Thursday, March 29, 2007

Estee Lauder Heritage Collection

You are looking at the new Heritage Collection for Estee Lauder. Created by Aerin Lauder in honor of her grandmother Estee, this collection is incredibly beautiful and elegant.

The packaging begins the beauty with a new retro inspired pattern on the boxes. The boxes themselves are slide out compartments that you pull out with an attached mini tassel.

Every piece is wonderful, and they all evoke a feeling of a time, but I especially loved the face glow. It comes in an enamel compact, and is a called bronze, but is peach . I love the Azuree face glow compact and this one is pretty as well. The face glows are a very creamy, easy to blend product, that rival NARS multiples( with somewhat less pigment) The compacts make them that much more worth buying.

A lipstick and pressed powder set is available, and contains an enamel Lucidity pressed powder, and an All Day lipstick brought back for this line. There are 3 choices: Bermuda Bronze, Spanish Melon, and Venetian Plum. The lipsticks come in a goldtone case topped with a navy cabochon. These are presented so well in one of the lovely boxes.

In bringing back some vintage shades, the company has also put together an All Day lipstick set containing 2 current shades: Maple Sugar, and Rosa Rosa, and 3 more vintage colors: Civilized Rose, Sandbar Beige, and Polished Plum.

White Linen has been released as a pure parfum
There is also a solid pendant version of White Linen,( an exact replica of one of Mrs. Lauders), White Linen candle in a glass holder, a set of White Linen soaps, a gold plated hairbrush, and a minaudiere.
Yes, a minaudiere. I love these, and while I don't own any, I do have some nice vintage handbags at least. This comes with an All Day lipstick in red and a pressed powder compact.

Mothers Day isn't too far away, and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be very happy to receive any of these goodies as a present. They also make a great treat to you. You will not be unhappy that you purchased them.

With this and the Azuree Collection, Estee Lauder has really outdone itself , I think, and has brought the company more to the forefront of cosmetics. This may be your mother or grandmothers brand, but it definitely yours too.
I have been a recent Lauder fan myself. I really came to use and love this brand only about 5 years ago. It was not my mother's brand either, but now she loves it too. Their Pure Color lipsticks are , to me, the best out there.

The White Linen parfum .25 oz is 90.00
The White Linen candle is 50.00
The White Linen Soaps 35.00
The Minaudiere is 550.00
The perfume pendant is 150.00
The Compact/Lipstick is 85.00
The Lipstick set is 87.50
The Face Glow is 50.00
The Hairbrush( I so want this) is 50.00

The line is available at Neimans,Bergdorfs, and Saks.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New from Bobbi Brown Summer 07

Bobbi Brown has 2 new Summer collections coming.
At left is the new Tinted Lipbalms. I love tinted lipbalms and these look gorgeous. They are part of the Make Up and Go Collection that also includes a new Shimmerbrick in Sandstone ( very neutral), and Summer Pink Pot Rouge that can go on cheeks and lips.

One of the highlights of the tinted lipbalms is that they come in a metal case instead of plastic for more durability. I have not tried these yet, but they come in 8 color choices.

The second collection is Surf and Sand. The Sandwash palette for eyes returns with new shades, and 3 lipglosses join it. The Cocoa Bling looks to be one I would love, love. A medium bronze with a vanilla scent. The other colors are Pink Blossom and Warm Peach which is LE.

MakeUp and Go debuts in May
Tinted Lipbalms are 17.00
Sandstone Shimmerbrick is 38.00
Pot Rouge is 22.00

Surf and Sand debuts in April
Sandwash palette is 42.00
Glosses 19.00

sp. thanks to G. Berra

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News ,Specials, etc.

Michael Kors is partnering with Calyx and Corolla Flowers for a special Mothers Day gift.

15 Red Lilies with vase as seen in picture plus 1.7 oz Island Hawaii fragrance for 129.00 , or Orchids with Michael Kors Original. 10 orchid stems plus 1.0 oz fragrance is 99.00, 15 Orchid stems with 1.7 oz fragrance 169.00

www. calyx and

Dior is having Backstage makeup at Macys locations 3/28 -4/8
Meet with Dior makeup artists.
Purchase 2 or more products get a free makeup bag with samples. Call your local counter for reservations.

Many of you may already know that Sephora is having sale. if not, check it out. There is a NARS lip pallette for 30.00, and many Delux beauty items.

