and ultra moisturizing but not that heavy using shea butter and an blend of oils including avocado, sweet almond and sesame and no silicones. It sinks in pretty fast and smells amazing.

The Nashi Grapefruit is all  zippy grapefruit  for about 15 minutes then a little bit of a floral scent pops out. It's quiet but there. The scent here lasts nicely but not super long, it is, however a great way to lightly fragrance during the day or to layer with  the matching perfume.

The Orange Flower and Lychee is a very light scent. The Orange Flower is not too pronounced nor is the Lychee. It's very soft , sheer and delicate. Not fruity at all but a white floral .

Kiehl's has went to great lenghts to make these scents as true as possible from what I read. They used top quality ingredients but also less ingredients than  traditional fragrances, meaning  there is a larger proportion of the main ones. What I translate this  as, is they did not give in to trying to make these scents a huge blend of un-needed notes. There's no aquatics,heavy musks, dewy florals. Just the scents listed. This is a good thing.

The two other scents in this line containing body lotion, shower gel and fragrance are
Fig Leaf and Sage, and Vanilla Cedarwood.

Fragrance 30ml: $40.00, 100ml: $75.00, Collection: $55.00
Skin Softening Body Lotion $ 26.00
Skin Softening Body Cleanser $ 24.00


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Softsoap Tropical Twist Shower Gel

Softsoap is one of those brands that surprised me when I first tried some of their then new scents a few years ago. There was  Pink Grapefruit ( now dc'd I think) and Juicy Pomegranate and Mango.  I remember thinking, these are so good, how could they possibly be mass market? Yes, I might have been a little bit of a shower gel snob. But the mass markets brands have turned it up big time in recent years and I love that for less than $ 4  you can get one that smells that great.

Which brings us to the 2 new Softsoap LE shower gels that are exclusive to Wal Mart( I do wish they were stocked everywhere). If you read this site even a little you'll have noticed how much I love citrus. so naturally Tropical Twist was the one I went right to. And it's that good.  While it's said to smell like pineapple, citrus and freesia, my nose smells mostly all citrus- especially grapefruit and lime. It's transporting and leaves the bathroom with a lovely scent as well.

The other scent , Coconut Island Bliss is no slouch either. It's very pina colada on the beach but with a hint of mango instead of pineapple.

Both are very moisturizing but not heavy, which won't do in summer, and lather up well. Get a little vacay in the bath with these.

Grab them until October at all Wal Mart stores for $ 3.48.

*** press sample received for review purposes

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bumble and bumble Color Minded Collection

Taking good care of your colored hair is a priority year 'round but in summer it's even more imperative. Sun, pool and beach water all can  lighten , change or dull color.

Bumble and bumble's  Color Minded line is a great set of products to grab to keep hair in shape all season.  There is  sulfate free shampoo , conditioner, UV Protective Styling Balm and UV Protective Polish. Like all Bb products, they work and well. I realize Bb doesn't come inexpensively, but their products are  worth every penny.

The Color Minded Line  contains Color Minded Preserving Complex which  is  a dual polymer technology to help keep hair watertight, minimizing fading.

Like all Bb shampoos, the shampoo laters up big with only a little product and gets hair uber clean. Clean that lasts longer than other shampoos. Bb shampoos have  something about  them when it comes to keeping hair clean longest. The conditioner is very moisturizing  with shea butter , sesame seed oil  and jojoba seed oil but doesn't weigh hair down .

The Styling Balm is  extremely hydrating while also having UV protectors. It, too, keeps hair light  but adds a little body and shine and protects against heat damage.

Lastly, the UV Protective Polish  gives sun protection as well as  frizz smoothing, shine and heat styling protection. This is emollient so you only need a little unless your hair is overly dry.

All are available anywhere Bumble and bumble is sold.  For summer, there is a now a cute 3 piece travel set for $ 28.00 at www.bumbleandbumble.com

Sulfate Free Shampoo $ 29.00
Conditioner $ 32.00
UV Protective Styling Balm $ 28.00
UV Protective Polish $ 28.00

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Chic -Fall 2012

It's been Chanel week  , or 2 weeks lately, I know .  But there have been so many  new things to talk about.  Last up is the new  Rouge Coco Shine  Chic in the fall collection.

