Saturday, December 22, 2018

Michael Kors Wonderlust

Fragrance is an all time gift classic and there are a lot of good picks out there.
Michael Kors Wonderlust isn't a new fragrance but it's new to me. Somehow I had never tried it despite being a fan of MK perfumes in general.

The scent is slightly sweet with a creamy feel thanks to almond milk and dianthus ( carnation) notes. I don't detect any almond smell, just the creaminess and a little powder.  There are also musks and benzoin which adds  warmth and a touch of spice comes from cinnamon. It's a skinscent type of fragrance but has far more throw and strength than they generally have. It has a sexy quality about it without being too bold.

The bottle is a lovely, heavy one with ombre peach tones and a goldtone cap.

For holiday there are many gift sets available wherever the brand is sold inlcluding a cute mini duo at Ulta.

Michael Kors Wonderlust is 115$ for 3.4 oz

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dionis Goat's Milk Hand Cream Gift Sets

I've said many times that hand cream gift sets are among my favorite gift ideas. Most of us use and love hand cream plus when it's really brrr outside you need it. So it's a useful gift that can be personal and luxe too.  They are also a good last minute choice that  doesn't look it.

Dionis makes their hand creams using goat's milk , and they say that goat's milk is the same pH as our skin so it works especially well .

For gifting they have a couple great sets along with individual tubes, which are only $ 3.49 each .

There is a wide variety of fragrances and you can try many of them in the Inspire set.  Five  1 oz tubes in all including my favorite, Crisp Pear. ( $16.99)

The Reflections set has 3 larger tubes ( 2 oz) including Very Berry  ( $16.99)

The lotions all have nice scents , not strong but noticeable. And they do a good job of moisturizing  with a non greasy, easily absorbed formula.

Dionis is available at Dillards, Ulta and

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rodial Rose Gold Hand & Lip Set

It's cold out there so hand cream and lip balm are a must. They also make great gift because everyone pretty much needs and uses them. It's an easy pick , no size or color preference needed.

Rodial gets glowing with their Rose Gold  Hand and Lip Set. Inside is a Rose Gold Gand Cream and Rose Gold Lip Balm , both full size.

The lip balm is very creamy and moisturizing with a doe foot wand applicator. It  has a slightly opaque pearlescent tint. Shea butter, rosa canina fruit oil , sunflower seed oil and gold offer good for lip benefits.

The hand cream is nicely  moisturizing and softening while also using gold ,shea butter, glycerin, sunflower and grape seed oils  and peptides for a little anti aging boost.

Rodial Rose Gold Hand & Lip Set is $ 40 at Rodial and Saks

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Burt's Bees Honey Pot Gift Set

Burt's Bees makes some of my fav gift sets every year.  There's a couple reasons- they have effective, good products , they are well priced, they're easily available and almost everyone loves/needs good body products in Winter.

So when you need gifts at the last minute , these sets don't look like a quick grab or afterthought.

Honey Pot  packages a Milk and Honey Body Lotion , a Honey Lip Balm and Honey and Grapeseed Hand Cream, all full size, in a festive box.

Pretty perfect for co-workers, grandma from the kids, or the cousin who decided last minute to drop in.

Burt's Bees Honey Pot Gift Set is 14.99 at Target, Walgreens, Amazon and more.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Kierin NYC Sunday Brunch Perfume

Kierin NYC is a new fragrance company with 4  new fragrances, all inspired by enjoying each part of a day in NYC and the stories that come out of it. 

Founded by Mona  Maine de Biran and the scents/brand are genderless and inclusive. They are also cruelty free and formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates and Formaldehyde.

Sunday Brunch  is the mid point of the day in the line and a bright blend of bergamot, citrus and a light waft of jasmine. The fragrance has a 15% concentration which gives the citrus notes a little more kick and lasting power.  It's very much  Earl Grey tea with lemon. Given my love of citrus fragrances (and tea) this is a win.  It's a fairly uncomplicated scent but very well done and blended. It's soft, pretty and uplifting. 

I also love the packaging graphics. They remind me of my days in NYC in the '80s . 