Victor and Rolf will be releasing an EDT of Flowerbomb in early May. According to the company "More than just a change of concentration, the juice is shaded with crunchy, green and citrussy top notes. The eau de parfum’s opulent floral heart is more colorful and vaporous now. But the sensuality is still there, thanks to amber, pink pepper, cashmeran and patchouli."

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Island Michael Kors Hawaii- Sunny perfume days ahead

Island Michael Kors Hawaii takes you to the tropics with a gorgeous floral infused scent.
Island Hawaii starts off with the burst of tuberose and clementine. It retains a soft tuberose all the way through, with oranges and lilies as well. Even in the drydown the tropical tuberose remains, and it's so pretty. Amber appears subtle. The fragrance has good sillage and lasts long.

The overall effect is , as I said, pretty. The scent really matches the beautiful orange glass of the bottle. You can't help but keep sniffing it. It's not as floral as the original Michael Kors, but retains much of that fragrance. The added citrus fruits really push this to a better place.

I am a fan of Kors fragrances, the Sheer especially. I love this new one, and it's super for summer. It makes you happy. It's not overly exotic, but zesty. Pack this for your summer jaunts. Whether to the beach, or the office, a lift awaits.

Island Michael Kors Hawaii retails at 60.00, 1.7 oz at Sephora, incl. a bag and a sarong.

sp. thanks to e. greenbaum

Saturday, March 24, 2007

From the Men's Side- Polo Double Black

A man very dear to me ( G ) has long been a Polo original ( Green) fan, so I handed him a bottle of Polo Double Black to try . I told him though, he has to give me his thoughts on it to post here.

Here's his comment:
"Really nice bottle, I love that flat black look of it , and it has a nice firm cap that won't come off when you travel. It smells really good, not too strong, similar to the original in a some ways. Nice woods smell."

Then he proceeded to spray himself even more. I wanted to caution overkill, but what the heck, this was the trial phase.

Most men don't quite get into deciphering notes and accords that way that lots of us ladies do, so I'll handle that part.

I ,too, really liked Double Black, and when reading that it has espresso notes, I had my doubts. Turns out you can't really detect the espresso, just a subtle smoky undertone that most likely comes from that note. Mainly I got a very masculine, woodsy scent with vetiver and cardamom immediately coming to mind. The notes also list spiced mango, and nutmeg.

Overall this gets a great rating from both of us. If gift giving for any of the special men in your life is coming up , or you want to start thinking of Father's Day, Polo Double Black would make a great gift.

Interestingly, the original Polo Green has been in the top 15 sellers of mens fragrances for 30 years. Thats quite a run.

Polo Double Black retails at :
47.50 for 2.5 oz EDT
67.50 for 4.2 oz EDT
45.00 for 4.2 oz After Shave

x sp. thanks to S. Cooney

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

In addition to All About Eyes Rich, I have been using Clinique's new Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer.

It has been great to find a non oily , non moisturizing anti-aging product. I like Clinique skincare in general and I think that the price points for them are really reasonable, considering what skincare can go for. My mom has used their Dramatically Different Lotion for , well lets just say many years. She has always had great skin.

For the past 10 days, I have used this mostly once a day, sometimes twice. I haven't seen too much in fine line reduction yet ( need longer use for that I think) but my skin is definitely smoother in the areas where I have applied this. It is supposed to help the skin shed dead cell layers, and renew ( hence the name). My skin is also looking more even toned.

Turnaround renewer( much shorter way to say it ) goes on very matte and can act as a mattifer as well. I need that. It is very soft and silky and absorbs very fast, making makeup application over it very easy, or you can use your moisturizer and then makeup. It gives you a smooth face to begin on .

I plan to save the remainder of my Turaround renewer, for summer , I think. I need a little moisture in the winter; come the hot, humid summer, none. This will be wonderful to use then. I can have anti aging properties in a great product without any humectants. This contains salicyclic acid as well, so for once I can use it on all parts of my skin, not just the drier areas.

There are many other ingredients in this, to see what they are, and how they work, visit Clinique's website.

Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer retails for 36.50 for a good size bottle. ( So, yes will qualify for a GWP).
There's a reason Jean Godfrey- June of Lucky Magazine called her book Free Gift With Purchase- everyone loves them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clinique New Skincare- All About Eyes Rich

In January, Clinique debuted All About Eyes Rich. I have been using this for the past 2 weeks and am ready to report .

All About Eyes Rich is super moisturizing but light at the same time.
I am always looking for a great eye cream. So far this ranks pretty high . Even though it has a lot of humectants, it sinks right into the skin, so you can use it night or day. Makeup can applied soon after using, no need to wait for cream to dry.

