Friday, September 30, 2011

Farah Angsana Spring 2012

Farah Angsana's show came at a time of an embarassment of riches, I had an invite but also had 2 other events at the same time , one of which I was  already scheduled for. It's not easy to be everywhere during fashion week, but it's great to be asked always, and I would have gladly gotten to this if I could have.

The looks were luxe and red carpet ready and I particularly love these two gowns. Doesn't the pink one look like a modern version of  something Liz Taylor would have swanned around in , in the 60s?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dior DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup SPF 25

Dior foundations  never let  me down. Even the ones I think won't work for my skin do  ( Like the DiorSkin Nude Creme Gel one which I  ended up using  much of last winter) . The new version of DiorSkin Forever- DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup SPF 25 , is no exception.

The new foundation comes in both a powder and liquid and I've tried both without primer underneath.  Shade shown is 020.

Both are good coverage, semi- matte , and feel imperceptible on skin. The liquid is a thicker formula than many of the "your skin but better" foundations out there. This gives  good coverage, medium to full. Concealer is still needed on any big problem spots but that's all. It really does feel like nothing on and  skin looks soft and smooth.

The powder is much the same. Good coverage and a smooth, perfected finish . It feels like silk  on skin. This one has lighter coverage than the liquid  but is still  good  .

The formula for both is said to work with what skin needs and where it needs it. Oilier spots get mattified and drier get hydrated. I hyave oily skin and found both formulas to be great. They stayed matte all day on most of my face except the nose/chin and nothing keeps the oil back there. But it doesn't look dry or cakey. It just melts into skin.

Both are also long wear  and I have had great luck on that end as well. No touch ups needed through the bulk of the day, just a T -Zone blot. They coverage stays true. Dior says is in non transfer( which I would agree with) and waterproof ( can't say on that one).

This one is going right to the top of my tops list alongside DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow  which has been a long time favorite.

DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Foundation Liquid $ 46.00
DiorSkin Forver  Extreme Wear Foundation Compact $ 48.00

Available at and all Dior outlets.

Sebastian Hair Backstage at Alice & Olivia Video

Here's  a good look at what happens backstage at fashion week via Sebastian  and lead stylist Thomas Dunkin.  Stacey Bendet of Alice and Olivia talks and I spy Sarah Lucero of Stila doing the makeup.  Love the Grace Kelly updo reference photo they use.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clarins Rouge Prodige in Natural Rose

New for fall  from Clarins is Natural Rose , an almost your lips but better type of shade in their long wearing Rouge Prodige line.

Natural Rose is a light  coppery rose on me and a great fall to winter color. It's deeper than my lip color but  still  pretty subtle .  Great for pairing with the camels , tweeds and heavier fabrics that fall brings.

Retail is $ 24.00

Dial NutriSkin Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

 I’m happy to share that Dial NutriSkin is launching a Breast Cancer Awareness version of its Extra Dry Skin lotion. Dial will donate $100,000 to Breast Cancer Network of Strength, in conjunction with this product. If you're in the market for a new lotion why not grab one that shows your support? It would make a nice one to place on your desk or in a  common area.

If you want to learn more about the line , I've written about the whole NutriSkin line here .

Monday, September 26, 2011

MAC Tendertones Back in Spring 2012

Big MAC news today. Looking at the face charts from Milan fashion week  , Lisa Butler used Hush Hush Tendertone Lip Balm on the lips for the Emilio Pucci show  and the copy states that it will be out in Spring/Summer 2012.

Tendertones is one of my all time favorite MAC items ( ok, there are a lot of favorites , but  they're definitely up there) so I am thrilled to see they will finally make a comeback. Thanks MAC.

***Update - these should be out in February '12 as part of the Cook, Cook, Cook line.

*** The link to my new post with official images Jan. 20, 2012 click here

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

When Urban Decay named this lip pencil Super Saturated they were totally going for truthy in advertising. In all my years of lipstick trying and that's considerable, I don't think I've ever seen a lippie this pigmented and bold.  Shown is Punch Drunk , a tangerine orange. There is also a red and several pinks.

These go on full and thick and wear really well. They have  shine but I would still call the finish satin. Shiny satin , perhaps, since it's more than satin but not  quite glossy.

