Sunday, May 31, 2009

All My Corals

Corals are hot this year, Corals are hot period. I love them but confess I don't wear mine often enough. This summer I am trying to rectify that, so I thought I'd show some of my favorite Coral lippies. Some of these are put now, some were LE from previous year, but I love them so they're included.
Coral really is a huge trend for summer, so this is a great time to try them. Maybe you'll find one to love. If you already have a favorite, let me know in comments.

From left to right :

MAC Dazzleglass in Smile- a light but so pretty sheer coral/peach. Great on it's own or as a topper to a brighter coral. Lighter than it looks in photo.

MAC Aristo-Chic- This was part of an LE Christmas 2007 set. It's a brown/nude coral . Non shimmer and more muted than the brights.

Maybelline Peach Scene- This is from their new Color Sensational line. These new lippies are great and right up there with higher end ones in every way except price. Peach Scene is a bright peach/coral hybrid.

Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick in Princess Grace Coral- Another LE from last summer. Created to honor Princess Grace, this one is the boldest of all of them I think, which might be fitting. So pretty, but a hard one for me to pull off.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal in Crystal Coral- Full of shine and color. Also from last year but might still be available. If not, they should have one close in shade.

Gueralain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine in Grenadine Shine- Another glossy coral. Loads of color , part of the Spring collection this year and on counters now.

Guerlain Rouge G in Gil- The ultimate of the corals in the most luxe case. This one is so creamy and the color so pure, but not too bright. Very wearable and blends so well with their sheer orange gloss in Orange Interdite.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Philosophy She Colors My Day Bubble Bath

Want a bubble bath that not only foams, but smells good and turns PINK? Then Philosophy's She Colors My Day is for you.

I think it's so fun that you get slighly pink bath water with this, or you can buy the version that gives you green water( no word on what happens if you mix the two). This is one that you can share with the kids and maybe get them to enjoy bath time more.
The scent is bubblegum and like all Philosophy gels, it smells spot on.
This is also a charity product created to honor women while also giving to good.

100% of philosophy's net proceeds goes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund to support the early detection of women's cancers.

16 oz. is $ 20.00

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diversion in Haircare

Diversion = the sale of professional haircare products in unauthorized non-salon retailers including drugstores and online retailers. This is an area that has been getting a lot of press lately. More and more companies are seeing their lines sold in places that have not been authorized to do so, or that have not bought authentic product from the company.

We've all seen Bumble & bumble at Target, which stunned me. Biolage is there, Sebastian etc. I didn't know all that much about Diversion myself until this past fashion week , where talk of it and presentations were more prevalent.

So Matrix/Biolage has decided to launch their own campaign and website to help educate everyone about this. I love their tagline " Don't Bite the Hand that Coifs ".

"Many consumers don’t realize that when they buy products at drugstores or online, they are often paying more and may not actually be getting authentic product. Diversion is an issue for but for all professional haircare brands including Matrix,Kerastase, Redken, PureOlogy, Shu Uemura, Bumble & Bumble, Aveda, Joico and more."

To help educate both consumers and hairdressers on Diversion, Biolage is launching an interactive website called which will increase awareness for the brand’s anti-diversion strategy in the salon community and among consumers, and explain why it is so important to purchase salon products only in authorized outlets including salons and professional stores.

There is even a video section where consumers are encouraged to create their own investigative or fun Diversion video and upload it to the website. The best videos will be selected and posted for all to check out.

Here are the Top Five Reasons to Buy Professional Haircare Products ONLY in Salons

1. Products cost up to 15% less in salons than at unauthorized retailers.
2. Products are only guaranteed to be 100% authentic when purchased at salons – products sold at unauthorized retailers can actually be contaminated or even counterfeit.
3. Salons carry the most up-to-date product and newest formulations, unlike unauthorized retailers who usually have much older stock.
4. Your stylist is an expert and can give you the best advice on the right products for your hair type and condition.
5. Support your hairdresser and salon!