The cream itself is super soft and velvety, and a small amount goes far. I tend to get very dry at the eye area, and this immediately makes it feel smoother and less dry. It also does not burn my eyes at all or creep into them somehow, which is a problem I have had with many other eye creams . The fast absorbing nature of this cream is a bonus in many ways.

All About Eyes Rich is also supposed to be great for puffiness and circles. I am lucky enough to not have those issues much, so I can't comment on how well it works for that. It does, as I said, make the eye area feel wonderful, and keeps it very smooth. I am really liking it, and will continue to use it. This is a solid additon the Clinique line.

All About Eyes Rich retails for 27.50 in a 15ml jar

Tomorrow: Clinique's Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

sp. thanks to M. Marsanico

Monday, March 19, 2007

Maybelline Shine Seduction Lip

Maybelline's new Shine Seduction lipstick is really nice. It has good " grip" on your lips, nice shine that wears down to a lipstick like finish and a huge array of color choices.

This has that glossy shine but as I said it goes to a more lipstick like finish. After a good while it leaves a bit of stain like color on lips. This lasted pretty good for a gloss. I liked that the color stayed on even after the shine had went. The color goes on a little messy at first , but blended in easily enough, It would benefit from lipliner. Shine Seduction has Vitamin E in it and is moisturizing.

I loved Garnet Charm( a reddish , med. wine that I could wear) and Mystic Sands, which was almost mauvey brown . I tried the Ruby Spell, thinking maybe it was a red for me, but I don't do red much and this was a bit more pink red. Overall the color choices are really good, and pretty close to the color you see thru to on the tube.

The packaging is pretty neat , but remember to read directions and twist from bottom.

In the previous post I said there was a buy 1 get 1 at Eckerds- Thats only on lip and nail color. Foundations are 7.99. Never the less, a good time to try things out .

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Maybelline SuperStay Silky Foundation Review

I have been wearing Maybelline's new SuperStay Silky foundation for the past 2 days. I have plenty of foundations I love, but still always look for ones that might be new and great. This one is.

It's not one I would normally go to, anything with Silky in the name usually sends me running, since I have oily skin with no need for too much moisture. I liked the 16 hr. wear claims, and oil product free label, checked the ingredients- only glycerin, ok I think I can work with that.

So what do I think? Two thumbs up. Superstay Silky is a great foundation. It has excellent coverage, I would call it med. to somewhat full, lasts really long( all day through a downpour, another day a St. Patricks Party) with no touch ups needed. It just looks good. Gives a natural finish even though it isn't a light foundation. Your skin looks good, and without drifting into any lines , no cakiness etc. Without much oxidation, and without shine. I am definitely going to use this, and see myself buying more when I use it up.

The only thing I do caution is color. This seems to run a bit darker, and the lightest shade was just right , when I usually would go one darker. So check color matches carefully.

SuperStay Silky retails for 10.99, but sales are plentiful and I believe Eckerd's is having buy 1 get 1 this week.

Since there is a good bogo, next up is a review of the new Shine Seduction Lipstick from Maybelline.

sp. thanks to m.robinson

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tom Ford's Azuree 2007

Last year Tom Ford teamed with Estee Lauder for the now infamous Azuree body oil spray. When I first read about it , I wasn't sure I would be all that interested. Then the word began spreading on boards and blogs on how amazing this stuff was. So when I finally found it , a good ways from where I live, I tried it, and poof, it was love.

This year, smartly, the company and Ford have re-teamed to bring back the body oil spray and two new products- a fragrance, and body lotion. A coordinating makeup collection is part of the line as well.

The Azuree Soleil Eau Fraiche Skinscent Body Fragrance is completely wonderful. It is very like the Body Oil but with a bit of a citrus burst at first, then the familar smell, drying to a warm, suntanned body covered in suntan oil. There are some green notes, but all very subtle. It is even better than the oil, and has no oil smell to get in the way of the amazing fragrance. This is a body spray , so meant to be sprayed wherever, whenever. I think I shall cover myself with it . It is summer in a bottle. The tropics in a bottle. Transporting. Go, run, get yourself some asap.

The color collection is pretty nice too. All housed in the lovely vintage turquoise packaging, there are two color schemes: Soiree, and Bronzee. Soiree leans to plums, while Bronzee is the neutrals and bronzers. The lip conditioner( spf15) in Bronzee is going to be an all day, each day summer staple. In fact I think I may need an extra. The lip conditioner also comes in Soiree, a pretty medium plum.

