Monday, January 31, 2011

The Lip Balm Guide to Super Hydration

With temps in the cellar here and in many places across the country , even so called warmer climes, lip balm is a must.  Good lip balm is even more of a must because not all are created equal.  I apply all day and night and begin to have chapped lips the minute it gets below 60 degrees.  After a fellow blogger was looking for product recs for her continuously parched lips, I decided it was time to do my lip hydration  post, one I've had in pipeline for awhile.

Things to know-

1.If it has shea butter, it's got mega moisture, many of those listed below fall into this category.

2. The more thick, and viscous a  balm, the more barrier protection from wind it will give you.  Ones like the Clinique  listed below as well as old standy Aquaphor which now comes in  a handy  lip treatment tube  fit this type.

   That said,  here is my list of personal favorites that  work in  freezing cold.  There are plenty other balms I love and use in milder, say 40-50 degree weather. But for the coldest times, these get highest marks. Links will go to my  original review if there was one.

Philosophy Kiss me Tonight- Also should be called The Lifesaver or maybe LipSaver.  This is meant as an overnight treatment, but can be used daytime as well, it just doesn't lend itself to being used under lipcolor.  It's a thick, jelly balm which  makes a  coating on lips. Its stays there long and is super healing and softening with shea and mango butters One of the few products I keep a backup of.

Shu Uemuea Depsea Hydrability- Almost oily in texture at times this one covers the lips with a heavy gel/balm and keeps out the wind and softens the lips. Ultra hydrating, no tint, no scent. Contains  depsea water as well as hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil.  Available  only online in US  at http://www.http// 

Clarins Colour Quench Balm - The balm you want if you want major moisture , gloss and color in one. These pack  more pigment than most balms and come in a huge color selection from light to bright. They also have shea butter, vitamin E and a nice fruity scent. You'll see my original post dates to 2007, these have been a staple for a longtime.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lipcolor-  Lipstick with shea butter. When you want lipstick but you need help with chapped lips, look here. These have nice pigment, are a lipstick tube but pack  much more moisture than most lipsticks. I use my nude shade, Bronzed Pink,  all winter every year. It's what I usually reach for when I want lipstick  not balm.

L'Occitane Pure Shea Butter- The small tin of pure shea butter is just what lips need . Apply right on for healing and moisture . The real deal , simple and basic but  nothing works like  pure shea.

Clinique Super Balm Moisturizing Gloss- As the name says it's a glossy balm. It's also thick enough to stand up  to wind and cold. The colors are sheer and the formula has aloe vera and vitamin E.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lucky Shops Comes to LA

Lucky Shops has been on the East side in NYC for seven years now. For the first time they are staging it in LA this April.

What you need to know if you want to attend:

At Lucky Shops you'll enjoy: complimentary cocktails,* giveaways, music and more.

Where is it?

Siren Studios
6063 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

When is it?

First Dibs Friday: Friday, April 8, 12PM- 6PM
Saturday Shop-a-thon: Saturday, April 9, 10AM – 5PM

What happened last year?

In 2010, LUCKY SHOPS hosted more than 60 designers and shops from around the globe in New York City, including: Diane von Furstenberg, Tracy Reese, Foley + Corinna, Rebecca Taylor, Rebecca Minkoff, Botkier, Helen Ficalora, Jodi Arnold, Vena Cava, and many many more. Most merchants sold current as well as off-season items at up to 70% off.

*Must be 21 years or older to enjoy complimentary cocktails. While supplies last.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2011

The only words to describe the Dior couture show this week are the big adjectives. Amazing, stunning. It was those and more. I  was wowed with just a glimpse.

The quality of light in the fabrics at time reminded me of a painting. The exquisite detailing, the big sashying skirts.  The headpieces by Stephen Jones.

The makeup  was fabulous as well. Porcelain doll faces, absolute precise lines.  Over the top ,but this is couture. Pat McGrath worked her usual magic using Dior Ara Red #999 for those lips. I loved the bold eye colors , but they were not Dior, so no details.

 I can only hope that at least one Oscar attendee dons one of these gowns for us to see. Since Natalie Portman is the face of Miss Dior Cherie, we'll see.