Cannes Fashion Frenzy

The ladies really amped it up at Cannes this year. They have put the Oscars and the Met gala to shame.

Stunner Monica Bellucci ( is she not one of the most beautiful women?) , Lily Cole in a neat but not too comfy looking Chanel couture piece, Rachel Wiesz in a gorgeous green Valentino, and Angelina Jolie doing it again in Versace.

Monica's Makeup was Dior( including my huge fav DiorSkin Nude Hydrating Glow):

"DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup Light Beige N°020, Skinflash Sunbeam 003For the eyes : 5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow in Smoky Design, Dior StyleLiner Intense Liquid Eyeliner Black N°094For the lips : Dior Addict Lip Color Beige Négligée N°223Blush : DiorBlush English Rose N°733"

Angelina's makeup was done by Lancome ( her lips were great, I thought and I don't always like red).

Here's what makeup artist Mary Burton used :

" To define Angelina’s lashes Mary used two different mascaras, Lancôme Hypnôse in Black and Lancôme Ôscillation in Black and applied a few coats of both to add volume and length. Mary used Lancôme Color Design Lipstick in Candy Apple to create her voluptuous red pout."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Top tier makeup line Shu Uemura has introduced some new offerings to their Art of Hair line. Now I didn't know there was a hair line, but I'm glad I found out.
It's not overly publicized and available in limited locales but worth seeking out.

The line is extensive , so I'll talk about just what I've used.

I could never use anything moisturizing in my hair until recently. All my life I have had oily hair . In January it suddenly and oddly went dry on me. Really dry at ends . It's been interesting to try and see what works best for me now. It's a whole new area.

One thing I can say about this line- if you have super dry , totally parched hair and can never find anything that really works, this will. It is very expensive, but it's truly that good.

Starting last week I've used the Full Shimmer Shampoo and Moisture Velvet conditioner.

Full Shimmer is meant for color treated hair mostly( mine isn't right now though) and has Musk Rose Oil in it. What's special? When wet my hair felt like sleekest silk . When WET. You know when wet your hair can feel soft, or maybe a bit coarse until you work conditioner in. With just this shampoo the feel, the softness was unreal. I only used a small amount of the condtioner, and far less leave- in than normal. I was worried it would be too much, but my hair came out great.
Obviously this would be amazing for major heat styling too.

One of the newest in the line is Prime Plenish shampoo and conditioner. This is for adding strength and volume to weak/ thin hair. Jasmine Essential oil provides scent and moisture here.

Every one of these smell wonderful . Each has essential oils or extracts that are good for both your hair and senses. Even the bottles are beautiful.

There are 5 options in shampoo/conditioner combos, as well as many styling products. You can read more here:

Shampoo is $ 40.00
Conditioner is $ 50.00

Available only at Shu Uemura flagship boutiques and Salons( list on website)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Sunscreen Roundup


I have no idea why, but I find trying and looking for the best sunscreens , fun. Maybe it's because there's so many great ones out there incl. more high end ones that appeal to the luxist in me. For whatever reason, it means I use sunscreen more, so thats a good thing.

Now I have only touched the surface here. There's a lot of sunscreens out there, I am finding new ones I want to try every day. Hopefully this primer will help you either find one you love, or get you started on a search of your own.

Things to remember:
-According to a news report last week all sunscreens need re-appying after 40-60 mins., no matter what the bottle says. The government has been planning to regulate sunblock claims for years, but as they will, haven't gotten around to it. None are so waterproof as to last hours.

-Any SPF higher than 30 is not really needed. Ones with higher numbers only provide little more protection. However, it can't hurt either. Just know that if your favorite is 15 or 30, you're good.

-Lastly Mexoryl is the best protectant out there. Only one type is approved for use here sadly, but companies are making various antioxidant cocktails and mineral blocks to up the ante in protection and make up for lack of Mexoryl. Think Helioplex from Neutrogena among others.