There is a large powder bronzer, and a cream Face Sheen in bronzee ( another fabulous product). The face sheen is creamy, blendable and a light to medium shade so it can easily work on any skintone.

One of the best things( and really there are so many) about this line is how well the fragrances are priced.

The Body Oil Spray is 29.50
1.7 oz Skinscent 38.00
3.4oz Skinscent 49.50
Whopping 7.9 0z Skinscent 68.00
The Body Lotion 29.50
The Lip Conditioner 22.00
Eye Duo 30.00
Face Sheen 40.00
Large Sunbronzer 75.00

No matter where you live( like New Jersey for instance) give yourself a sultry, perfectly lovely summer with these goodies. Enjoy

In Stores April 07

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Projectionist Mascara from Estee Lauder Review

Estee Lauder's newest mascara is Projectionist. I have been wearing this for the past 4 days, and I am impressed.

This mascara gives very precise definition and length. Each lash seems to get covered , and comes out very long.
This is one of the best of the many new mascaras I have tried( and tried... my pick for best drugstore mascara in case you were wondering is Cover Girl Volume Exact) There was no smudging, no clumping, no running. It makes your lashes look beautifully defined, individually.Although it does say it is volumizing, I get some volume, but more length. I am happy with that. I really like how it looks.

It seems that Chanel's Inimitable has become the go to high end product these days, and while I do love that, and it does all it says, I do get smudges under my eyes after most of the day. Sorry, but I do want an all day masacara. I had used and loved Magnascopic from EL before, Projectionist is better than both.

The mascara comes in a really long, lean tube, with the new trademarked ProDefinition brush and retails for 19.50 ( a pretty good price point , I think).

Monday, March 12, 2007

Missoni launches EDT, Face Highlighter Review

Missoni fragrances will soon be launching an EDT version of the fragrance.
"Meant to be a lighter and more refreshing version of the fragrance" according to the company, the EDT is indeed a bit different from it's EDP cousin.

To me, the EDP is more floral with the pronounced chocolate overtones. The EDT is not so much lighter, although it is somewhat, but has a more citrus aspect to the dry down, with a hint of roses.The EDT as well as the EDP are great spring/summer scents, but really can be worn anytime.

I did not know until recently that the line has a highlighting powder. The powder is pictured here, and above, is quite a thing of beauty. The multi- colored stripes look very strong in the compact, but when you apply, they are actually more sheer than they look. You get a beautiful wash of bronzy-peach color. Each color can also be used individually on eyes or cheeks. It comes in a striking orange compact that would look great being pulled out your beach or hand bag.

I also had the chance to test the Missoni body Butter. I rarely try or use fragranced lotions as they really don't moisturize well. This body butter is different. It is extremely creamy and contains shea butter. It has a wonderful whipped feel to it. It super moisturizes and leaves you with a light scent.

I have noticed more lines introducing body butters. If the rest are as good as this, then they will be worth buying.

Missoni has the most unusual line of ancillary products. In addition to the compact, there is also a large pillar candle.

The EDT will be at Neimans, Saks,and Bloomingdales this month at 85.00 for 3.4 oz

The compact sells on for 70.00

The Body Butter is available at stores and and is 80.00 for 6.1 oz

sp. thanks to suzanne seymour

Body Performance Golden Moisturizer,Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is introducing a new moisturizing and self tanning product called Body Performance Golden Naturally Radiant Moisturizer. It's a long name, but a great lotion.

The best part: it dries fast, really fast. I applied, rinsed my hands and the lotion had dried completely.

The lotion also contains a host of hydrators to really moisturize your skin while building subtle color each day. Containing Linoleic acid, Wheat Germ, and Safflower oils, as well as Vitamin E and Aloe Juice, this can be used as an everyday moisturizer.

It goes on smoothly, goes right into skin and only has a light smell that we all know self tanners give off. Some barely there fragrance also helps to diffuse that. There is the barest of shimmers in the lotion.

I have applied 2 times so far, and have just a hint of color. According to the directions, a full tanned look would take a week.

I definitely see moisturizing properties here as well. No need for other body lotion, and it's still chilly here.

Body Performance Gold will be in stores in April, and will retail at 35.00 for a 6.7 oz. tube

sp. thanks to jessica malone

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Estee Lauder Summer 07- Bronze Goddess

Estee lauder launches Bronze Goddess for Summer 2007 this month. I have been a longtime fan of the Amber Bronze collection, so was excited too see what was new.
The line has several bronzers, lipglosses, and eyeshadows.

