Monday, September 5, 2011

Adele Covers Vogue UK

Vogue UK has gotten it so right with their October cover of Adele.  Why hasn't any US mag done this yet ? ( or have they and I missed it ? )

Not only are there fabulous photos, seriously this girl looks better in makeup than any model I've ever seen , the article details how happy she is in her own skin and size.
 Adele says "‘I enjoy being me; I always have done.’   How refreshing is that ? And she should feel that way, she's beautiful and supremely talented.

She also says she has no interest in endorsements  ( and I bet  the beauty companies are beating on her door)  that "If I was going to be the face of anything it should be full -fat Coke" Got to love that.

The UK issue goes on sale Sept. 8 .

All info/images are via : The Daily Mail UK.

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