- Ambre Solaire by Garnier- The best with BOTH Mexoryls. But only available outside the US. I grabbed this in Paris 2 yrs. ago and wish I had bought more. If you or anyone you know is going to Europe, get 1 or 10. ( In US there are several with one Mexoryl -SX. Lancome, La Roche Posay and Skinceuticals (highlighted further down).

-Cosmedicine Medi Matte Tint SPF- One of my favorite products now comes in a tinted version with SPF 20. Fabulous. This mattifier really works, and it's rare to see a mattifier( or tinted cream) for us oily gals with SPF. $ 42.50 ( Murad has a great looking non- tinted version as well, but haven't tried it yet)

Skinceuticals Active UV Defense SPF 15- One of the Mexoryl SX sunblocks. This is light but strong. Has a very light scent, but it's a nice enough one. One of my new favs. $ 29.00

being TRUE Essential SPF 30 gel- a gel/cream thats great for oily skins. Light , sinks right in . Ingredients incl. phytomelanin ,white and green tea . Can be used on face/body and under makeup. Oil free and oil absorbing. $ 35.00

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36- yes it's expensive for a lip product, but you're worth it. It comes from a great suncare line and looks very chic. Some complain of a white tint. If that happens, just blend. $ 20.00

Clinique SPF 25 Body Spray- I am loving the new Clinique suncare. Reviewed in detail Here this spray is easy , has their new Solar Smart technology and a high SPF. $ 20.00

Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Powder Suncare- There is a new oily/problem skin version with 4% Salicyclic Acid & Willow Bark ( This sounds awesome. Must Try) and an Unwrinkle version with their Syn-Ake wrinkle relaxing ingredient, a neuropeptide and Matrixl 3000.
The Unwrinkle one I have tried and it's a smooth powder that evens skin . Feels very light. Their Unwrinkle powder compact is great , now you can have a lighter sunblock version. These are perfect for mid- day touch ups or those who want no SPF cream on their face. $ 30-35.00

Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Kiss SPF 20 Lip Gloss- an older Hawaiian Tropic lip balm was all I used a few summers back poolside. Smelled so good. Now we have this yummy berry lipgloss version. I have Cat Marnell at Lucky mag and her column to thank for finding this. $ 5.99 approx.

Mission Skincare Fast Drying Spray- Yesterday I mentioned how Mission is now at CVS. One new item is the Quick Drying Mist in a pump spray. Especially good for the athelete, outdoorsy or men. $ 6.99

Neutogena Pure & Free Baby SPF 60- New formula made extra gentle for babies and acc. to Neutogena , made with PureScreen technology, a more natural mineral physical block. Has " a separate layer that sits on top of the skin. This layer reflects and refracts the dangerous UVA/UVB rays of the sun before they have a chance to touch your baby"
Plus if it's gentle enough for babies, then it's great for those with sensitive skin .

Sephora's Sun Safety Kit- remember I said discovering new sunscreens can be fun ? Well this kit gives you a chance to try a gazillion of them . There's some great stuff in here like Clarins, DDF, andSmashbox plus a bag. $ 22.50

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mission Skincare now at CVS

I reviewed the initial Mission Skincare lip balms, called
Lip Balmers back in winter. My favorite was and still is Ryan Sheckler's Orange. I used it all winter and with SPF 15 , it's perfect for summer too.

Now Mission is widely available at CVS, and has introduced Suncare and two new Lip Balmers .

What I like about this line , and expect most do, is that it's been inspired by/ developed with atheletes, and therefore is totally unisex, and gets the job done. For instance the lip balms have no shine at all, but are really smooth.

This makes it great not just for you, but for boyfriends, kids and more. All the products come in basic silver packaging that's not too manly or too girly. Even my Dad uses the new Sunscreen stick ( well when he remembers ). He works out in the sun all day and complains about sunscreen running into his eyes. So far this has passed muster.

The new products include several sunscreen variations, and the 2 new Lip Balmers in organic strawberry and pomegranate. Both sound good.