 What I've found when the straight up color is too bold is to wipe off most of it , which leaves  stain like finish behind and use it as  base. It boosts paler lippies and gives lots of staying power.

These are available now for $ 19.00 . Exclusive to Sephora and &

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Korres (New) Vanilla Guava Body Butter

Korres has a new addtion to their fab body butter collection, Vanilla Guava. If you  are looking for a highly moisturizing, more natural, really thick body lotion , then you need to check the ones from Korres out. They're loaded with shea butter , sweet almond and sunflower oils, oat peptides and in the case of Vanilla Guava- guava fruit extract.

This smells fabulous and the vanilla is light and not foody, sweet but more real vanilla with plenty of the guava which is my favorite part. It's tropical  and rich.

Korres says it "instantly beats the winter gloom"  and that's about right .

$ 29.00 for 7.95 oz tube at and

Friday, September 23, 2011

Backstage Hair at Zero Maria Cornejo w/ Phyto

One of the neatest styles seen backstage I thought was this look cooked up by Phyto for Zero Maria Cornejo. It's origami looking , which I thought before reading the hairstylist say the same thing, and I wish I could recreate it on my own hair.

 If you want to give it shot , here are all the details ( naturally they make it seem all so simple ).

PS- Makeup is by Dick Page for Shiseido

Key Hairstylist: Martin Cullen for Phyto

Inspiration: Maria shares, “I love the feeling of an urban summer; fabrics that feel like the beach but toughened up somehow.” The hair reflects that feeling with a graphic, structural up-do with a twist.

Step by step:

1. Spray Phytovolume Actif throughout hair to give it texture.

2. Create a side part and make 2 small twists on the left side of the head, secure it with threaded elastic.

3. Spray twists with Phytolaque soie light hold hair spray.

4. Pull hair back and fold it flat against the head, almost origami like. Secure hair with bobby pins.

5. Finish with Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acqua Di Parma Gelsomino Nobile

I haven't met , truly, an Acqua Di  Parma fragrance I haven't liked or usually, loved. I'm beginning to think that despite my love of so many vaunted fragrance houses, that the Italians just may have most of my heart. They love to reference villas , palazzos and gardens overlooking the Mediterranean and I am so there, in  my mind at least. So perhaps that's part of it. It helps that they really do smell that good.

So we have  Acqua Di Parma's newest -Gelsomino Nobile, based on Calabrian Jasmine, known for being green and fresh. There is a trio of Nobile fragrances now ,with the previous two being the equally gorgeous Iris Nobile and Magnolia Nobile.

Gelosmino Nobile is all  sweet jasmine ( and I don't mean super candy sweet but that it's not indolic)  It's a full bodied white floral ,  incredibly pretty  and yes fresh, as the jasmine is said to be.

The jasmine is mingled with mandarin which makes a fabulous combination  and orange blossom builds the white flower presence  and then the cedarwood and musk notes temper the flowers a little bit and  ground it. I don't find it to be very green , but there is just enough there to balance those white flowers and not send into hothouse territory ( not that there is anything wrong with that .) The overtly big floral theme doesn't suit here, and Gelsomino Nobile is fine just as it is.  It's elegant but not never too much and has a sparkling zip to it which might be the mandarin. That note sticks around here much longer than usual as citrus is so  volatile .

It will wear well  most any day and anytime.  Sillage is medium and it lasts nicely .

3.4 oz/100ml EDP Spray: $170
1.7oz/50ml EDP Spray: $108
5.25oz/150gr Body Cream: $80 (4% concentrated fragrance)

Avaialable at Neiman Marcus,  Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and select Nordstroms .

essie Winter 2011- Cocktail Bling

essie's winter nail polish collection will hit stores in October. The colors are inspired by precious gems worn when hobnobbing at holiday cocktail parties.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

philosophy Holiday 2011 Part 1

philosophy Holiday is one I've been waiting and waiting.... for. I saw a little of Nordstrom's exclusives back in July but today Sephora popped up some of their sets. Ever since they made Cherry Christmas it's been one of my top 2 favs ( Senorita Margarita being the other) so I am excited to see a Cherry again this year albeit a different one.

Set titles seem to all be taken from the song " It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year ", a fun touch.