All images:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Collection

My post back in September on Maybelline's upcoming Fit Me has been getting a lot of readers. I only had the basic info then  but now have finally tried the products and have seen several of the colorway choices.

To re-cap ,Fit Me is  all about skin tone matching shades   across all products in the line.  There are 18 shades of foundation, 6 concealers, 12 blushes and 3 bronzers. Something for everyone and every skintone. Shades numbers begin in the 100s for lightest and go to 300s for darkest.

Once  you find the shade for  you in foundation, to get the right powder and concealer, simply pull from the row that contains that number.

 Now that you know that, what are the products like ? I was able to try a pre-selected group of the line recently.

Fit Me Foundation ( $ 7.99)  is weightless and light. It's light to medium coverage, dewy  and  natural looking . There are no waxes or oils according to Maybelline, which is good. The shade shown is 110 and is a bit too pale for me , but not by much.  I can wear it but one shade up to 115 would be perfect.   I think it's best for normal to dry skin . Us oily skins can wear it now but maybe not come warmer weather.

The  blush ( $ 5.51) that suited me best of what I tried was Deep Nude. Light Nude matches my shade also but was very light on me and less than I like ( it came off as a soft wash, nice, but I like a little contour).  Deep Nude  is shown  and is not dark at all but more medium. Depending on how pale you are and how much blush you like, you can  tweak here. All the nudes are nice and none are super dark.

Fit Me Powder ( $ 7.99) is again , light and feels soft  on skin. No heavy, cakey feeling. Shown is 120  which confirmed for me that I am shade 115 as this was the tiniest bit darker than I needed. The puff is in a lower compartment in the compact for no contamination and easy storage.

Fit Me Concealer ( $ 6.49) is creamy and blendable but like all the others a light feeling product. It has good coverage and dries to a powder soft finish.  I find the shown shade 10 to actually be darker than the foundation 110 and too dark for me, so know that the concealers might run dark.

Fit Me Bronzer might be favorite of all in this line. It's not easy to find a pale girl bronzer but thats just what Light Bronze ( shown ) is. Just  nice wash of golden color  to warm you up. More gold and beige than bronze.

I also have many shades in the deeper  300 category, so they are shown here in the lower image . Not all of us are pale and this gives you an idea of what other shades there are.

I see many people wondering what shades will look good on them  and for them, this is a great idea. No guessing. Just buy all in your shade number and you have a full set of makeup. If you consider yourself makeup challenged, give it a try.

Fit Me is also a nice starting point  for those wearing makeup for the first time. Teens can get makeup that will look good, but natural and not overdone on them and not have to guess what they need and get shades 3 times too dark. We've all been there.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ellis Faas Teams With War Child

There are many reasons to buy Ellis Faas makeup. The quality, the fabulous packaging, the ease of  storage. Now you can add one more.  Faas has teamed with War Child to take in all your empty pens and make art which will then be auctioned for charity.  * Now if only they would make the makeup belt pictured so we could all buy  that.

Here is an excerpt from their webpage,  or you can go directly to  to read the full version .

"Ever since the first Ellis Faas products were released, people have been telling us ‘It is such a shame to throw away your beautiful pens once they’re empty.’ Therefore, we have come up with a programme ‘Make Up Not War’ that gives a second life to our pens, unburdens the environment, and last but certainly not least, because it gives us a chance to raise money for a terribly good cause: War Child - "

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon-Performance AC Motor Styling Tool

As I recently said to someone, my hair dryer is older than dirt. About 3 years I think.  I have pretty easy hair so I've never devoted much money to hair dryer purchases. They needed to be inexpensive but  still strong with 1875 watts. My old one is  a basic 1875W Conair that has served me well.  So I have never experimented with Ionic dryers, T3s etc.  So when the chance to try a new dryer , also by Conair-the Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon-Performance AC Motor Styling Tool- I  was excited . New territory to explore.

And hello, now I know what I've been missing. This dryer is super fast and powerful. Like blow your hair back  powerful.  Confession- I hate drying my hair . It doesn't take me long  but this cut  more than 5 minutes off the drying time, possibly close to 10.  That alone sold me.

