Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CYO Cosmetics

CYO is a new brand just landed at Walgreens.

The line is 160 product strong and it's got all that's hot right now in beauty- metallic, contouring, highlighting as well as  foundation, bronzing oil, a  great eyeliner and more.

I've got a handful of the line here to test and so far I'm impressed . Oh and did I mention everything is $8 or less ?  Plus the packaging often recalls higher end brands.

Kohl Gel Eyeliner is deeply pigmented and glides on easily. All things we want in a liner, right ? The shade here -Highflier is a rich teal that brightens eyes and lest you think this brand is just for the youngsters ( who are the inspiration behind it), The Mom grabbed this up. ( $3.50)

Ombre Lipstick  is a two toned square bullet that gives just a slight ombre look. The formula is well pigmented and creamy .  Shown in Liquid Lunch. ( $ 5.50)

Metallic Eye Stick is a brightening, shimmering eye crayon to use  inner corners, brows or all over. It's easy to apply, creamy and wears well. Shown in Clowning Around. ($5)

Metallic Liquid Lipstick packs a lot of pigment  and is on trend as it gets right now. It feels good on lips , and just beams color.   This is one I will be grabbing more colors in. Shown in Misconduct. ( $6)

Also shown in the pics are Contour Stick, Bronzing Shimmer Oil ( in a glass bottle and only $7 ) , and Illuminating Mixing Cream.

CYO is a Boots brand ( Boots Walgreens Alliance now) and they know their way around beauty.

All CYO is available at Walgreens in store and online.


tiggsmom1 said...

Ooooo...for those prices who cares if I don't need them! I do now! They look pretty darn good to me. They're affiliated with Boots now?? Have you heard if that means they may carry BarryM at some point????

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi @Tiggsmom- Barry M would be nice , but so far I haven't heard a thing there. But maybe down the line ? Having Boots is a start, right ??