The Parties For Hosting Duo :

- 8 oz Cherry Berry Crisp™ Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

- 8 oz Cherry Berry Crisp™ Body Lotion

It's $ 20.00 and LE

Also new is the Much Mistletoeing Lip Shine Set , this one exclusive to Sephora ( one of the best gifts you could give someone ever , in my opinion. Click here for a good look at last year's) with :

- 0.5 oz Marshmallows For Toasting (sheer pink shimmer)
- 0.5 oz Cinnamon Buns (light gold sheen)
- 0.5 oz Tinsel Town (sheer red sparkle)
- 0.5 oz Peppermint Bark (sheer brick red)

$ 20.00 and LE

ybf Luxe Lip and Lock-It Kit

The new ybf Luxe Lip and Lock-It Kit is so glam. Sequined mesh? Helloooooooo .

It's new to HSN and has a  a full-size lipstick in  PrimRose  and a mirrored keychain lip gloss locket .

I've never explored the ybf line but I am all over keychain lip products so when I saw this, I knew I had to share.  I can't be the only one into super sparkle right? ( and really, think stocking stuffer . I know, I know, it's early, but trust).

 $26.80 at

Julie Bowen dons Jergens for The Emmys

You know how stars always say they are just like everyone else  right? Well I think most of the time, probably not.  But on rare occasions they share some of the same things you and I do and on Emmy night , Best Actress in a Comedy winner Julie Bowen prepped her skin with  basic  Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer  before the big night.

Lotioning up your gams and whatever else might be on display( she went for a super deep neckline) is a great way to finish up your look. I've seen them lotion up models right before walking down the  runway and any stylist/ makeup artist would tell you the same. It gives a little glow and looks good on camera or simply at dinner.  It's no different from moisturizing your face .

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter and Ice w/ Johnny Weir- Sneak Peek ( Updated)

Figure Skater Johnny Weir posted a promo image on his website from his upcoming line with MAC which is also their holiday collection . I have seen a few pieces in person but as far as I know I still can't say /show them.  I think you can get a nice idea from the image here and I can tell you that  the packaging on the compact sets is incredibly cool. His  promo event is late October in Florida, so by then we should all know more on the line.

 Edit: Images have arrived , so I added some in. Glitter and Ice will be on counter beginning Oct. 27th  with more items in November.


NARS New Gaiety Blush Previews at Thakoon Spring 2012

NARS is known for their blush as much as any makeup item they have. We've all heard of Orgasm right ? In fact most probably own it. Torrid is personally one of my favs.

During fashion week they debuted some new products and one is a new blush used here called Gaiety. It will be out in Spring. Also new is a tinted moisturizer.

Full makeup  look details:

DESIGNER INSPIRATION: “It's the ideal of the iconic American cowboy gone multi-cultural. The color story came from India, inspired by the spice market -- but with a cowboy flair," said designer Thakoon Panichgul.

LOOK: "Because the collection is so colorful, I wanted to focus on a classic, strong brow. I kept the face natural, with a little pink on the cheek for healthy color. On the eyes, I focused on contouring to show strength and attitude, a cowboy attitude that is," said makeup artist Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics.


· Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer - new for Spring 2012! For a similar affect try a light application of Sheer Glow Foundation
· Zen Blush
Gaiety Blush – new for Spring 2012! For a similar affect try Desire Blush


· Bengali Eyeshadow
· Portobello Duo Eyeshadow
· Laguna Bronzer
· Bali Eyeshadow
· Blondie Eyeshadow
· Snow Loose Powder


· Belle de Jour Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

· Versailles Nail Polish

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dior Deluxe Holiday Palette ( 2011)

Dior as always has some beautiful, gift worthy holiday palettes coming soon.  The big one is the Dior Deluxe Holiday Palette.

This palette , according to Dior , "features the essentials for creating any beauty look, from fresh and glowing skin to smoky eyes to bold lips. On the left side of this chic clutch is a Creme de Rose Lip Balm, and a multi-toned Diorskin Nude sculpting powder."

"The center features essentials for an modern smoky eye look: A dark aubergine eyeliner, a medium plum eyeshadow, and a petal pink lipgloss to compliment. The right side of the palette is the opposite look: nude eyes and intense lips. A taupe and pale pink eyeshadow pair with a rich, universal red lipstick. A Mini Diorshow Iconic Mascara pulls the entire look together."

