Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cover Girl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer

I melt eye makeup at warp speed. Seriously sometimes it starts to fade before I even get out the door depending on formula/brand. It's nuts but true. So a good base is important for me but... many of them don't really make much of a difference for me. 

Enter Cover Girl's new Lid Lock Up Primer.  Did  I think this would be the primer that works better than most I've used? Heck no. But it is. When I use this my eyeshadow lasts far longer.  Most days I've gotten the whole day into evening which is amaze for me. Other times it's been  midday / late afternoon , again depending on brand. (For longest  wear I use mostly MAC , Chanel and NARS). 

  With this I dab some product on lids from the wand  and give it a couple seconds to set.  The thin formula  dries fast and shadow glides right  over it. I don't see any difference in the color or depth of shadow when using this. Shadow looks the same as always, just lasts a lot longer. 

If you're a primer user and have been buying the more expensive ones you might want to give this a try  and possibly save yourself a few dollars. For the more fun things, like shoes and lipstick. 

Cover Girl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer is $ 7.99

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable Foundation

We love it when a drugstore brand performs as well as high end right? Rimmel  does it with their new Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable Foundation.

This new foundation is creamy and blends well. It is a thicker formula so you need to work it in Just a bit. It feels very comfortable  and light on skin,  not heavy or cakey. 

Coverage is medium and for me it covered all that I needed with the exception of under eye area . I prefer good coverage leaning towards full and this worked well. It is  slightly buildable  and added layers don't look overdone. I use 2 layers to get the coverage I like.

The finish is satin . It's not overly dewy but not matte.  There is no shimmer, or glow but skin does look perfected and softened. It's lightly moisturizing ( with glycerin but no oils in the ingredients) and on my combo to slightly dry skin it's been great. I've worn it every day for a week without a lot of oil breakthrough on the T Zone except for a little on my nose. A midday powder touch up was all I needed.

The foundation lasted all day into evening and can I tell you how nice that is? I can melt off makeup far too easily so I'm always on the lookout for something that makes at least most of the day.  By the time I got home in the evening it was  still looking good most days.

The wand that comes with is a bit of a clunker. It's very big. I dab the foundation on with it but blend in with hands. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable Foundation comes in 16 shades . Shown are Classic Ivory and Light Nude and is $ 7.99

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Softsoap Hydra Bliss - Coconut Water & Blueberry and Cucumber Water & Mint

Softsoap body washes are one of my bargain beauty buy favorites. They smell great, clean well and aren't drying . New Hydra Bliss fragrances bring a bit of Spring to your bathroom with berries or cucumber and keep skin hydrated.

Hydra Bliss has nice moisture for a gel formula. It's  not drying or stripping and my skin has felt good after use,  clean but not tight.

You can choose from Coconut Water and Blueberry with it's refreshing and light berry scent, nothing strong or sugary sweet.   Cucumber Water and Mint is also light and smells clean with more cucumber than mint. The mint adds a little cooling feel in the background.

There is also a coordinating scented  hand soap in a large 11.25 oz pump bottle. 

Softsoap Hydra Bliss is on shelves now. Bodywash is $ 2.97 and Hand Soap is $ 2.59 .

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Chloe Nomade

Chloe is known for their rose based fragrances like Rose de Chloe and Love Story .  With their new Nomade ,they head in a different direction.

Chloe Nomade reminds me a little of  old school perfumery and '70s/'80s classics. It's not as bold as those but very much a  floriental chypre  with a touch of not too sweet fruit peeking out . It's soft  and cozy , the kind of fragrance meant to stay on your best sweater and will stand up to the cooler temps and layers of clothes .

First spritz brings the oakmoss and spices.  The Mirabelle Plum comes in the mid point and is a good counter to the earthy oakmoss and musks. It is, as I said above, not overly sweet but honeyed, syrupy , darker. Freesia and rose bring the florals with the freesia being barely there to my nose. Nomade is not really about the floral and the rose , so prominent in their other scents, is much less here.

Nomade is more sophisticated than what we often see today in fragrance , it's for an adult woman and that's a good thing. The EDP has medium sillage and it lasts long.

I love the bottle here, too. It mimics the brand's popular handbag design.

 Chloe Nomade EDP is $132 (2.5oz), $105 (1.7oz) and $75 (1.0oz) at
Sephora  now with full distribution in March 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream

This time of year we can never  use enough hand cream,  right ? It's a must but that doesn't mean it has to be basic or boring. 

New from Sol de Janeiro is Brazilian Touch Hand Cream to give you smooth, soft and deliciously scented hands.   This has the same scent as their cult favorites Bum Bum cream, a gourmand blend of pistachio and salted caramel . Good enough to eat?  Well it is being launched in time for Valentine's Day and the brand notes right on the tube "  the addictively scented cream leaves hands so soft that, with a simple touch, you will have them begging for more"  That's a lot for a hand cream to live up to, but it does smell good.  

Let's talk about what it does for hands.  It's a lightweight , thin cream that sinks in super fast. There's no greasy feel once you rub it in. It sets to powder soft finish but still moisturizes well and truly does make hands feel soft. Even after washing, I could still feel some on and the fragrance lasts long.  Ingredients include CupuaƧu butter, Acai , Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Brazil Nut.  All help to add hydration  not only to hands, but nails and cuticles as well.  

Sol de Janeiro  Brazilian Touch Hand Cream comes in an easily portable 1.7 oz tube  for $15 at Sephora

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cover Girl Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion

There's no shortage of new ways to get your glow on this season and Cover Girl's new Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion  has you covered there too.

This new  lotion adds moisture, shimmer and a hint of color to skin.  It does smooth and perfect bare skin just a little while brightening you up but there isn't really any coverage. It has a good bit of shimmer to it , noticeable but not boldy shiny and can be used alone or under foundation or powder.

There is a nice boost of  moisture too, medium, not heavy but not light either and it does leave a sheen.  For my normal to oily skin I could use it as my moisturizer. Those who are drier may need more underneath .  The lotion also does have  a pretty strong, less than pretty fragrance . It's musky but also artificial and not to my taste ( or nose) .

Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion comes in 2 shades- Daybreak and Sunkissed. The deeper shade works well as a bronzer on lighter skin like mine and can work to give you some color under foundation.

Cover Girl Vitalist Go Glow Luminizing Lotion is 8.99 - 11.99 depending on outlet/sale.