Sunscreen Stick is 8.99
Lip Balmers are 3.99


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lisa Hoffman Vitamin A & C Serum

Beautyfix 2 has been out for a few weeks now. Some great products are in there .

One is Lisa Hoffman skincare Vitamin A& C Serum.

I've mentioned plenty about my oily skin, so ultimately this was too moisturizing for me, but I loved it and for anyone with normal to dry skin, most likey will love it too. This is probably the most silky, velvet feeling product I've ever tried. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the texture is . It goes on smoothly and feels it too.

High concentrations of vitamins A & C are great for the skin, especially brightening . Lisa Hoffman's line overall seems really good, this is the second product I've tried.

The full size serum ( 1 oz) sells for $ 95.00, with the Beautyfix kit , you get a .5 oz travel size (it was a lot of product) along with all the other products for 49.99. It's a pretty good deal .

Either way you can check out what people are saying about the serum at or read more at

Vitamin A & C Serum Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Betaine. Ingredients Less Than 1%: Xantham Gum, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lecithin, Phenoxyethanol, Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Tetrasodium EDTA, Benzyl Alcohol, Allantoin, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Ursolic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Xanthan Gum, Hypericum Perforatum Extract, Atelocollagen, Benzethonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jenna Leigh Lingerie

Last Friday I attended the first showing of new lingerie line Jenna Leigh. The show took place at a great new space in Philadelphia called The Piazza At Schmidts(
It seemed unusual to have a runway show at an opening for a plaza/luxury apartments/retail /event space, but why not ?

One of the models was America's Top Model winner Jaslene, who loved playing to the crowd.

So lets talk the lingerie. It was really nice. It walked the line between fancy and comfy/wearable. There was a pretty turquiose colored long sleeve nightie that could easily double as a cover up. This got the most interest from the ladies in attendance.

I also liked the cotton sets. Cute tanks and bottoms that looked like rompers , and made of super soft ribbed cotton. Many of the sets use point d'esprit lace and netting, as well as satin. It was basics kicked up a nice notch.

You can view much of the fall collection online at

Price and retail locations aren't up yet, but I will update this post if I get them.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chanel Gel Purete Cleanser

Warmer weather is here and you might be thinking of switching to a lighter cleanser. Of course you could also be oily skinned like me and use one all the time.

My staple for the past several months has been Chanel's new Gel Purete. A gel that lightly foams when wet, it gets the skin really clean, removes most makeup, and helps reduce oils and sebum . It's very gentle and my skin never feels dried out. It's an oily skin cleanser for adults. It contains Meadowsweet extract for it astringent properties, and like all the Chanel cleansers-the de-pollution power of Tulip Tree Extract .

Retail is $ 45.00

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 20 % Discount

It's been a very busy week , so for now a quick but potentially good post. A discount from

It's their Friends & Family Time and you can save 20 % off your order thru 11:59 PST on 5/22.

Keep in mind has some harder to find brands and ones that never go on sale like Vincent Longo, Eve Lom, Kings & Queens, Lierac, Malin & Goetz and more

Happy Shopping and if you buy, share what you hauled.

Direct Link for discount:

Monday, May 18, 2009

MAC Style Warrior

One of my favorite collections of the year is usually the summer one from MAC. Style Warrior hits US counters May 28, June for International and I am all over it. So many gorgeous bronzes and golds with some great purples thrown in.

Plus we see the return of one of the best products ever- Skinsheen, along with Eversun blush and Solar Bits.