$77.00 and on counter in October.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New MAC Lipstick and Blush debuts at The Blonds Spring 2012

The Blonds is a  show where the makeup artists can go as  over the top as they want . MAC created a fab face here and  and previewed a new lipstick- Flamingo( used with Stripdown lip pencil) and  a new blush shade called Immortal Flower. These will be out sometime in Spring / Summer.

Lancome debuts new lipstick line at Chris Benz Spring 2012

Lancome always tries  new products  during fashion week and Lancome always comes up a good one for Chris Benz . The new lip breaking here is Rouge In Love which is a 21 shade line of lipsticks . Used here is shade Sequence of Love.

The full details per Lancome ( including more new , upcoming releases):

"The makeup muse for Chris Benz's Spring 2012 collection was Candy Darling, a 1960's nightclub fixture who was part of Andy Warhol’s clique. With Candy and Chris’ bright colors as inspiration, lead makeup artist Daniel Martin wanted to create fresh, clean skin with a pop of color on the eyes and lips. Daniel used shades of sea foam and mint green on the eyes and then applied black gel liner for definition. For thick jet-black lashes, he applied "tons of mascara." A wash of tangerine blush was applied high on the cheekbones and Lancôme’s new Rouge in Love lipstick gave the models a bright pouty lip. "


Teint Miracle Foundation
Blush Subtil in Tangerine Tint


Color Design 5 Pan Palette in Vert Tendresse (available February 2012)
Liner Design in Black Fishnets (available February 2012)
Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara in So Black!

Rouge in Love Lipstick in Sequence of Love (available February 14, 2012)

NAILS: Le Vernis Mini Nail Polish in Green Almond and Rose Macaron (available February 2012)

Deborah Lippman's New Glamorous Life Nail Polish

Debuting this winter is a hot new shade from Deborah Lippmann called Glamorous Life. It's a rose gold metallic , inspired by a rose gold Rolex ( good one, right ?) that took three years to perfect and was used on the models at Badgely Mischka Spring 2012.

Photos: Deborah Lipmann and Getty

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Erin Fetherston Spring 2012 w/ MAC and Alterna, butterLONDON for

Erin Fetherston's backstage makeup was helmed by maestro James Kaliardos for MAC  . He  and Ms. Fetherston were inspired by  Mia Farrow at Truman Capote's Black and White Ball of the 60s.The look was  bold. A bold smoky eye and a bold pink lip and it looked fabulous.

The hair was done by Esther Langham for Alterna on   and the nails  Nonie Crème for butter LONDON on  Ms. Langham created 4 hairstyles for the show  using all Alterna products from the Bamboo line and each style had volume and lift at the crown.  Nonie created a custom nail shade she called Patent Pink from two existing shades - Pink Ribbon and Tea With The Queen. Often these custom shades become  for sale ones later  so it may just turn up in Spring.

The clothes were simply pretty with a  modern but 60s vibe.  Everyone was taken with the orange georgette sequin striped  dress especially. It is  summer personified.  All the fabrics here were ethereal and floaty and  they made the models look a  bit angelic.

All photos: The Beauty Alchemist , except butterLONDON nails - by Charu Suri

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bath and Body Works Home Fragrance Event Sept. 17

 Bath and Body Works is having their Home Fragrance Event tomorrow at all stores nationwide. All the fall scents are out now and I highly recommend Salty Caramel.  It's  delicious .

All the details :

On September 17th, Bath & Body Works invites you to learn how to personalize your home with the perfect seasonal scents at the Home Fragrance Event. From fragrance tips to special gifts, the event promises to deliver everything you need to reinvent your space through scent.

Stop by your local Bath & Body Works to:

-Get a personalized Home Fragrance profile for every room

-Learn tips and tricks on how to fragrance your home

-Vote for your favorite My Candle Recipe Contest winner

-Check out the new Fall Home Fragrance collection

-Get a free gift with any Home Fragrance purchase (while supplies last)

Head to   or for all the details.

Chanel N°19 Poudré

Chanel's No 19 can truly be called an iconic scent. It's been awhile since I smelled it but I, like so many perfume fanatics, was really anticipating the new Chanel No 19 Poudre.  The original is of course still very much available and now there is  an updated version, something more modern I guess you could say, and very different from the  first one which is a big scent in all aspects of the word  and bold. With the new one,   Creator Jacques Polge says he " wanted to underline the importance of iris at Chanel while giving a new facet to No 19.

