Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mamonde Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream

A lighter weight cream feels so much better in Summer than something heavy. I usually put the winter skincare aside once it gets hot for something a little more fresh and light.

Mamonde's  Floral Eye Gel Cream fits the bill as it's light with an almost water burst feel.  Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid provide the  moisture and it also has the flower essence of Narcissus.  It's  very refreshing on the eye area and adds light hydration . It takes a little time to sink in but not too long and works well under makeup.   That makes it a great daytime cream but the refreshing feel is nice after  along hot day so it's good for nightime too. 

So while this may not be the best pick when it's 20 degrees outside ,when it's  85 degrees it's  spot on adding some firming as well.

This was my first time using anything from this K Beauty brand  and I'm looking forward to trying more.  It's worth noting, too, that it's certified Vegan. 
You can find the line at Ulta and Mamonde's website for $ 32 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Water Mousse

My pale self is a big fan of self tanning , I love that "healthy glow " but it's not so healthy unless it's faux so I gave L'Oreal's newest , Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Water Mousse a try. 

I've generally had good luck with l'Oreal's self tanners, their Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Milk is a favorite and one I would and probably will buy again.

This new mousse  gives a light natural looking bronzed tan on first application after about 5 hours. It's  very lightweight, blends easily without streaking and dries pretty fast. It is tacky/sticky for a couple hours but not that bad and you can get dressed within 10 minutes I'd say. 

 It doesn't have that self tanner odor but does have a fairly strong floral/coconut scent. It's more than I'd like but it's not something I mind too much. 

The one application was a nice boost of color and I was noticeably darker but not a lot darker.  I'll need one more to get to a more deeper shade since this is my first tanning sesh of the season .  

Overall I like the ease of use with this and have always done well with the Sublime Bronze line. Do you use self tanners ? What's your favorite? .

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Water Mousse  is approx. 11.99 depending on retailer including Amazon .

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia Aqua Allegoria

Just in time for Summer spritzing comes new Aqua Allegoria fragrances from Guerlain. 

If you're not familiar AAs are usually light and can applied with more abandon than something heavier as well as re-upped later in the day or evening as they last around 3-5 hours.  This makes them very nice for the warm days and nights of Summer.

Flora Cherrysia is one of the new Aqua Allegorias.  It's  breezy and pretty with cherry Blossom , bergamot and watermelon leading things off alongside  soft, sweet violet and a not too sweet pear .This never veers into fruity territory but is more floral before the musk filled drydown . 

Musk with barely there violet and equally light rose is where the scent then stays. It's a shame as the beginning is really nice and I was digging the watermelon and violet. Who knew that mix would smell so nice? 

That said, it's still a nice seasonal choice that won't overpower and will work well in the heat. 

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia is $ 105 for 4,2 oz EDT at Neimans, Saks, Lord & Taylor . 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Chanel Bronze et Lumiere Duo- Cruise 2019/2020

Cruise collections are usually end of year -ish but Chanel is giving us this gorg Cruise collection now, in time for Summer and that's a perfect time for it.

Part of the collection are two new Bronze et Lumiere/ Bronzer and Highlighter Duos in Clair ( light) and Medium. Each has a matte bronzing shade and shimmering highlight.

Clair is a light toned mix of peach and golden beige. It's very wearable  as it gives just  a hint of color to those of us who are paler. The matte peach warms skin up beautifully without looking like you've done much. It's subtle . The highlight shade is also soft with a warmed up bit of color and shimmer. The shimmer isn't heavy but it's not barely there either. The powder is finely milled and glides over skin.

Medium has a deeper, almost brown tone for the bronzer, great for contour or deeper skintones . The highlight side is gold and quite pretty for a bit of sunkissed glam.

The compacts have the double C embossed in them and come with a half moon brush.

Chanel Bronze et Lumiere Duos are $ 70 each at and wherever the brand is sold.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Guerlain Terracotta Contour & Glow Palette

Guerlain's Summer launches are ones I look forward to . Their Terracotta line is always stunning  and this year is no exception.

The Terracotta Contour and Glow Palette has three, well actually, four colors to get your Summer look on lock.

There is a deeper contouring shade , a medium bronzing tan shade ( both matte) and a blush/highlighter duo in a coral pink and pearl ( both iridescent) .

All are finely milled , lightweight feeling and offer light bronzing.  When you dust your brush across these and onto skin you won't get a dark brown streak  , but a wash of color that can be built up. They have warmth to them especially the middle bronzer shade.

The blush /highlighter is sheer and the coral shade just makes it as blush on my pale skin . Anyone darker would probably use it as a highlighter shade as well. It's beautiful though and gives a sunny boost of color.

I need to talk the packaging here too, the case is vintage metal chic looking with an art deco inspired sunburst design . Very treat yourself worthy .

I'm having trouble sourcing availability for this , Nordstrom and Bergdorf's has the other Terracotta launches but not this, it listed on Guerlain International page so best to look there to see if  it's near you.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun

Last year Dolce & Gabbana gave us Light Blue Italian Zest , this year we get Sun.

