Friday, September 9, 2011

The Perfume Magazine Debuts

Two friends of mine are launching The Perfume Magazine online. These two lovelies, Raphaella Barkley and Mark David Boberick have amazing taste in fragrance and so much knowledge. Mark and I have try to have a couple "sniff" sessions a year  . We take over the kitchen table with samples galore and have a ball. 

If you love perfume even a little, you'll want to check out the site , which they are calling
" a professional on-line “super magazine” devoted to everything fragrant."

Raphaella used to direct a different online magazine and  with that was nominated for 4 Top Five Finalists in the Fifi Awards for Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage, Blog. Mark was one of the nominees and I had the pleasure of writing for  her several times.

 The magazine opens on September 10th but you can check them out across their various social networks now.  There is also an online forum for sharing all things fragrance including your scent of the day.


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