It also doesn't get too hot on the hottest setting, has removable lint trap as well as ionic technology. Combined with the fast drying time, it's win. 

So what makes this dryer special?  It has a AC motor instead of DC. Now I didn't know my AC ( alternating current ) from my DC but not only does Conair explain it some, but I did  the best thing- I asked  the Dad. He agrees it's a much  better way to  go but that's all of the explanation I currently remember.

 From Conair:

"The Infiniti Pro utilizes an AC (alternating current) motor, which is the high-performance motor typically designed for hair stylists and salon use." 
"In addition to the AC motor benefits the Infiniti Pro dryer also generates neutralizing ions to seal the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and enhancing shine. It also features 3 heat/2 speed rocker switches for heat and airflow control along with 2 concentrator attachments to achieve a variety of styles. A removable filter prevents damaging lint buildup and further extends the motor life. "

What’s the significance of an AC motor? Here’s why “AC” = “A+”

- Quiet, yet powerful air velocity to dry hair faster and lessen heat exposure/damage

- A true blast of cold air when “Cold Shot” button is engaged, to better set your style or provide lift at the roots

- Up to a 3x longer life span as compared to typical (DC motor) hair dryers

The Conair-the Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon-Performance is available at most mass market outlets like Target for approx. $ 38.99.
If you want to know more or connect with Conair check them out at , or follow them at

Monday, January 24, 2011 Readers Choice Awards is hosting their first ever  readers choice awards. This is across many categories, but hey we're all about the  beauty ( I mean , me)   here. You can head over to the skincare section run by Jen Adkins and vote in her categories which include Best Beauty Blog. If you are so inclined, please  nominate me. Nomination run thru Feb. 4th. Then voting begins for finalists   Feb. 11 through March 8.

You can visit the skincare channel here :

To learn more about the overall awards program and other style and beauty categories visit

Friday, January 21, 2011

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

I finally have my hands on the new Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balms.These have been on the radar since I first read of them months ago. My love of tinted lip balms is well documented on here.

***** Update- see new shades 2012 here

 They don't disappoint either. Chubby Sticks  pack plenty of moisture and pigment . These aren't sheer balms . They are not deep either but have more pigment than most tinted balms  .

The finish has some shine but is really a satin finish.  No shimmer. They are like  a balm/lipstick almost  but with a very light feeling on the lips.   The moisture comes from shea butter, mango seed butter , jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and olive oil .   They apply like a dream since you're outlining with a pencil.   The only downside was they don't last as long as I would like. Thats not untypical with   some tinted balms so I just re-apply.

The color selection is  good  with several neutral brown based shades and several pinks along with more peachy Mega Melon( my  personal favorite).

Highlight- They twist up when you need more product . When I first saw images months ago I thought they would need an incovenient sharperner. Not so, just twist the bottom and the stick comes up.

PS- In a pinch, these could be used as cheek tint.

All shades are :

Chunky Cherry
Fuller Fig
Mega Melon
Richer RaisinSuper Strawberry
Whole Lotta Honey
Woppin' Watermelon

$ 15.00 at all Clinique outlets and

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Full by Living Proof Haircare

Full hair  is  something most people want. No one wants flat , limp hair do they ? It can also be one of the hardest to get . More products are coming along and the  MIT people behind Living Proof and No Frizz now have Full. No Frizz has been a miracle worker for many . Now Full does  a great  job for those looking for a little oomph to their locks.

 The Thickening Cream weighed hair down a bit ( this might work better on dry hair)  so skipped that, but using the  Shampoo, Conditioner and Root Lift as  well as  the new Thickening Mousse makes for solid ,lifted volume that lasts long.

There are several products in the line besides the shampoo and conditioner, so you can make your own combo. I highly recommend the  Root Lift for flat hair as it gets right to the root area and provides  a lot of lift.

The company says the Root Lifting spray has a  "blend of resins, never before used in a root lifting spray, to meet both of these characteristics: strong enough to provide long lasting lift, yet flexible enough so the lift wouldn’t collapse
when exposed to one’s daily activities."

"The scientists also discovered that adding PolyfluoroEster helps to protect hair’s volume. This is because PolyfluoroEster reduces surface tension for an even deposition of the resin film and helps to block humidity."