With Chic, you look at the pictures and the tube and say" Is that a grey lipstick? Grey brown ? That's going to be hard to wear." But  I , and you would be wrong if you thought this.  It's not hard to wear at all. It goes on very sheer and more like a regular  beige. It's not a true nude but it's really not grey either.  Shimmery Taupe is the best description.  Actually it's a very pretty if barely there shade . A nice balance to a bold smoky eye. 

If you want a similar gloss, the new Sweet Beige Glossimer is also part of the fall line. This  is  more warm  nude beige  without the  cool taupe but also a pretty, sheer shimmery gloss.

Both are available now.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Orly Flash Glam FX & Facebook Contest

Orly is introducing the special effects collection Flash Glam FX and has a Facebook contest to go along.  You could win the entire new Flash Glam FX line. The details are in the image below.  Click here to enter

Friday, July 13, 2012

NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo - Fall 2012

Vent Glace , the new eyeshadow duo from NARS fall 2012 is gorgeous.   That's my word for it. As soon as I saw the images I knew  I would like it, despite the colors not being ones I usually gravitate towards.  Even though it's billed as platinum and smoky silver, I sensed there might be a little blu-ish green in there . I was right. Just a hint , to my eye, but enough to make it so much more than just a basic silver.

It's a bit hard to describe, the deeper side of the duo, but lets's stick with gorgeous. Silver shadows , while always pretty, are usually not for me. This set is another story. This makes my eyes greener ( and silver never does that  ).  I think will really make blue eyes pop too. Of course it has that creamy , smooth NARS formula that I've come to love for  not only the rich pigment but how long lasting the shadows are. 

Vent Glace is my top pick from the whole fall collection .

NARS Fall 2012 is online July 14th and in stores Aug 1st. Is there anything you'll be hauling?

**You can see my post on the new UnDress Me Multiple here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

NARS The Multiple UnDress Me Fall 2012 ( swatched)

It's always big news when a new Multiple is part of a NARS collection and fall brings UnDress Me. 

UnDress Me  is pale pink with silver tinged shimmer. The  picture isn't showing the shimmer but on my face there were good size pieces .  I don't mind shimmer and glimmer, but some of you do, so keep this in mind.

The color is fairly sheer and definitely a highlighter as opposed to blush. It will look nice on lips  as well as cheeks and browbones.  It reminds me of a pinker version of Copacabana .

UnDress Me and all fall NARS is available online  July 14th and in stores Aug. 1.

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows

MAC has a new eyeshadow coming out as part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale, which will then be  online and on counter shortly after. It's called Electric Cool .

MAC details them as lightweight with a  lot of pigment and high frost. Sounds right up my alley.

They're at Nordstrom on July 19, online July 26 and in store Aug. 2. They are LE and $ 17.50.  Colors shown top to bottom: SuperWatt, InfraViolet and Electroplate.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MAC Archie's Girls Collection

This news was all over the web yesterday but in case you hadn't heard, I'm posting it too. MAC is doing an Archie comics collection come Spring 2013.

 Is that not super cool ? Archie brings me right back to my childhood. I wasn't a huge comic fan but I read some and Archie was at the top of the list of favorites. It's a long wait for the  line to be on sale but MAC  gives us a preview at the logo  and will have  something going to at this weekend's Comic Con. Makes me want to go hit the store and grab an Archie Digest for the weekend.

Full press release per MAC :

Are you a Betty or a Veronica? You’ll find out Spring 2013 when the MAC Archie’s Girl Collection launches!

MAC Cosmetics and Archie Comics are collaborating on a full color cosmetics collection celebrating the iconic looks of Betty and Veronica for Spring 2013.

MAC wants to know who you  think should win Archie’s heart. Tell them by texting “Betty” or “Veronica” to 898622 to support your favorite girl. Fans of the winner will be the first to hear when the collection is available online Spring 2013. (Msg&Data rates may apply.)

MAC Cosmetics  kicks-off the start of San Diego Comic Con with a special event at our Gaslamp store with celebrated American comic book artist and illustrator, Dan Parent of the famed Archie Comics series, which introduced the world to beloved fictional teenagers Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica!