*** denotes color shown

Sunsational -Sheer frosted beige gold **
Brave New Bronze -Creamy mid-tone pink nude
Purple Rite -Mid-tone frosty orchid **
Tribalist- Creamy blackened berry

Liberated -Sheer yellow gold with pearl **
Gold Rebel- Sheer copper bronze with pearl **
Fierce & Fabulous -Bright magenta purple with pearl **
Style Warrior- Blackened bronze brown with pearl

Soft Force- Frosty pale white gold
Bright Future- Frosty bright yellow gold
Tempting- Sinfully rich coco
Vibrant Grape -Bright magenta purple **
Night Manoeuvres- Deep charcoal brown with pearl **

Smolder Intense black

Coal Black Honest-to-goodness black

Eversun- Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl
On A Mission- Pearly mid-tone plum

Scatterrays-Soft metallic peach with gold pearl
Bronzescape- Clean yellow brown with gold pearl
Impassioned- Frosty cool taupe

Peaceable -Pearly pale golden beige
Violet Fire- Bright creamy magenta purple **
Mercenary- Frosted blackened bronze **

242 Firm fibre Brush with rounded edge for smooth, even
application of powder, emollient and concealer products

Solar Riche- Mid-tone deep orange brown
Refined- Golden Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish

Pink Rebel -Blue pink with gold pearl
Sun Rush -Peachy bronze with gold pearl
Bronze Hero -Hot bronze with fine gold pearl**

Medium Dark -Sheer soft bronze with golden tan pearl
Dark- Golden bronze
Deep Dark -Deep warm bronze with rich golden pearl

Golden Bronze- Golden brown with golden bronze shimmer

182 Buffer brush. A full, dome-shaped brush of extra
soft goat hair. Specially created to flawless ly blend
powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish.
Excellent for all M·A·C powders and pigments.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection One Day Preview

– Maybelline is hosting an exclusive, one-day online preview of their newest launch – Pulse Perfection, the first vibrating mascara at mass market level. The product won’t hit stores until mid-June, so now is the time to grab one early.

It's $14.95 buy online now today only preview at

Nacho Figueras for World of Polo

Polo Ralph Lauren has announced Argentinian polo player Nacho Figueras as the face of the whole men's Polo line. It can't be easy to be called Nacho here in America, but thats neither here nor there. Oh and why are all Argentine Polo player so handsome? I remember a few from the early 90s that played near-ish me. I wish there still was polo nearby.

This is the ad for Polo Black thats been around awhile, but nice for a Monday. New video The World of Polo coming in June and to be directed by the legendary Bruce Weber( He makes everyone look good)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper & Vivid Impact Lipstick

2 new Max Factor items to talk about. The 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper and new Vivid Impact Lipcolor.

First up the mascara:

I like this a lot. It lasts on me all day and does give a lot of volume.
My biggest issue is that the brush is huge, very fat and that makes it a bit unwieldy. I did get plenty on my eyelids the first couple times, but it's gotten better the more I use it. What I love is that it did give very long lashes with lots of volume. My lashes were touching the browbone area.

One of my best friends has been using the normal 2000 calorie lately. Her lashes were amazing and when I asked what she had on, that was it. So I was ready to go and get the waterproof version and then this new one came out.

I think all versions in this line seem pretty good. Definitely worth trying.

The lipcolor:

Vivid Impact Lipcolor is a new ,highly pigmented lipstick . Max Factor has always done some great lipsticks . They seems to go for pigment and thats good. These are super creamy, with lots of color. Great quality at the drugstore level.

For some fun you can to to Total Beauty's site and take the What lipstick color are you? quiz.

This is my result- The color is really not me, but the description sure is:

"Your ideal Vivid Impact Lip Color: Ms. Understood -
Wild, moody, unpredictable? None of the above. If anyone understands you most, it's you. Part fashion junkie, part socialite, you love doing your own thing most, like experimenting with signature shades (of the week). Keep this little vibrant little violet-pink number, one of 20 hydrating shades, on call for days when you feel all smiles."

Total Beauty Weekly Web Tour

Loads of great giveaways this week, so read on .

The Informed Makeup Maven talks new products to try this month , reviews Benefit's Dr Feelgood, Clinique's High Impact Curling Mascara, The Bodyshop's Eye, Lip and Cheek Palette, invites you to join the Informed Makeup Maven Facebook group to share and socialise all things beauty, and hosts the Makeup Confessions giveaway (2 double packs of Softlips Raspberry and Strawberry lip balm).