The Soft Duo Bronzer come in a large case, with brush. The 2 shades are meant to be complementary , and are. There are two choices- medium and rich. On my pale skin, the rich worked fine. Come warmer weather it will be perfect. the lighter shade is a nude , and is a great blush, the deeper side, more brown/bronze, and is good for contour. There is only slight shimmer to this product, which makes it a good all the time choice. I will definitely be using this a lot.

The Soft Shimmer Bronzer comes in a powder jar, and is deeper and has more shimmer than the duo. This is a great all over bronzer, also would work well mixed with a lotion to apply to arms and legs.

The two eyeshadows are LE . They are gilded goddess( a shimmery golden hue, that I simply love) , and bronze goddess ( a deeper brown/taupe). Both of these can easily be summer staples.

The High lipgloss in Bronze from the regular collection is joined by an LE called Coral Reef. I have tried Bronze, and again love it. Another summer(for me, anytime) staple. Very silky, shiny and gilded with gold shimmer throughout the medium bronze lipgloss.

The Bronze Goddess collection will look so good come warmer months to accompany our self tans, and white handbags. It works pretty well now too, and needs not be left for the high summmer days. Time to get your glow on.

sp. thanks to Jessica Malone

Givenchy Harvest Fragrances

(Lots of new things to post, and will begin them later today.)

Givenchy is releasing 3 new harvest fragrances again . Last years were really lovely. These will only be in France again at first, but usually make it to the US in a month or two after release. I almost bought one of last years. Will be interesting to see how the new ones are.

"Vintage scents are back at Givenchy again this year. These ‘Récolte 2006’ (“2006 Harvest”) limited editions put the spotlight on orange blossom from Nabeul, Tunisia (Organza), ylang-ylang from Mayotte (Amarige) and May Rose from Châteauneuf de Grasse (Very Irrésistible). The 3 bottles have been harmonized and are presented in the form of an elegant glass cube tucked inside a black box decorated with the highlighted flower."


Friday, March 9, 2007

2 day break

The Alchemist has company in, so no new posts until sometime late this weekend. Have lots to post however.

A quick note: L'Oreal's Target Red lipstick for Target is in stores. It comes in a red case as well.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New from NYX Cosmetics-Summer

NYX cosmetics is coming out with a new bronzer for that summer tan without the sun.

According to the company "This bronzer provides a "just tanned" look with a touch of rose which warms the skin and adds a spark of shimmer. You can also use NYX Cosmetics Body Bronzer as an eye shadow or blush."

NYX has not been sold anywhere near where I live until very recently, so I had never been able to try the line, but had heard some good things.

First , this bronzer is huge. The case is 4 1/2 inches . It is also really nice. You need a big enough brush, but it definitely gave me a sunkissed look.

At first I got a little too much on my pale skin and it was muddy, but once I applied more carefully, and let it set, it looked great. I loved having some color in the cold.

There is just a bit of shimmer in it, enough to give some glow, but not enough to be too much. This can be worn day or night, and I did try it as a blush also, and was really happy with it .

This compares well with any of the other bronzers I have tried. I haven't had great luck with powders, preferring gel/creams. This is a powder that works.
The retail is 14.99

To complement the bronzer, a beautiful peachy gold nail polish called Aurora, and a gold pink ( which leans to a medium pink) mega-gloss joins the line.

PS-a plus , no animal testing from this line

sp.thanks to MaryAm Z

Monday, March 5, 2007

Parfums MDCI Part 2

Continuing my testing of Parfums MDCI.
I am really liking these so far. The picture at left is a of the new Limoges figure toppers that will be coming out shortly. For more info , please see the previous post.

FK1: Promesse De L'Aube
This is a true floral -oriental to me, as you truly get a mix, almost half and half of both. It begins with ylang ylang, evolving into amber and sandlewood. As the drydown comes on white flowers seem to emerge, and I get a smell of a mimosa-like note. Very Nice. The mix of notes is done very well, and blend seamlessly into a purely elegant fragrance.

While the notes list bergamot, mandarin and lemon, I did not get distinct impressions of those. However, their presence, could be part of the reason why as a whole I like this so much.

Promesse De L'Aube is a very long lasting fragrance, which I love. I like to apply a scent and know that it will be there much later . It also has excellent sillage, but is never overwhelming.
It is my favorite of the 3 women's fragrances.

