Friday, November 17, 2017

Boots No 7 Forever Flawless Brush Set

Boots No 7 has some fabulous ( and well priced) gifts this holiday season. Last week I showed you the  Glamourous Nudes Eye Palette.  Also new is this cute brush set.

With the Forever Flawless Brush set you get 4 teal handled travel sized brushes in powder, foundation, eye shadow and angled liner along with a sequin mini zip top bag.  This is nicely packaged and the brushes are soft with good sized heads.

The bag measures approx. 5  1/4 x 4 inches. Just enough to hold the brushes or some lipstick and powder and tuck into a larger bag or carry on it's own.

At  $ 12 it's hard to go wrong here.

Boots No 7 Forever Flawless Brush Set is available at Walgreens in stores and online.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chanel So Close Blush

So Close is  Chanel's Winter/ Holiday blush from Collection Libre.

It's an unusual choice for a cold weather collection, it looks very Summer and I'll admit I had my doubts  even though I can wear oranges.

But it pays to try and test , because I've ended up really liking it . It gives a brightening, warm pop of color that is welcome  right now when the little tan I had is fading.  I am light , not super pale, but fair and  I use a light hand but it's also not as pigmented on first pass as it looks it would be. It has very light golden shimmer but has semi matte /satin finish that blends and sheers out easily. My swatch is a couple layers without much blending.

I can't say I'll wear this all the time, but it's a fun shade to have around and works nicely against a light/medium eye and nude lip. If you have darker skin , it will probably look even  better.  If you love the look of So Close, don't be afraid to give it a try, you may surprised as well.

Chanel So Close Blush is $ 45 and LE.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CYO Cosmetics

CYO is a new brand just landed at Walgreens.

The line is 160 product strong and it's got all that's hot right now in beauty- metallic, contouring, highlighting as well as  foundation, bronzing oil, a  great eyeliner and more.

I've got a handful of the line here to test and so far I'm impressed . Oh and did I mention everything is $8 or less ?  Plus the packaging often recalls higher end brands.

Kohl Gel Eyeliner is deeply pigmented and glides on easily. All things we want in a liner, right ? The shade here -Highflier is a rich teal that brightens eyes and lest you think this brand is just for the youngsters ( who are the inspiration behind it), The Mom grabbed this up. ( $3.50)

Ombre Lipstick  is a two toned square bullet that gives just a slight ombre look. The formula is well pigmented and creamy .  Shown in Liquid Lunch. ( $ 5.50)

Metallic Eye Stick is a brightening, shimmering eye crayon to use  inner corners, brows or all over. It's easy to apply, creamy and wears well. Shown in Clowning Around. ($5)

Metallic Liquid Lipstick packs a lot of pigment  and is on trend as it gets right now. It feels good on lips , and just beams color.   This is one I will be grabbing more colors in. Shown in Misconduct. ( $6)

Also shown in the pics are Contour Stick, Bronzing Shimmer Oil ( in a glass bottle and only $7 ) , and Illuminating Mixing Cream.

CYO is a Boots brand ( Boots Walgreens Alliance now) and they know their way around beauty.

All CYO is available at Walgreens in store and online.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Chloe Absolu La Parfum

I do love when all the holiday fragrance editions start rolling out .

New from Chloe is the Absolu La Parfum edition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the line.  This is a more enhanced version of the original ,  according to the brand with more Damascena rose and added Centafolia rose. While it still recalls Chloe ,  it  does feel a bit richer and more straight up rose .

 This is very rose, a soft young, clean rose that feels cozy yet light . There is  somewhat of a citrus start,  then the rose comes in . The rose is very prominent but nicely done and not strong.   Patchouli is listed as a mid point ingredient but I get very little of that.  It's there to ground things most likely, but never overshadows the rose.  Vanilla is also mentioned and it's there in the drydown, but again in a very light way.

Chloe Absolu de Parfum  wears fairly close to the skin ( but is not a skinscent), with  medium sillage and lasts well.   It's lovely , if you are a rose fan, as I am. You'll find it easy to wear , especially for day.

Chloe Absolu La Parfum is  $115 (1.7oz) and $145 (2.5oz) at Sephora 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Norell Blushing

Norell Blushing is built around the rose.

Each bottle is said to possess over 500 luxuriant petals of the coveted Damask Rose. Remarkably with that much rose in it it's not a straightforward or all rose  fragrance. 

Norell Blushing has a  floral opening , with touches of juicy fruit including nectarine and pear.  It's very rose, but a young ,bright rose , not powdery along with orange blossom and then it gets a bit musky and woodsy with the sandalwood note prominent. In the full drydown, it becomes soft, staying closer to the skin with the rose , vanilla and sandalwood mixing.