The new  Sun EDT  is a citrus, musky vanilla with a sun warmed skin vibe. It's light but not into skinscent territory  and yes, feels very Summer-y. It starts with lemon and there is a green apple note listed but I get just a bit of that and it's gone. Coconut water is listed as note but I get very little of that also, it's not really coconut scented at all to my nose but a more green and creamy tropical feel. The ozonic accord is there , it's refreshing and not overly aquatic but more beachy salt water. Frangipani brings in the middle with the citrus still there and then quickly amber, vanilla and white musk come in. Those  drydown notes along with lemon are the full drydown and what the scent stays at . 

It is different from last year's Italian Zest which was more full on lemon and limoncello smelling. I have both on my arm right now and Sun is about vanilla and musks . Someone in Insta asked me if it was suntan lotion like, and the answer is no.  As I said earlier, it's more musky , sun warmed skin on the beach. A snuggle up and in on Summer nights scent ,too. 

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Sun is available now and is $ 102 for 3.3 oz EDT and $ 80 for 1.6 oz EDT

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gucci Bloom Hair Mist

Love Gucci Bloom ? It's hard to resist that  beautiful tuberose note and now you can have it in a hair mist.

I think the first time I used a hair mist was the mid '90s when L'Oreal had one in a glass bottle. I'm sure I grabbed it because it was unique and something new. It didn't smell that good as I recall. 

Let's face it hair mist isn't something that you really need , but it certainly is nice and has that luxe self -care glam feel. And we're seeing a lot them hit the market right now.

So it is with  new Gucci Bloom Hair Mist. The mist smells fabulous , very like the perfume and comes in a small 1 oz frosted glass bottle. It's a bit vintage looking and pretty hefty feeling.  At first spritz the scent is pretty strong but it settles down  fairly quickly . I do get whiffs of it  for several hours though, so it lasts.  Hair tends to grab scent well.

It's a wonderful way to freshen up your strands after all day or to just mist your locks as you breeze out the door for the day , hair swishing as you go.

Gucci Bloom Hair Mist is $ 49

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

IT Cosmetics Honey Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment

The Je Ne Sais Quoi  Lip Treatment Balm is one of It Cosmetics star products. While the original and rose give pink tones to lip , those of us who love a nude lip now have one of our own.

Honey is the newest shade and it's a sheer wash of warm beige. Like the others it has "Vitality Lip Flush Technology™ " that reacts with your own lips chemistry to form the shade. It reads nude on my lips but a pinkened nude beige. 

The formula is moisturizing although not heavy moisture , is creamy and smooth on lips and has a little sheen to it. No shimmer but it's not flat matte. There are several oils and peptides in the ingredients to help condition lips . 

This is a great addition to my Summer lip wardrobe. I don't always use a lot of balms this time of year but I also have so few that are nude so could be why.  It falls into that easy, grab and go kind of makeup we all need some days. 

IT Cosmetics Honey Je Ne Sais Quoi  Lip Treatment is $ 24 at It Cosmetics , Ulta and wherever the brand is sold. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Rebels Refinery The Pineapple Lip Balm

It's hard to resist a lip balm and even harder when it's this fun.

The Pineapple Lip Balm from Rebels Refinery comes in a cute pineapple container. Take the top off and you have a dome of moisturizing balm flavored with  exotic fruit that tastes of mango and pineapple. It's tropical and delish .

The moisture is good, not heavy but also not light . It's plenty to soothe parched lips, goes on smoothly and lasts awhile . It's clear  with no sheen , just flavor.

Ingredients include Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils, Canola oil, Beeswax , Honey and Rosemary Leaf Extract and Vitamin E and it is 100% natural according to the brand.

The Pineapple comes in 3 colors, Turquoise shown here, Pink and Black and is $ 6.99 at the brand website, Target  and Ulta.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Soap & Glory Magnifi -Coco Bodycare

Just in time for the warmer weather and all your Summer fun comes  Soap & Glory's new line fragranced with Magnifi- Coco .

The scent is a light, fresh coconutty one. It's not heavy and not pina colada territory. The brand describes it as a "clean" scent and that fits.   The scent is nice and easy to wear. It won't overpower or be too strong but it's definitely very coconut, so you'll need to like that type of fragrance.

A Cream Come True  is a shimmering whipped body cream that really hydrates. It also has a good bit of pearlescent shimmer . It's pretty when used to highlight legs  and shoulders . Coconut and Rosa Canina fruit oils along with shea and cocoa butters and glycerin. ( $ 15)

Drop In  The Lotion is as you might have guessed, a body lotion.  It's  pretty light feeling but adds plenty of hydration along with a subtle fragrance. Skin feels softened right off and it's not sticky but sinks in fast. Ingredients include almond and coconut oils, shea butter and green tea extract. ( $ 12)

Buff and Ready is the body scrub and used coconut shells and jojoba beads . This smells more fruity than the rest. ( $ 15)

There is also a coordinating body wash called Clean A Colada.

