Friday, September 2, 2011

mark Get Defensive Eye Cream W/ SPF 15

Many people are starting to say it's the end of summer, I'm not one of them but regardless of where you fall time wise, there are still 21 days of summer on the calendar and the sun shines year round ( almost) so eye cream with an SPF is a must of mine.

And while I'm quite late in posting this, I've been using mark Get Defensive Eye Cream all summer for day. It's what I would call a medium cream, not as heavy as  my shea butter infused winter one, but not so light as to feel like you've put nothing on. It adds just the right amount of moisture , sets quickly so applying makeup isn't a problem and it has that SPF which isn't easy to find in eye creams.

Ingredients include Maqui Berry for antioxidants and Licorice Root for brightening.

Priced at $ 14.00 and available from or a mark/Avon rep.


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