Meredith at Daily Dose of Coffee is looking for ways to economize. Check out her tips for getting a salon-quality hair glossing treatment at home.

Beauty Anonymous reviews Shiseido's Tiss Deep Off Oil.

This week, The Beauty Couch asks (and answers!) the question: Can wearing sunscreen lead to Vitamin D deficiency?

Check in with Amber at Beauty Junkies Unite as she completes her first month on NutriSystem and is giving away an entire month of the NutriSystem plan and food to one very lucky reader!

Lipgloss Break has partnered with UMI hair products to giveaway UMI S Liquid & UMI d Fuse! Enter up to once a day!

Brittny Gatineau dishes on her favorite beauty products exclusively to Beauty Banter!

Before time runs out, enter Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog's Watch Giveaway for a chance to win a man's stainless steel $290 watch or a woman's $190 watch.

Meilily is giving away Spring Bridal Makeup from Benefit Cosmetics!

Beautè Noire and Whole Foods are giving away a Mineral Fusion Cosmetics Spring Blossom Color Kit worth $90!

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Two lucky winners will get clear and beautiful skin- the natural way! Visit MissWhoever You Are for the Kiss My Face Giveaway!!

This week, Spoiled Pretty is partnering with Ojon for a giveaway. Three lucky winners will receive Tawaka Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cleanser and Conditioner (a $64 value)! This unique duo cleanses and conditions hair, leaving it soft, silky and manageable.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Philip B

I've seen Philip B haircare in many places, knew it was supposed to be good, but hadn't yet tried it.

Well the shampoos and conditioners are really good, but did you know they make wonderful bath and body products too?

There are several body washes , one that doubles as shampoo and some highly moisiturizing hand cream.

One of the unifying themes in this line is the strength of scent. Every item I've tried has a very strong aromatherapeutic scent.  These are not soft or fading. They wake you up, clear you up and are pretty unique. If you've been looking for a bath or shampoo product with major scent, look here.

Thai Tea Body Wash- Strong ,strong spice tea. A great cleanser with ingredients of Thai Tea, Honey, Coconut, Milk Proteins, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Ginger Root, Lime & Citronella

Nordic Wood Hair and Body Shampoo- Ok I love the smell of Spruce or Pine trees. So I
loved the smell of this. It's totally unisex and not girly at all, but it smells just like a fresh
cut tree. This is both hair wash and body wash. Ingredients of Norwegian Spruce, Balsam Fir, White Pine, Cedarwood &  Camphor

Cucumber and Blue Orchid Hand &Body Creme- I wasn't expecting this hand lotion to be this good. Few are. It's super moisturizing and lasts long. It's also a body lotion. The scent is almost all cucumber with a dash of floral. It's intense, and I'm not much on cucumber, but I love how well it works.

A good thing- all products come in cute travel sizes. In fact Nordic Wood was featured in either this or last month's Lucky as a great carry on . The small size is great for travel or trying them out.

The 2.3oz sizes are $ 8.00 in body washes
2 oz hand cream is $ 12.50 

You can buy Philip B at Blue Mercury, and

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guerlain's Tiare Mimosa & Cherry Blossom Perfumes

In Spring Guerlain releases new additions to it's Aqua Allegoria line. This line is often called "starter" Guerlain. It's a much softer, more muted line of scents than many of theirs. That doesn't mean they can't be nice though.

This years two are Tiare Mimosa and Cherry Blossom.

Tiare Mimosa reminds me a bit of the suntan/beach scents out there like Azuree Soleil, or Bobbi Brown Beach. It is a much subdued version though and more floral than suntan. It's very much a mix of both the florals in it's name and is a bit sweet. It stays pretyy close to the skin. It's incredibly pretty if light. I love Tiare scents, so this is a keeper for me.

Cherry Blossom is lighter yet. Just a whisper of a scent . A fresh, feminine floral with a hint of powder , citrus and green tea. This also wears close to the skin , but again is a very pretty scent.