It smells like pink , echoing the juice color if that makes sense and is ladylike , easy to wear and casually elegant.

I do also love that rhinestone trimmed bottle, it's very glam and made for display.

$ 150 for 3.4 oz exclusively at Neiman Marcus with a gift set now also available.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

IT Cosmetics All That Shimmers Brush Set

Here's another great brush gift set from It Cosmetics. 

All That Shimmers has 5 brushes tucked into a silver cup/brush holder. You get a powder, foundation, eyeshadow , crease and smudge brush.  There us a foam piece in the bottom with a hole for each brush and makes for easy display.  You can remove that if you want to store more brushes in it.

Like the Chic in the City set I featured earlier this makes a great gift. All the brushes are large, not travel size with silver ombre tipped handles.

It Cosmetics All That Shimmers is $58 exclusively at Ulta 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chanel La Creme Main Hand Cream

This may be the chicest hand cream ever.

Chanel La Creme Main ups your hand lotion game exponentially. The egg shaped  container  fits perfectly in  your hand.  Take the top off and  squeeze to get the very lightly fragranced cream out.

The cream itself is light  with a  velvety feel and moisturizes well along with having ingredients for brightening like iris pallida and licorice root extracts. May rose wax,  shea butter and glycerin provide the hydration.  It sinks in quickly but leaves skin feeling softened and moisturized fast. You can tell the difference right away .

Would it be wrong to have this sitting out right next to me at my desk all day ?

Chanel La Creme Main is available now for $ 50 and is 1.7 oz

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

BRÖÖ Holiday Cheer and Shower Beer Gift Set

How fun is this set from BRÖÖ ? It makes such a cute gift for men and women on your list.

The Holiday Cheer and Shower Beer gift set has a full size of both BRÖÖ
Thickening shampoo and conditioner along with a Kleen Kanteen 16 oz stainless pint cup.

 I love BRÖÖ 's shampoos , I first used them a few years ago and they were great for my hair. So know that you are getting not only a fun gift but also products that really work. They have good for hair ingredients like barley , hops ,  aloe juice  and yes,  craft beer. They are sulfate, paraben, silicones, dyes and more free. They are color safe, 100% natural and vegan.

And no your hair won't really smell like beer . The products have a slight beer like fragrance, very hoppy , it's nice but also light and fades quickly leaving hair that's well conditioned,  shiny, soft and with some volume.

BRÖÖ Holiday Cheer and Shower Beer gift set is $ 15 at Wal Mart.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Boots No 7 Glamourous Nudes Eye Palette - Holiday 2017

 I can't even begin with how nice this new eye palette from No 7 Boots is. The pics cannot do the outside case justice.

The Glamourous Nudes Palette is very glam, looking and  my pics can't do it justice. It's very Art Deco vintage luxe with a teal metallic look top that has a starburst .

The compact measures 4x4 inches and inside is a kaledicsope of  eight shades , all very wearable and  pretty.

 The best part ? It's only $ 14 . You would expect something that looks like this to be double that. I think it's quite a bargain and an excellent gift idea.

Grab it at Walgreens .

Thursday, November 2, 2017

IT Cosmetics Chic In The City Brush Set- Holiday 2017

We all know IT Cosmetics makes amazing brushes. Now the holiday sets have landed. Perfect for giving (and getting).

Brush kits mean you don't need to know a size or color preference.  If they love makep they need good brushes and IT has them. '

Chic in the City has 5 Heavenly Luxe  brushes that come in a shiny rose gold bag trimmed with a faux removable fur pompon. ( and yes that pompon makes this my fav of the gift sets).

The brushes are large, not travel sizes with rose ombre handles and include powder, blush , foundation , eyeshadow and liner/brow .

It Cosmetics Chic in the City brush set is LE and $ 68 at Ulta 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Lavanila Elements Vanilla + Earth Deodorant

Lavanila is known for their natural deodorants. Now they have a new line, The  Elements Collection with a blend of fragrances that are tuned into the elements of Earth, Water and Air .

I have Vanilla + Earth which adds patchouli, sandalwood to  the vanilla. Don't worry here  about a super fragranced deo though. The notes here are light  and use pure essential oils. You get the smallest hint of  the notes . It all blends into  a softly spiced herbal scent.

If you're not familiar with Lavanila ,  these are all natural ingredients , no aluminum, parabens or other harsh chemical and no animal testing. They leave under arms smelling nice and last pretty well .

Other scents are  Vanilla + Air - light floral of violet and rose , and Vanilla + Water with chamomile and jasmine.

These are LE and  will be available at Ulta for $ 14 each.