Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Florale

Spring has sprung and this starts to turn our nose to the pretty florals of the season.

Guerlain's Mon Guerlain Florale fits the bill perfectly.  Softer than it's predecessor Mon Guerlain,  this is light and floaty with jasmine , dewy peony and lavender with vanilla and patchouli giving a bit of sweetness , warmth and a slight gourmand feeling. The notes all play well with each other making this an easy , every day  fragrance.

The original Mon Guerlain , if you haven't tried it, is a bit richer with a deeper, drier lavender note,  less light florals and more vanilla. Quite pretty as well but more gourmand and sweet where Florale is airy and flowery. I will say , I like Florale better, but that's my personal taste as I can be so so with gourmands.

Of course it comes in that beautiful , iconic Guerlain Baccarat inspired bottle . It's a great pick for an Easter basket extra or for Mother's Day gifting.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Florale is $ 124 for 3.3 oz at Saks, Neimans and Sephora.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Eucerin Roughness Relief Spot

Does your skin sometimes feel like sandpaper ? After all Winter's cold  air I know my fingers and knuckles no matter how much hand cream I use are still very dry as is one elbow. The one I lean on most I guess.

Eucerin's new  Roughness Relief Spot  has urea and lactic acid to help smooth out the roughness and ceramides and sunflower oil to add moisture.

The tube ends in a pointy tip so you can squeeze out as much or little as you need for spot treating  or to cover a larger area.

As with any urea based lotions I've used this can be a little tacky feeling at first, but that goes away pretty quickly. It's definitely helped those knuckles and elbows within 2 uses and works nicely on heels of feet too.

The tube is large at 2.5 oz so it's going to last awhile  and there is also a matching lotion. 

Eucerin Roughness Relief Spot  is $ 6.99

Sunday, March 17, 2019

IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Foundation

IT Cosmetics Spring launches have landed and as always they are really good.

There's a new foundation, Confidence  In A Foundation and we all know IT gives good face.

Confidence in A Foundation is full coverage, very full coverage. This will cover most any spots, blemishes, etc. It's a bit thick out of the bottle but it doesn't feel that way once applied. It feels light and breathable on skin .

Moisturize , as you usually would and you may feel you want to blend and sheer it out with a blender or IT's neat new angled brush that's made for applying foundation and getting into our face's contours, curves and angles. I mostly use fingers , and for me that works .

The formula is a radiant matte. It's matte but doesn't look  flat and gives you a bit of a non shimmering glow. There are no iridescent particles that I can see, but you look brightened.  It also hasn't seemed to settle into any lines or creases but I do get oil breakthrough on my nose midday , more so that with other mattes.   It's said to have long lasting hydration features built in with hyaluronic acid, squalene  and glycerin. It can feel a little dry at first so you'll want to moisturize accordingly but the hydration factor kicks in pretty quick on my combo skin  and ends being quite moisturizing for a matte formula.

There are 48 wide ranging shades to choose from and other good for skin ingredients include aloe juice, ceramides, licorice root extract and colloidal oatmeal.

It Cosmetics Confidence  In A Foundation is $ 32

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Essie Treat, Love ,Color Metallics

keen on sheen, laced up lilac, got it golding on, glow the distance, finish line fuel, pep in your rep
New from essie  in their Treat Love and Color line is  a selection  of icy  metallic shades.

This is the first time I've tried this line and I was  excited  to do so as I have very dry nails that peel easily, almost  every time I polish them.  Treat Love and Color is supposed to help with this.  According to the brand they " deliver 65% less peeling and 35% less breakage in a breathable formula with collagen and camellia extract "

It's a 3in 1 formula, meaning top, color and bottom coat alltogether. So you know, time saving too. Plus I love metallics, so it's  a win win.

There are  8 shades in all. I love all of them but the bronzes are my favs. They  all go on lighter than the bottle color and need 2 coats for best coverage.  So these aren't the boldest, most molten metallics. More subtle and muted with a soft focus look that's very pretty.

I've done my nails twice  with a TLC,once each week and came away very happy with the results.  First week I had no peeling or breaking. Second week one nail peeled a little. That's much better than usual. The color holds up well too. I had only  minor tip wear the end of 6 days and for me that's very good. I am very hard on  my nail tips. And they dry and set pretty fast so combine that with the 3 in 1 makes these great for quick manis. 

 Essie treat love and color nail polishes are $ 10 at essie.com and wherever the brand is sold. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

C.O. Bigelow Bergamot Body Cream

If it's bergamot scented I'm in so this body cream from C.O. Bigelow is right up my scented alley. 

The cream is part of the new-ish Iconic collection from the NYC based institution.  There are several scents in the line across multiple products. 

This is is thick and rich but not heavy or greasy with a luxe, creamy whipped feel.  It goes on and sinks in adding light fragrance and a lot of hydration with shea butter, glycerin  and coconut oils.  There is nothing bold about the fragrance, it stays close to the skin but is very pretty with the bright citrus and green bergamot.  

Other scents include Musk and West Village Rose the name of which reminds me of the first time I visited the NYC flagship long ago. What a store. I bought a tin of Le Clerc powder . 

It's good to see some newness from Bigelow. . I miss seeing the line  be easily available at Bath and Body Works stores . Were/are you a fan too ?   The new Iconic collection is definitely worth a look.  

C. O. Bigelow Bergamot Body Cream is $ 30 for 8 fl. oz at