The Aqua Allegoria's are perfect for anyone who is looking for a light scent. Sometimes you simply don't want a strong perfume. Maybe you don't like them or the occasion calls for something soft. Summer tends to bring this thought to the forefront.
These can act almost as a body spray. I spritz 3-4 times and never feel it's too much. You can-re-apply later in the day as well.

Each is LE and $ 57.00 for 2.5 oz at Sephora and Guerlain Boutiques

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Win Magnifique by Lancome

In honor of the new video just released starring spokesperson Anne Hathaway, I've got 1 bottle of the new Lancome Magnifique EDT to give away.

All you have to do is leave a comment.
You know the drill.
( Since contest machine decided to go wonky on me, I am now doing this via comments, but will add in those of you who already entered via the form. I have your info.)
Contest will run from May 13th - May19th( ending 5am)

If you want to see the video or read more about the fragrance you might win, you can go here:

The video was filmed at NYC's The Box nightclub and Anne was styled her by her usual stylist Rachel Zoe.

***Contest rules( i.e the fine print)***
-Prize will be shipped directly by Lancome.
-Winner agrees by entering ,that if they win their name and address will be given to the shipping company.- Winners from US only and over 18. ( sorry )
- The Beauty Alchemist is not responsible for lost or incomplete entries, shipping of your prize, any damage to prize incurred during shipping.
- Winner will be picked randomly.
- I will announce winner on May 20th. Winner has 5 days to come forward before I will need to pick a new winner.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Origins Mini Facials

From May 11th-31st, Origins would like to give you ( or your mom, sister, best friend) a free pampering mini -facial. Pretty nice , no ?

Just call or go to the nearest counter to you and book your mini facial. You can choose from Firm & Lift, Relieve Redness, or Hydate & Repair.

Following the customized mini-facial, readers take home a sample of an Origins expert skincare product.

Here's the link :

Zelens Shiso Detox Tea

You may have heard of Zelens skincare. The line is expensive but really wonderful. I reviewed the eye cream sometime back, and it's gotten raves from most . There are several night and day creams and the super potent Radical Defense Serum. It has a superb list of top ingredients.

What you may not know however, is there is also a tea. Shiso Detox Infusion. An even better way to get all the detoxing, antioixdant benefits of Shiso leaf (Japanese Perilla) which is a potent anti-oxidant, anti inflammatory and anti–allergenic agent.

Now I won't kid you , this tea doesn't taste like Celestial Seasonings. The fabric bag is loaded with a lot of greenery that looks, well like greens. It tastes somewhat like that too. Herb-y and green shoots. I love all those good for you properties, so I steep it with another more flavored teabag. You may like it on it's own.

A box of 20 bags is $ 50.00

You can read about all Zelens at

Zelens is also at Space NK, Bliss and more , but not all carry the tea.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kings & Queens Shower Gels

For the royal in you we have Kings & Queens, the new body care line by Korres.

These new gels smell incredible and are good for your skin with what they call Royal Mix . The products are enriched with Pomegranate, Blue Egyptian Lotus and Malachite extracts. They are lightly moisturizing as well.

So far my favorite is the Lemon Flower, which is a big burst of citrus zest. The Mango smells pretty amazing too. Really, they all do, even the Honey, which isn't a note I normally go for .

One of the best parts is the price point. I expected them to be much higher.

A 10 oz bottle is $ 9.00

The cute sample set , is $ 8.00 for 5 travel/trial size bottles.

Scents in the set are :
Honey Showergel
Jasmine Showergel
Cinnamon Orange Showergel
Mango Showergel
Lemon Flavor Showergel

So far these are carried at Nordstrom ( and

Matching body lotion and shimmer lotion are also available.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HAIR with Bumble & bumble

Who better to support the Broadway revival of HAIR than a hair products line ? Bumble & bumble have been the official haircare for HAIR since it ran last summer and now as it begins Tony Nominated Broadway run.

There's definitely plenty of hair on these characters and many great songs that have stood the test of time like " Age of Aquarius".