The bottom line, as I said earlier- it works.

You can find the whole Full line at QVC, Sephora and

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder Palette

Pixi beauty  has done some changes over at their website  for a re-launch including a complexion matching tool  and rewards program .They  also have some fun new products out.

One is the Lumi Lux Radiance Powder . It's a pretty blend of pinks , peaches and a nude shade called Peach Petal.
It's a great highlighter and has light to medium pigment so if you're super pale you could use it as a blush as well.  The powder is soft, blendable and shimmery but  a heavy shimmer.  It's is also quite large at 4 1/2 inches long .

 Lumi Lux Radiance  will debut in February or March and has a retail of $ 26.00

Pixi is also available at Target stores.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pantene and the P&G Hair Lab Video

Want a look inside the research and develepment labs for Pantene haircare? They company recently let TV program Nightline in for a visit. It's pretty interesting viewing . You see tests on real hair  and find out what "hair gymnastics is, among other things.

 I disagree with one thing, the CEO of P&G when interviewed said every woman, rightfully, so believes she has damaged hair". Not me. I often like to be the different one and I am here as well. Thankfully I have strong hair  and I don't think of it as damaged at all.  But I do think Pantene is the best mass market haircare line out there- for all types of hair.

If you want to see the Nightline Pantene piece head over to this YouTube link :

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lancome Previews New Makeup at Golden Globes

The awards shows often see celebs made up with upcoming launches that we haven't seen yet. Previous posts list some from Chanel. Here we have a list of all the Lancome ones that I combed from their red carpet looks . Looks like some new 5 Color palettes and a new Lipstick.

All are listed under the celeb who wore them.

On Amy Adams-

Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Taupe Craze (out in Feb.)
 L’Absolu Nu in Evening Lace (out in March)
On Mila Kunis-

Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Coral Crush (out in Feb.)
 Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Teal Fury (out in Feb.)
 L’Absolu Nu in Coral Ribbon (out in March)

Sofia Vergara

 Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Coral Crush (out in Feb.)
L'Absolu Nu in Sheer Mousse (out in March)

January Jones in Frederic Fekkai, Chanel and Versace at the Golden Globes

January Jones was a bombshell at the Golden Globes last night. She is really one to watch on the red carpet  anymore  as she's not afraid to take chances or change it up. Her Versace dress in siren red was  daring but not over the top.   I'm still a bit on the fence with it, but there's no doubt  it  was bold. Then there was that hair, worthy of Rita Hayworth. Add in flawless makeup and a strong red lip and you've got the  aforementioned bombshell look.

The details on her hair and makeup ( Makeup by Chanel artist Rachel Goodwin, hair by Frederic Fekkai stylist Renato Campora. )


Campora was inspired by the styles of the 1960’s, which he believes is one of the most striking decades for beauty. His look created for January channels old Hollywood glamour, with a modern twist that is full of volume and timeless elegance.

On wet hair, Campora began by applying Fekkai Advanced Full Blown Styling Whip to create volume and Fekkai Coiff™ Contrôle Ironless Straightening Balm to smooth out the hair. He parted the hair to the side and blow dried using a round brush. To create waves, he put hair in hot rollers and let them sit for 10 minutes. Once he took the rollers out, Campora brushed through the hair creating volume and constructing shape for the style. To finish off her look, Renato sprayed Fekkai Coiff™ Sheer Hold Hairspray for all night hold.

Makeup :

"I prepped her skin with Chanel Sublimage Concentrate. I then sculpted her cheeks with Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base. On her lids, I used a wash of champagne coloured shadow, Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Liberty. I created a strong, bold defined brow with the Chanel Perfect Brows palette, and applied two coats of Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir.

Finally, I knew I wanted to go for a glossy red lip as opposed to a matte red, to keep the look fresh and not too retro. I used an amazing red gloss, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Excess, to complete January’s strong red carpet look.”

Emma Stone with TRESsemme & Mark at Golden Globes

I thought Emma Stone was perfection at The Golden Globes. More understated than I usually go  for, but it was all so perfectly pulled togther.  Her beautiful, soft blonde locks, just enough peach blush and lipstick, plenty of mascara and an equally beautiful pink/ coral  Calvin Klein gown.  So fresh and  chic and a tiny bit retro.