Soap and Glory  Magnifi- Coco is  currently exclusive to Ulta but the brand is also available at Target,  Walgreens and online at the brand's website.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash

There's nothing like a new lippie from Chanel , right ?

Rouge Coco Flash is the newest addition.

These are similar to Rouge Coco Shine but at the same time a little different.  I think these are a tiny bit drier feeling than the earlier versions but these seem to have more pigment payoff.  The coverage is semi sheer to medium. For me it hits the  sweet spot between not too much but not too little, some days that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Boy, Contraste, Instinct , Jour

The feel on lips is lightweight, they have a good bit of shine  and they add some moisture making them perfect for Summer when we usually want something light and also easy. Apply on the fly and go. I've been wearing these a lot since they arrived, especially Jour which is an everyday nude peachy pink.

Wear time is not long, at least not on me. I get about 2 hours. Keep in mind  I have hard time keeping a lot of lipsticks on though. The formula being so creamy and shiny isn't one that's going to be long wear, but that will vary.

Also of note is the see through cap. A first for Chanel.

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash is $ 38 and comes in 27 shades.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Dolce Peony Perfume

I have to say the new Dolce Peony purple bottle variation has totally got me. It just says SPRING and is such a beautiful color. It's funny how just something as simple as a color change can make such a difference. The Dolce bottle was always cute but generally I don't do much that's cutesy frou frou. Here we have an exception. 

The scent is a pretty, light floral  that is very different from last year's Dolce Garden.  It begins with lots of citrus in the form of bergamot and nashi pear. Rose , peony and freesia are the prominent florals to my nose with the peony definitely being the top flower here.   Honey adds warmth and some sweetness while plum, amber and patchouli bring the drydown. It's a fruitchouli type of scent but not too sweet  . 

Sillage is medium as is lasting time. It wears pretty well through the bulk of the day.  I'm quite  liking it and have been wearing it all week.  And did I mention how cute the bottle is ?  Ready to jump into your Easter basket. 

Dolce Peony is $ 76 for 1 oz, $ 94 for 1.6 oz and $ 120 for 2.5 oz 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Chanel 1957 Les Exclusifs

Chanel 1957 is the  Chanel I almost didn't try. I'm not really a fan of musky fragrances at all so I had my reservations about this new Les Exclusif. But hello, it's Chanel so not only did I have to try it I also should have known better than to doubt them . Now I can't stop wearing it. 

1957 is a beauty. It starts out more aldehydic than I expected (that's a good thing ) and sparkles with bergamot and an indolic neroli . Iris lends a dry powder and a brief old school vibe, honey adds warmth without over sweetening and a barely there cedar grounds things.  Throughout are the carefully built layers of 8 white musks that Olivier Polge used in the creation of the fragrance.  They waft and wrap softly around you , lingering  all day  with the bright florals. 

Longevity here is long. 10 + hours easily on me and it lingers longer on clothes. For a fragrance that leans lighter, that's wonderful lasting time. 

While 1957 doesn't reinvent the fragrance wheel it is unique to Chanel's oeuvre , is simply pretty and definitely worth a sniff and spritz. 

Chanel 1957 is $ 200 for 2.5 oz and $ 350 for 6.8 oz at 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale

Spring has sprung and this starts to turn our nose to the pretty florals of the season.

Guerlain's Mon Guerlain Florale fits the bill perfectly.  Softer than it's predecessor Mon Guerlain,  this is light and floaty with jasmine , dewy peony and lavender with vanilla and patchouli giving a bit of sweetness , warmth and a slight gourmand feeling. The notes all play well with each other making this an easy , every day  fragrance.

The original Mon Guerlain , if you haven't tried it, is a bit richer with a deeper, drier lavender note,  less light florals and more vanilla. Quite pretty as well but more gourmand and sweet where Florale is airy and flowery. I will say , I like Florale better, but that's my personal taste as I can be so so with gourmands.

Of course it comes in that beautiful , iconic Guerlain Baccarat inspired bottle . It's a great pick for an Easter basket extra or for Mother's Day gifting.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Florale is $ 124 for 3.3 oz at Saks, Neimans and Sephora.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Eucerin Roughness Relief Spot

Does your skin sometimes feel like sandpaper ? After all Winter's cold  air I know my fingers and knuckles no matter how much hand cream I use are still very dry as is one elbow. The one I lean on most I guess.

Eucerin's new  Roughness Relief Spot  has urea and lactic acid to help smooth out the roughness and ceramides and sunflower oil to add moisture.

The tube ends in a pointy tip so you can squeeze out as much or little as you need for spot treating  or to cover a larger area.

As with any urea based lotions I've used this can be a little tacky feeling at first, but that goes away pretty quickly. It's definitely helped those knuckles and elbows within 2 uses and works nicely on heels of feet too.

The tube is large at 2.5 oz so it's going to last awhile  and there is also a matching lotion. 

Eucerin Roughness Relief Spot  is $ 6.99