FK 3: Enlévement au Sérail
Notes here include bergamot, mandarin,ylang ylang, sambac jasmine,tuberose,rose, sandlewood ,vanilla, patchouli, vetyver.

This fragrance begins on me with rose and spices. Midway through the tuberose comes out, and I love that part, but unfortunately the tuberose is a somewhat fleeting. The vanilla begins then to emerge along with the sandelwood and more spices. As the drydown continues I also get some powder notes, but only slightly. This is very much a spicy floral, and as one who does not like spice too much in her perfume, was my least favorite. It is still a beautiful fragrance, as well done as the other two. Top quality ingredients were used in making these, and it shows.
The sillage here is medium, lighter than FK 1, with less lasting( medium) power as well.

I really like this line of perfumes, for their wonderful scents as well as their bottles. FK1 was love at first sniff of the sample. Immediately.

They are worth trying, most definitley, especially when the new Limoges Flacons arrive.

Parfums MDCI is available for pre-order at www.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Parfums MDCI Review

I have had the opportunity to test the new fragrances from Parfums MDCI. There are 3 for women, and 2 for men. First I am reviewing one of the womens scents: FK2. The reviews of the other 2 womens's scent will follow in a day or 2. I need more time with them.

Parfums MDCI is headed by Claude Marchal. Depsite having a very high priced product, he seems very accessible and truly pleased that there is such interest in his fragrances, and wants very much for people to enjoy them.

The fragrances currently come with a crystal topper made by the lost wax method. For the crystal flacon ,plus 2 refills it's approx. 600.00.
However, the company is coming out with a more affordable, but still beautiful, Limoges flacon topper to make the fragrances more accessible to all. These will retail at around 200.00 I believe.

The original crystal toppers look amazing, a work of art, inspired by images from the French and Italian Renaissance. Making anything in the lost wax method is a laborious and time consuming process, but well worth the effort. Many sculptures are done this way. I know some on various boards and blogs did not find the toppers to their tastes, but I absolutely love them. However, I know I have mentioned before how much I love art and objet's d'art. Parfums MDCI totally fit that bill. They are very old world classical. I would love to see one sitting on a table at my home, just being decorative, let alone containing the beautiful fragrances.
All 3 women's fragrances were created by esteemed perfumer Frances Kurkdjian.
FK 2, now named Rose Di Siwa:
This is most definitley a rose fragrance but a soft rose. There is also a touch of sweeteness to it, but not in a fruity way. Rose Di Siwa is light, and a more modern rose. As it dries down, a violet note emerges, that eventually becomes a faint, almost candied violet. The drydown finds the violet less prominent and the rose becoming even softer. I also get a slight touch of musk. This is not an overwhelming, in your face fragrance.
Rose Di Siwa seems to have light to medium sillage. That may be different with a spray, as opposed to dabbing. I am very much of the mind that a spray gives you much better idea of the scent.
I could see myself wearing this a lot, it is simply pretty.

The official notes are : Litchee, peony, hawthorne, turkish and moroccan roses, violet, cedar, musk and vetiver.

The full fragrance list is as follows
FK1: "Promesse de l'Aube"
FK 2: Rose de Siwa"
FK 3:" Enlévement au Sérail"
SB1:." Invasion Barbare"
PB1: "Ambre Topkapi"

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lancome Color Ideal Foundation Review

I was able to get a couple samples to test of the new, and heavily promoted Lancome foundation, Color Ideal.
I have worn it for 2 days now, and am pretty pleased with it. It has a matte finish and stays that way for the whole day . Few touch ups , if any, were needed for me, and I have oily skin.
It's light to medium coverage, I do like a little more coverage, but with 1 full coat and a light going over it works well. The one problem to me was that I do need concealer on any areas that need more coverage. Most foundations I use eliminate that need. I hardly use it. I do have good skin, and am not in the mature skin category either.
It does blend incredibly well, and looks quite good. I was very happy with how nice my skin looked, even after much of the day . It does not settle into any lines and does not " creep ". It also stays very color true. It does give a bit of a glow as well, not a lot, but it's there.( Lancome website says there are pearly particles.)
If this were more straight medium coverage it would be a total winner.
I think Magique Matte Mousse is still the fav from Lancome, but I am thinking about purchasing this.
I would give Color Ideal 4 out of 5 stars.
Macys - Lancome is currently having get a 10 day supply of this foundation, so a great time to get it and try it.