If you're wanting some free and easy Summer of Love style hair , here are some tips from Bumble and bumble editorial hairstylist Rolando Beauchamp:

For wavy or curly hair:
The key is keeping the hair’s natural texture, just helping it out with some product that gives it some support. Spritz Bb Surf Spray ($22) onto damp hair, and work about a quarter size amount of Bb Styling Creme ($23) into hair, mid-shaft to ends. The combination of Surf Spray and Styling Creme gives the right texture – a bit dry, not greasy. Dry with a diffuser or let air dry if it is warm out. The key is not to brush or comb out, just finger style and let it be free!

For straight hair:
Begin just like curly/wavy technique with Bb. Surf Spray and Styling Creme, but you’ll need at waves to the hair. Using a 1 inch barrel curling iron, take 1 inch diameter sections of hair and roughly wrap the hair around the iron. The goal is to create bends and waves in the hair, not perfect curls. Then scrunch the section up and pin to the head. Continue curling sections, wrapping the hair in alternating directions, then scrunching and pinning the sections until the entire head is pinned up. Let the hair set for a few minutes, then undo sections. Don’t brush the sections out, just finger style.

All products available at Bumble salons or

If you're interested in watching a video from the cast performance on David Letterman go here:

Photos feature:Gavin Creel as Claude and Will Swenson as Berger ,
Sasha Allen as Dionne , and the rest of the cast of HAIR.
Photos by: Joan Marcus.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Graey Fashion Designs

Graey first came to my attention when an invite to the Fall fashion week show arrived. I had not heard of the line and don't think many had. I had all intent of attending the show but things got in the way as they will and I wasn't in town .

What interested me first was that the line was priced lower than most show lines and then I went on to read designer Janet Kim's bio and how she trained at haute couture houses like Dior and Rochas.
It's fun to see new brands emerge and this pink dress pictured is especially pretty. I can totally see a Gossip Girl in it.

Her line is now up online and there will also be a sample sale this week on May 9th in NY, but it will also be online at :

Graeys' regular prices for dresses are all under 300.00 , so the sale should produce some great prices.

In June there will be a trunk show at Bendels .

You can read her blog here:

or shop etc. here


Friday, May 8, 2009

Too Faced Flat Buki Brush

Perusing industry magazine On Makeup has yielded some great new finds for me to check out.

First up is the Flat Kabuki brush by Too Faced called the Flatbuki. I never paid any attention to Too Faced's brushes. Always just the makeup. This brush is new and worth checking out.

It's like a mini kabuki but flat. Great idea, no? They say it's great for bronzer/blush and that makes perfect sense. It's also only $ 12.50.

Too Faced brushes have what they call "teddy bear "hairs , which are synthetic and therefore cruelty free.

Currently sold out on, check stores or go to

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Edward Bess Lipstick

Edward Bess is a lipstick and gloss line started by the cute and young ( 23) Edward Bess of South Carolina.

He's been a model and dabbled in theater, then decided he needed to make the best lipstick ever. He mentioned this when I asked how he came to create his line.

He was at Bergdorf's during a Sniffapalooza event last year. I somehow managed to have a quick chat but not really try the lipstick. I quick swipe yes, and it seemed great, but that was it. It was all about perfume that day. I can tell you that he is an absolute doll to talk too. Very sweet and charming.

At last I now have my very own tube of an Edward Bess. Yes it is that good. Truly. Wow was my first thought. In a word- lush.

My shade is Nude Lotus and may be the most perfect nude I've been looking for. It's not overly beige but more golden tan. It's light and pale. Think Verushka in those safari photos. For summer it will be the bomb.

These lippies have intense pigment, the color is there. They are creamy beyond belief and feel great on your lips. The kid knew what he was doing.

There are very hard to find and are only at Bergdorf Goodman for $ 29.00. Take my word that if you buy one, you'll love it. You'll have to call the store though. They're not online. If you do get there , Mr. Bess is usually manning his counter. Go and be charmed too.