Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Pixi Beauty for Fall

Pixi has quite a few great new products hitting Target shelves soon. I have tried the new Wakeup concealer . It's a wand concealer/brightener for under eyes and anywhere else. It does  a nice job of doing what it's supposed to.

The Fake Awake Kit looks loaded with brights and lights to perk up your face. These work not only first thing in the morning, but late in the day when your makeup( or you) might start to droop.

Pixi blush $ 16.00
Fake Awake Kit $ 28.00
Wakeup Concealer $ 18.00


MaquiLab said...

Loving the Fake Awake Palette - the ultimate set to bring in your purse just in case you don't wake up in your own bed ;)

Beauty Alchemist said...

Thanks Eli, for your feedback. I hadn't thought of that :)