No 19 Poudre is based on the iris note ( as is the original),  iris pallida to be exact here, which happens to be a favorite  note of mine. It starts off all rooty iris and green just the way I like it. The top notes of neroli and mandarin are there but not strong to my nose. The iris is so very much there right at the beginning  and stays throughout, albeit much lighter as it goes on.

As it begins to dry into the middle , No 19 Poudre softens and  becomes more floral  and a hint of powder comes in. Despite the name Poudre, this is not a powder fragrance. It has touches here and there but no  big powder presence which is fine by me. The powder comes from light white musks. By the full drydown the fragrance is very soft and light actually but still retains a green-ness. It stays closer to the skin than expected and also doesn't quite last as long as I would like, or like a Chanel usually does.  Despite that, I quite like it.  It's  a pretty perfume and  easy to wear .  Do I wish it lasted longer ? Very much. To many who adore the original, I know they haven't been thrilled. I like  and respect the original but do not love it ( my fav of the No 's =22 ). Perhaps that helps in how I feel about No 19 Poudre. 

Full note list:

Grasse Neroli
Mandarin Orange

Jasmine Absolute
Iris Pallida

White Musk
Haitian Vetiver
Tonka Bean

$ 85.00 for 1.7 oz
 $ 115.00 for 3.4 oz

Avaiable at Saks and

 2nd Bottle image© CHANEL - Philippe Galowich
Chanel Iris Fields- Chanel

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dick Page for Shiseido & Aveda at Band of Outsiders

The amazing Dick Page is one of my makeup gods ( yes I went fangirl when meeting him,  finally, after  not making his shows for several seasons. He was extremely gracious) . As creative director for Shiseido he keyed the makeup for several shows  . I  hit up the backstage for Band of Outsiders.

 Each season they do a boy-girl, and a girl-girl look. He explained the looks aren't that different but the boy-girl has less makeup. The overall effect was to be fresh and sunny with flushed cheeks and swipe of color down the bridge of the nose along with a sweet lip in a new shade coming this spring ( really good new lipsticks alert).  Many of the products used will be new for Spring including the cheek color which is a cream stick and that lipstick for the "girl girl" look . That's one that  I definitely want come Spring.

Aveda did the hair  in messy  updos and  tousled waves which complemented the sunny , carefree look perfectly.  Didier Malige created two looks: whirled waves for girl -girl and a textured, tousled chignon for girl- boy, using Aveda Brilliant Retexturizing Gel, Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, and Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion .

The makeup Mr. Page used :

Boy-Girl Look

Dick prepped each model’s skin by applying Shiseido The Skincare Multi-Energizing Cream.

After moisturizing, Dick applied a wash of foundation to conceal any blemishes or redness.

For cheeks, Dick blended a combination of the Shiseido Makeup Accentuating Color Stick in Rouge Flush (S4) and Glistening Flush (S3) together on the inside of his forearm. Using a wedge sponge, he applied the cream blush mixture directly on the cheeks. Taking a blush brush, Dick blended the blush on the skin, focusing on the cheeks and bridge of the nose to create a “slightly sunburned” effect.

No powder or concealer were used on the face.


Dick applied the Shiseido Makeup Accentuating Cream Eye Liner in Black (#1) to the top lash line and in the lower water line of the inner eye.

After the eyeliner application, Dick brushed the Shiseido Makeup Perfect Mascara Full Definition to the top lashes only.

Dick created a custom brow for each model by mixing together the Shiseido Makeup Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sable (BR709), Patina (GR707) and Leather (BR306) and applying the combination to a clean mascara comb to finish the look.


Dick applied the Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment to hydrate and condition the lip area.

A wash of foundation was added to the lips and blotted with a damp base sponge to remove any natural color.

Girl- Girl Look :


Same as above


There was no makeup application on the eyes. However, Dick did comb out each model’s lashes with a mascara comb.

Dick created a custom brow for each model by mixing Shiseido Makeup Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Sable (BR709), Patina (GR707) and Leather (BR306) together and applying the combination to a clean mascara comb to finish the look.

Dick applied the Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment to hydrate and condition the lip area.

He blotted the Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipstick in Temptress (RD320) on the lips, using his fingertips to diffuse the color.

First 2 photos/video- The Beauty Alchemist