Her hair was done by Tresemme stylist Mara Rozak and makeup by Mai Quynh for Mark.

The Look (Hair): Elegant and chic bun

Step 1: Apply TRESemmé Fresh Start No Frizz Créme to damp hair

Step 2: Blow dry using a round brush to sweep hair away from face

Step 3: To give volume and height, tease crown and spray TRESemmé 24 Hour Root Boost Spray at the root

Step 4: Smooth hair while keeping height at the crown and secure into a mid-height ponytail

Step 5: Divide ponytail in half and twist the two halves around each other

Step 6: Hold the ends firmly and wrap the twisted hair into a bun, pinning as you go

Step 7: To set the style, finish with TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray.


"For her face, I started by applying Calm & Composed Moisturizer all over her skin. Next, I used Mark Face Xpert in Honey and applied it with the foundation brush. I put Mark Good Riddance Concealer in Light/Medium around her nose and under her eyes and blended it with the concealer brush. I set her foundation with Mark Powder Buff in Natural using the powder brush.

After the powder is set, I dusted on Mark Bronze Pro Powder in Pro Glow using the angled contour face brush. I applied this bronzer to her cheeks, forehead and chin. Then I added a powder blush, I dusted Good Glowing Blush in After Glo on her cheeks by using the angled contour face brush.

 For her eyes, I applied I-Mark eyehadow in Biscotti using the all over eyeshadow brush to her inner eyelid. Then, using the eyeshadow brush, I applied I-Mark eyeshadow in Gioia to her middle and outer eyelid, from the lashline to her crease. I used the angled contour eyeshadow brush to blend Gioia into the crease of the eyelid. As a liner, I applied I-Mark eyeshadow in Java along the upper lashline using the hookup eyeliner brush. I smudged Gioia along the bottom lashline using the hookup eyeliner brush. To finish the eyes, I used two coats of Lash Splash Mascara in Black.

For her lips, I used Mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstick in Bare Hug."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Michelle Williams debuts new Chanel foundation at Golden Globes

I love Michelle Williams makeup here and she does the pixie do so well. Better that we can't see her dress because it doesn't come off quite as well. It was pretty but needed to be fitted more in the bodice. It's all forgiven for that gorgeous coral lip and peach cheeks. One of the highlights of Chanel's Spring line on counters now is blush in Espeigle used here.

Another of the products used by makeup artist Jeanine Lobell ( founder of Stila ) was a new Chanel foundation called  Vitalumiere Aqua in B10 .  This is out in March.

Jeanine's full look for Michelle :

“As a base, I used a new foundation from Chanel, Vitalumiere Aqua in B10 . It’s a super light, sheer formula with great coverage.

On Michelle’s cheeks, I used Chanel Powder Blush in Espiegle, a beautiful shimmery pink-coral .

Her eyes were Kevyn Aucoin Essential Eye Shadow Palette #2, and applied two coats of Kevyn Aucoin Lash Curler Volume Mascara. I set her brows with Chanel Perfect Brows.

Finally, on her lips I used Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Chalys.”

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Estee Lauder for Harper's Bazaar Contest LE Lipstick & Gloss

 Estee Lauder  has teamed up with Harpers Bazaar  for  the magazine's Fabulous at Every Age contest . They  have created  2 lip products -Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Bitten Fig and  Pure Color Lipgloss in Red Tango along with a pretty white carry case. The white case is a GWP of either the lipstick or  gloss.

 The items are  available for a limited time exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide, as well as on and

I really need to enter The Mom in this and hopefully will get  the info needed together in time.  Anyone , or yourself perhaps, that you want to nominate?

 Contest details :

Harper’s Bazaar and Estée Lauder have teamed up to find five of America’s chicest women, ages 20-60+, in the second-annual Fabulous at Every Age search, inspired by one of the magazine’s most popular features which transforms trends into great, age-appropriate looks, highlighting the distinctive personal style of the world’s most revered fashion icons.