Dan will demonstrate illustrations and provide custom sketches for fans who drop into the M·A·C Cosmetics location just steps away from the San Diego Convention Center.

A street team of Archie’s will be walking around the streets of San Diego, encouraging fans to meet Dan at MAC Gaslamp. 

You can  tweet @MACcosmetics with hashtag #MACArchiesGirls to join in the fun as well.

So are you a Betty or aVeronica?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara Preview Sale

Want top be one of the first to try Lancome's newest mascara Hypnose Star? If you are a Sephora  Beauty Insider, click on over and you can get one at their pre-sale for the next 72 hours . After that it will be back on site at the end of the month.

The best part of this new  mascara? It's fronted by Betty Boop ( and Daria Werbowy). I haven't tried it yet,  but I do think the campaign and  video is adorable.

Hypnose Star is $ 28.00

Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50

Happily this has been the summer of great SPFs for oily skin. Last year brought some great ones too, so to have as wide a choice as we now do is super.

Newest on the sunscreen block is one from skincare line Algenist- Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid.  The name kind of says it all, it is lightweight and has a high SPF. What I like about it is that while it's light, the formula is  a little thicker than most of my others and I think , and this may be just me, that it makes it stick to skin even better. It still sinks right in and isn't noticeable on skin .  It also does nicely at  keeping skin  matte  and makes a good base.

Algenist's chief ingredient in their skincare is Alguronic acid and that's in here as well.  Alguronic acid is found in micro algae and is said to help cell regeneration and fight aging.

 UV Defense is oil free and basically non hydrating. There is a little, enough for someone like me with oily skin  in this hot weather. If you are dry to normal you may need more moisture.  It is broad spectrum containing 2% titanuim dioxide,  17.1 %  zinc oxide and 7.5 % octinoxate.  The liquid is white , but it goes on clear, blending right in.

Botanical ingredients include Echinacea, Uva Ursi , Camellia Leaf and Licorice Root extracts.

Available exclusively at  www.sephora.com  for $ 38.00 for 1oz .

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact Makeup

It took me awhile to warm up to the liquid version of  Vitalumiere Aqua.  It's proof that you need to test things more than once , because on the I think the  3rd try , I realized how great it looked. What it needed was time to set, and once it did  I was  into it. It's a light formula with medium coverage .  This is the foundation often  used  on many of the celebs Chanel does for awards shows too.

So when I saw the new compact version, Vitalumiere Aqua Fresh and Hydrating Cream Compact Makeup,  I was ready to try it.

The compact has  a little more coverage than the liquid.  I'd call it medium/ full. While it is creamy , it's not heavy on skin  nor is it a heavy moisturizing type. It's water based so despite hydrating in the name, there are no heavy emollients in the ingredients. It also has SPF 15. 

In general, despite my oily skin, I like cream compact foundations.  Basically some I can use and some I can't depending on how  moisturizing they are.  This one I can use. And come cooler weather , even more so. Right now I am firmly in  matte mode, but this will be great for fall. That said, using it on an extremely hot day  recently , it held up really well and didn't make my skin greasy.

The compact comes with a lid over the foundation to keep it protected and a sponge for application as well a mirror on the top lid. You can use fingers as well but you'll risk contaminating the foundation. If you use the liquid, you should color match in this. I am the same, 20 Beige , in both.

Vitalumiere Aqua Cream Compact is available now for $ 58.00 and comes in 10 shades.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kate Somerville Golden Glow Kit

Kate Somerville wants to help you get your summer glow on. It's no secret she makes the most amazing self tanner. Now you can get a set for face and body all in one.

The body towelettes are one of the best self tanners I've ever used. They give an even tan that turns out a warm , golden glow. And the tan last longer than most. I get a full week of color when I use it .

The face pads are super cute,  and you just wipe it all around your face, remembering to include ears and  under the jawline.

And finally, it comes with an Exfolikate,  which should be your first step to get skin smoothed and ready.

The kit contains:

6 Body Towelettes
6 Face Pads
.5 oz Exfolikate

Golden Glow Kit is $ 58.00 and qualifies for  free shipping on

Also available at www.sephora.com