Thursday, May 7, 2009

Edward Bess Lipstick

Edward Bess is a lipstick and gloss line started by the cute and young ( 23) Edward Bess of South Carolina.

He's been a model and dabbled in theater, then decided he needed to make the best lipstick ever. He mentioned this when I asked how he came to create his line.

He was at Bergdorf's during a Sniffapalooza event last year. I somehow managed to have a quick chat but not really try the lipstick. I quick swipe yes, and it seemed great, but that was it. It was all about perfume that day. I can tell you that he is an absolute doll to talk too. Very sweet and charming.

At last I now have my very own tube of an Edward Bess. Yes it is that good. Truly. Wow was my first thought. In a word- lush.

My shade is Nude Lotus and may be the most perfect nude I've been looking for. It's not overly beige but more golden tan. It's light and pale. Think Verushka in those safari photos. For summer it will be the bomb.

These lippies have intense pigment, the color is there. They are creamy beyond belief and feel great on your lips. The kid knew what he was doing.

There are very hard to find and are only at Bergdorf Goodman for $ 29.00. Take my word that if you buy one, you'll love it. You'll have to call the store though. They're not online. If you do get there , Mr. Bess is usually manning his counter. Go and be charmed too.


Anonymous said...

He is mean

Anonymous said...

It's all true! Nude Lotus IS the perfect shade of Nude Lipstick. I can wear it with or without wearing other make-up and it makes my lips look perfect.
I wish I could afford to buy 50 tubes of it.