To enter the contest, readers can nominate themselves or other fabulous women at   or at all-day casting calls at select Estée Lauder counters at Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Five finalists, each representing a decade between 20 and 60+, will receive a $5,000 cash prize and be honored at a VIP party hosted by Estée Lauder Spokesmodel Elizabeth Hurley at Hearst Tower in New York City on April 12. One grand prize winner will be selected from the finalists and receive an additional cash prize of $5,000.

Entries must include one close-up color photo of the face and three color full-body photos, each taken within the previous 365 days, as well as a testimonial of 50 words or less describing why the person being entered is fabulous for her age. Deadline for submissions is February 25, 2011; entries must be a female 20 years or older and a legal resident of the 50 United States, District of Columbia, or Canada. Void in Puerto Rico, Quebec province, and where prohibited by law. For complete rules, visit

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers

Did you know Bobbi Brown has blotting papers? I didn't until I stumbled across them on Saks website while looking for something else. Now  a line having blotting papers isn't all that new or exciting,  but what grabbed my attention was that Bobbi's come in a sleek leather like refillable pouch with a mirror. Who doesn't love good packaging ?

There are 100 sheets in each pouch and it sells for $ 20.00

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CVS New Extra Care Beauty Club

We all have our Extra Care cards from CVS, right ?  Now there is a new , additional program- The CVS Extra Care Beauty Club.  If you watched Sunday's People's Choice Awards, you may have heard  more as it was announced on the show  by Queen Latifah.

CVS Beauty Club Membership includes:

- 10% off beauty shopping pass upon enrollment
- $5 in ExtraBucks® rewards with every $50 beauty purchase
- $3 in ExtraBucks® rewards on the member’s birthday as well as special beauty offers throughout the year

Members will also receive monthly email newsletters with exclusive coupons, tips from experts and new product information.

All you need to do to enroll is go to and  fill out the form including your CVS Extra Care card number or go in store and present your card and the printed enrollment certificate from the site.  

A Facebook page has been set up as well at
Find them on Twitter at : @CVSBeautyClub

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Urban Decay Primer Potion - Travel Size

Currently exclusive to Urban Decay's website are the cuter than cute travel sizes of Primer Potion. We've seen these before, but always as part of a set. Now you can buy the primer alone.  Tiny  enough to easily go in a carry on or handbag but large enough for many applications.   

Both Original and Eden shades are available  at $ 8.00 each.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Diptyque Luxurious Hand Balm and Rich Body Butter

When you think of Diptyque you most likely think first amazing candles, then perfume. Did you know they have bodycare as well?  That part of the brand  seems maybe to fly a bit under the radar, but like those candles, it's quality.

My favorites  are  the Luxurious Hand Balm and Creme Riche -Rich  Butter for the Body.

Both are  thick , creamy ,  easily blended and absorbed, and  give lasting moisturization.
The Luxurious Hand Balm  has macadamia seed oil, apricot kernel oil ,organic, virgin argan oil  as well as shea butter.

The Creme Riche body  butter  has a lovely fragrance of light herbs and  rosewater (one of the ingredients ). Also in there is organic honey, peach kernel oil, and  again the  argan  and macadamia seed oil .

Bring a little French chic  to your vanity with all of Diptyque's body line which also includes liquid hand soap , bath oil and products scented with best selling fragrances Philosykos and Tam Dao.

 Available at www. , Barneys, Space NK and more.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Omorovicza Complexion Brightener & Thermal Cleansing Balm

Omorovicza is a Hungarian based skincare line I've talked about once before.   Based on using  a patented mineral  delivery system  and Hungarian thermal waters, this luxury line has recently added some great new products to the line.

In my earlier testing I loved the Rejuvenating Night Cream( I've been using this all late fall into winter ) and the Radiance Renewal Serum.

Now for daytime I've got Complexion Brightener.  This has SPF 20 and is perfect for normal to oily  skin, but especially oily skin. It goes on very light  and sets to a slightly matte but glowing look while adding some moisture. I was surprised yesterday when I had applied this and  some blush thinking I wasn't going out and then I needed to make a quick run  to Walgreens in the snow. I looked in the  mirror and my skin looked great.  Finished  and bright . Off I went looking almost like I had a light foundation on.

The company says it conceals imperfections  and leaves skin porcelain, and they're right .  In warmer weather this will be  even better.

