Sunday, May 31, 2009

All My Corals

Corals are hot this year, Corals are hot period. I love them but confess I don't wear mine often enough. This summer I am trying to rectify that, so I thought I'd show some of my favorite Coral lippies. Some of these are put now, some were LE from previous year, but I love them so they're included.
Coral really is a huge trend for summer, so this is a great time to try them. Maybe you'll find one to love. If you already have a favorite, let me know in comments.

From left to right :

MAC Dazzleglass in Smile- a light but so pretty sheer coral/peach. Great on it's own or as a topper to a brighter coral. Lighter than it looks in photo.

MAC Aristo-Chic- This was part of an LE Christmas 2007 set. It's a brown/nude coral . Non shimmer and more muted than the brights.

Maybelline Peach Scene- This is from their new Color Sensational line. These new lippies are great and right up there with higher end ones in every way except price. Peach Scene is a bright peach/coral hybrid.

Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick in Princess Grace Coral- Another LE from last summer. Created to honor Princess Grace, this one is the boldest of all of them I think, which might be fitting. So pretty, but a hard one for me to pull off.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal in Crystal Coral- Full of shine and color. Also from last year but might still be available. If not, they should have one close in shade.

Gueralain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine in Grenadine Shine- Another glossy coral. Loads of color , part of the Spring collection this year and on counters now.

Guerlain Rouge G in Gil- The ultimate of the corals in the most luxe case. This one is so creamy and the color so pure, but not too bright. Very wearable and blends so well with their sheer orange gloss in Orange Interdite.


Mela said...

I adore corals, they look so adorable when paired with a soft gold eyeshadow and long lush lashes. Are you pale girl? I ask because I've never been able to find a coral/peach anything that didn't make my white skin yellow and drab. I like that MAC gloss, though, it looks fun.

Beauty Alchemist said...

I am a pale girl.
I don't look drab with them, but they do stand out. I am mostly a nude/gold/light copper lip lover and it looks best on me, but sometimes you got to change things up. I cannot do red at all,but coral works pretty well. Have to be feeling bold :)