Monday, March 5, 2007

Parfums MDCI Part 2

Continuing my testing of Parfums MDCI.
I am really liking these so far. The picture at left is a of the new Limoges figure toppers that will be coming out shortly. For more info , please see the previous post.

FK1: Promesse De L'Aube
This is a true floral -oriental to me, as you truly get a mix, almost half and half of both. It begins with ylang ylang, evolving into amber and sandlewood. As the drydown comes on white flowers seem to emerge, and I get a smell of a mimosa-like note. Very Nice. The mix of notes is done very well, and blend seamlessly into a purely elegant fragrance.

While the notes list bergamot, mandarin and lemon, I did not get distinct impressions of those. However, their presence, could be part of the reason why as a whole I like this so much.

Promesse De L'Aube is a very long lasting fragrance, which I love. I like to apply a scent and know that it will be there much later . It also has excellent sillage, but is never overwhelming.
It is my favorite of the 3 women's fragrances.

FK 3: Enlévement au Sérail
Notes here include bergamot, mandarin,ylang ylang, sambac jasmine,tuberose,rose, sandlewood ,vanilla, patchouli, vetyver.

This fragrance begins on me with rose and spices. Midway through the tuberose comes out, and I love that part, but unfortunately the tuberose is a somewhat fleeting. The vanilla begins then to emerge along with the sandelwood and more spices. As the drydown continues I also get some powder notes, but only slightly. This is very much a spicy floral, and as one who does not like spice too much in her perfume, was my least favorite. It is still a beautiful fragrance, as well done as the other two. Top quality ingredients were used in making these, and it shows.
The sillage here is medium, lighter than FK 1, with less lasting( medium) power as well.

I really like this line of perfumes, for their wonderful scents as well as their bottles. FK1 was love at first sniff of the sample. Immediately.

They are worth trying, most definitley, especially when the new Limoges Flacons arrive.

Parfums MDCI is available for pre-order at www.

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