Also new is Thermal Cleansing Balm.  Here's what Omorovicza founder Margaret de Heinrich says about it  - " Thermal Cleansing Balm this really is my favorite product in the line (though I love them all, of course!)...You apply a small amount to a dry face (rub the balm between your fingers first so that it turns into an oil)...massage over your eyes (removes eye makeup) and then all over your face for about one minute. Afterwards, use a warm wet terry cloth mitt or hand towel to wipe off excess (must use a cloth as just water will not remove product).

"The mud we use is medical grade mud and comes from largest thermal lake in Europe (2nd largest in the world)...the lake renews itself naturally every 24 hours. It also contains sweet almond oil dissolves oil, this product is amazing for targeting and breaking up impurities (makeup, dirt, etc) and is fantastic for all skin types. Smells of orange blossom which is a scent created personally for us by same perfume house in Grasse that does all Hermes perfumes. Product detoxifies, removes impurities. "

 Personally  I liked how  this  worked but I simply can't get on board with  cleansing oils on my face, I have enough of my own. I know they say oil cleans oil, but I've tried other high end cleansing oils and have felt the same way.  It's a great cleanser for the right skin though, normal to dry in my opinion.  And it does have a lovely scent, which you wouldn't expect from a  mud based cleanser.  Also a little is all you need.  A small amount goes a long way.

You can read more about the line, and see/shop the products at :

Also at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman

Friday, January 7, 2011

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lipgloss

 First up about  new Lab Shine glosses- they are highly emollient. I felt so much moisture as soon as I applied thanks to the hyaluronic acid and Camelia oil in there.   For winter weather, thats a big plus. Then there's  the great pigment  and  they last long. Add  in  a nice  non-tacky feeling  and plenty of shine  and it's time to be excited by a gloss again.

I am all about the Metal  formula, but I also tried Star and it was really nice as well. Metal is  creamy and has a thicker texture than Star.  It's smooth but deeply pigmented and while metallic not as molten as I expected. ( Keeping in mind  that for me ,the more metallic the better.) So don't fear looking like a metal mouth. It glows big and looks great but you need to blend this formula a bit.   

The Star  gloss  packs great pigment and just a little pearl. It seems almost a  satin finish.  Medium coverage but a bit sheer, I liked it best with 2 coats.

There are 35 new shades across 3 formulas- Diamond, Star and Metal. Diamond being the sheerest with glitter and the brands Diamond Powder in it.  Star is mother of pearl with Star powder,   and Metal is described as chrome with has Metal powder .

My shades shown are M6  and S10.

Available now at Make Up For Ever boutiques and on and in Sephora stores in February.

Retail is $ 18.00 US

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trish McEvoy Facebook Contest

Trish McEvoy invites you to “like” her Facebook page from now until January 17th  and you will get a special free gift . Simply click the image or link below , show your love for Trish McEvoy makeup  with a "like". 

Trish makes some great products ,so this is a great chance to try the line.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dior J'Adore L'Or Essence de Parfum

One of the best fragrances I tried all last year only came to my nose right at Christmas. Dior J'Adore L'Or was released in October but being limited so far to only Nordstrom it was some time before I had a chance to test it. I've owned the orginal J'Adore since it came out . This goes one or maybe three, better.

This is  new fragrance, an additon to the Dior J'Adore line but different from the original. It's an Essence of Perfume, so it is based more on some of the key notes of J'Adore and uses higher quality  absolutes. The main notes of Rose de Mai and Jasmine are taken from flowers grown especially for Dior  in Grasse, France.

 L'Or goes on a bit like an oil , it stays on skin a little longer and has a silky texture.
The fragrance is a powerhouse white floral , stunningly beautiful and well done. The kind I perfume I hope for . To my nose there is mostly  the jasmine and a good bit of tuberose.  The rose in hinted at  just enough. It's creamy, floral, warm and soft.  At the drydown there is a tiny bit of tonka and vanilla but overall it stays all white floral for me. It dries down to stay closer to skin but gives off great sillage  and lasts very long.

Dior J'Adore L'or comes packaged beautifully in a gift type box and is available at Nordstrom for $ 95.00 for 40ml bottle.