Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Collection

My post back in September on Maybelline's upcoming Fit Me has been getting a lot of readers. I only had the basic info then  but now have finally tried the products and have seen several of the colorway choices.

To re-cap ,Fit Me is  all about skin tone matching shades   across all products in the line.  There are 18 shades of foundation, 6 concealers, 12 blushes and 3 bronzers. Something for everyone and every skintone. Shades numbers begin in the 100s for lightest and go to 300s for darkest.

Once  you find the shade for  you in foundation, to get the right powder and concealer, simply pull from the row that contains that number.

 Now that you know that, what are the products like ? I was able to try a pre-selected group of the line recently.

Fit Me Foundation ( $ 7.99)  is weightless and light. It's light to medium coverage, dewy  and  natural looking . There are no waxes or oils according to Maybelline, which is good. The shade shown is 110 and is a bit too pale for me , but not by much.  I can wear it but one shade up to 115 would be perfect.   I think it's best for normal to dry skin . Us oily skins can wear it now but maybe not come warmer weather.

The  blush ( $ 5.51) that suited me best of what I tried was Deep Nude. Light Nude matches my shade also but was very light on me and less than I like ( it came off as a soft wash, nice, but I like a little contour).  Deep Nude  is shown  and is not dark at all but more medium. Depending on how pale you are and how much blush you like, you can  tweak here. All the nudes are nice and none are super dark.

Fit Me Powder ( $ 7.99) is again , light and feels soft  on skin. No heavy, cakey feeling. Shown is 120  which confirmed for me that I am shade 115 as this was the tiniest bit darker than I needed. The puff is in a lower compartment in the compact for no contamination and easy storage.

Fit Me Concealer ( $ 6.49) is creamy and blendable but like all the others a light feeling product. It has good coverage and dries to a powder soft finish.  I find the shown shade 10 to actually be darker than the foundation 110 and too dark for me, so know that the concealers might run dark.

Fit Me Bronzer might be favorite of all in this line. It's not easy to find a pale girl bronzer but thats just what Light Bronze ( shown ) is. Just  nice wash of golden color  to warm you up. More gold and beige than bronze.

I also have many shades in the deeper  300 category, so they are shown here in the lower image . Not all of us are pale and this gives you an idea of what other shades there are.

I see many people wondering what shades will look good on them  and for them, this is a great idea. No guessing. Just buy all in your shade number and you have a full set of makeup. If you consider yourself makeup challenged, give it a try.

Fit Me is also a nice starting point  for those wearing makeup for the first time. Teens can get makeup that will look good, but natural and not overdone on them and not have to guess what they need and get shades 3 times too dark. We've all been there.

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Lina said...

Great follow up, I have to say, when I first tried it, I was not happy. I don't know how true it is, but a friend told me that a person's skin changes when they are pregnant. I had oily skin, and since I found out I was expecting my skin has been very dry. Now when I tried the foundation that used to make me look like an oily mess it actually felt diffrent a month later. I was so close to giving it away but I kinda like it now.Love the blog!