Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mamonde Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream

A lighter weight cream feels so much better in Summer than something heavy. I usually put the winter skincare aside once it gets hot for something a little more fresh and light.

Mamonde's  Floral Eye Gel Cream fits the bill as it's light with an almost water burst feel.  Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid provide the  moisture and it also has the flower essence of Narcissus.  It's  very refreshing on the eye area and adds light hydration . It takes a little time to sink in but not too long and works well under makeup.   That makes it a great daytime cream but the refreshing feel is nice after  along hot day so it's good for nightime too. 

So while this may not be the best pick when it's 20 degrees outside ,when it's  85 degrees it's  spot on adding some firming as well.

This was my first time using anything from this K Beauty brand  and I'm looking forward to trying more.  It's worth noting, too, that it's certified Vegan. 
You can find the line at Ulta and Mamonde's website for $ 32 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Water Mousse

My pale self is a big fan of self tanning , I love that "healthy glow " but it's not so healthy unless it's faux so I gave L'Oreal's newest , Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Water Mousse a try. 

I've generally had good luck with l'Oreal's self tanners, their Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Milk is a favorite and one I would and probably will buy again.

This new mousse  gives a light natural looking bronzed tan on first application after about 5 hours. It's  very lightweight, blends easily without streaking and dries pretty fast. It is tacky/sticky for a couple hours but not that bad and you can get dressed within 10 minutes I'd say. 

 It doesn't have that self tanner odor but does have a fairly strong floral/coconut scent. It's more than I'd like but it's not something I mind too much. 

The one application was a nice boost of color and I was noticeably darker but not a lot darker.  I'll need one more to get to a more deeper shade since this is my first tanning sesh of the season .  

Overall I like the ease of use with this and have always done well with the Sublime Bronze line. Do you use self tanners ? What's your favorite? .

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Water Mousse  is approx. 11.99 depending on retailer including Amazon .

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia Aqua Allegoria

Just in time for Summer spritzing comes new Aqua Allegoria fragrances from Guerlain. 

If you're not familiar AAs are usually light and can applied with more abandon than something heavier as well as re-upped later in the day or evening as they last around 3-5 hours.  This makes them very nice for the warm days and nights of Summer.

Flora Cherrysia is one of the new Aqua Allegorias.  It's  breezy and pretty with cherry Blossom , bergamot and watermelon leading things off alongside  soft, sweet violet and a not too sweet pear .This never veers into fruity territory but is more floral before the musk filled drydown . 

Musk with barely there violet and equally light rose is where the scent then stays. It's a shame as the beginning is really nice and I was digging the watermelon and violet. Who knew that mix would smell so nice? 

That said, it's still a nice seasonal choice that won't overpower and will work well in the heat. 

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia is $ 105 for 4,2 oz EDT at Neimans, Saks, Lord & Taylor .