I am really liking this line, the scents and the aethestics . Check them out at 

Sunday Brunch is $ 78 for 1.7 oz EDP

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Aromatherapy Associates Complete Wellbeing Collection

Aromatherapy Associates is a UK based company specializing in  therapeutic high quality essential oil blends.

They've got some lovely gift sets for holiday including this Complete Wellbeing Collection  featuring 6 face oils and 10 body oils.

Each bottle has an aromatherapeutic scent with oils made for de-stressing , relaxing, reviving while the facial oils are for plumping, mattifying and firming among others.  I used Deep Relax over the weekend ,  a nice soft ,light blend of vetiver and chamomile .

The set comes boxed in two parts- one box for body, one for face and there are cards included that describe each oil , contained in a small glass bottle.

With the body oils, you apply to torso and other areas, let sink in, inhale the aroma and then hit the bath or shower.

The facial oils get massaged into skin after cleansing for you to get both the fragrant and skincare benefits

The set is very elegant and the type of gift that should please almost anyone on your gift list. After all I'm pretty sure most of us can use to de-stress and relax, am I right ?

$ 97 at Aromatherapy Associates or Amazon

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Bi Phase Spray Oil

I do love a good spray oil for my hair and Kerastase's new Elixir Ultime is just that. This is a new updated spray version of the old formula ( which is still available) but this is my first time trying either one.

The new oil is bi phase ( shake before use to mix) with argan , camellia, corn germ and sunflower seed oils and myrrh extract. It's lightweight, doesn't weigh hair down and adds light to medium moisture while smoothing and de-frizzing. It's perfect for my hair's drier ends after I blow dry.  I have normal to oily hair otherwise so I only use it on ends and some mid lengths .

If you have very dry hair, I'm not sure this would be enough to really super hydrate your locks, but it will add a nice boost of moisture that's especially good for daytime when you don't want hair to look greasy or weighed down.

Elixir Ultime Bi Phase can be used on damp or dry hair and also as a pre -cleanse treatment and has a pleasant, light fresh floral fragrance . I need to mention the bottle too, since packaging matters. It's heavy glass , which I like , and it has a very sparkly gold background. Luxe all around.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime is $ 50 at Kerastase USA or salons where the brand is sold.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It Cosmetics Brush Believer Super Squad Gift Set

Every year It Cosmetics does great gift sets  and this year is no exception.

I especially love the brush sets , because,well you have tried their brushes right ? So, so soft.   I have to run my hands over the display every time I go to Ulta.

The Brush Believer Super Squad set is exclusive to  Ulta  and comes with 5 full size  Heavenly Luxe  brushes and a folding vanity  tray.

In a neat feature both the brushes and  tray are magnetic so you can stand the   tray  on one side and  place the brushes there. It makes for a nice look.
I'm   not sure that I'd call the folding piece a tray but it  can be laid flat and has a zip pocket in the middle also .  It folds up pretty thin so it'll  store away  or travel  easily .

It  Cosmetics  Brush Believer Super Squad  is  regularly $68 at Ulta but is currently on sale for $47.60

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Chanel Biarritz Body Lotion & Shower Gel

I’ve professed my love for Chanel’s Paris- Biarritz many times, here and on social media. I can’t get enough of the fragrance and  all Summer wore it almost every day ( a rarity for me as I have so many frags and I like to change it up).

When I saw there was a coordinating body lotion and shower gel, I knew I had to have them and they don’t disappoint .

The lotion is creamy and pretty moisturizing for a  fragranced one. Often they are more scent oriented and less about moisture. It’s not heavy  moisture mind you, but a decent amount especially for day wear. The fragrance notes are a bit more diffused  in the lotion, it doesn’t smell exactly the perfume but it’s very noticeable  while not being too much and lingers for awhile.

The Shower gel is truer to the perfume and is a simply wonderful, luxe way to start or end the day.

A neat thing to note , is the bottles and how they open. Chanel even includes a little instruction paper. You twist the cap and the top slides open to reveal the opening where the product  comes out.

All three of the Les Eaux De Chanel fragrances have a matching lotion and shower gel, so if Biarritz is not your fav, one of the others may be.

Chanel Les Eaux Body Lotion and Shower Gels ( for hair also acc. to the packaging) are $ 50 each at Chanel.