Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NP Set by Napolean Perdis Rainbow Eye Palette

Target's beauty aisles will be full of new looks from many of their exclusive brands this fall. A favorite from Napolean Perdis is this Rainbow Eye Palette .   It really does have all the shades of the rainbow  and is priced at $ 20.00

L'Oreal Target Red Collection

Here's a look at L'Oreal's Target Red collection for fall.

Lip colors are $ 5.99 to $ 8.99  and the nail polish is $ 3.99

Angelina Jolie Covers October Vanity Fair

When I saw this photo on an entertainment TV show last night,  I was wowed. Not because it was Angelina, but because it's simply a stunning photo in itself .Then there is the makeup. No idea  who did it but they did an incredible job. Yes it's Angelina, one of the most beautiful women, but it's still a great job either way. It's an arresting image , one of the better covers I've seen in a long time.

I haven't seen a hard copy of the issue yet but I will be looking in the credits page as soon as I do see one.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clinique / Milly GWP at Bloomindales

Clinique has teamed with designer Milly for this adorable makeup bag that will be a GWP at Bloomingdales beginning August 31st.

I love the bag as it's got a bit of a retro thing going. Sort of looks like one someone would  have carried in the '60's doesn't it ? But it's modern too and just pretty. It's also very large , so it can hold a lot of your stash.

The best part though, is the  makeup brush holder. All I can think is why didn't I  have one of these before?  Were they out there and I missed them? Or has Clinique just really hit it with this ? The brush holder comes with 3 brushes as part of the gift and you can always put in your own short handled ones .

The rest of the bonus includes:

High Lengths Mascara
Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Smoothie in Strawberry Bliss
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Instant Lift for Eyes
Take The Day Off Remover
Color Surge Eyeshadow/Blush Duo

The GWP is yours with a $ 25.00 purchase at any Bloomingdales and runs from August 31st to September 18th.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dr. Jart + Water Fuse & Premium Beauty Balms

 Count me in among the  fans of the new BB  or Beauty Balms .    Dr. Jart is one of the original BB purveyors from Asia and they  have 2 different ones here on our shores at Sephora.

Dr. Jart Water Fuse is the lighter  one  and perfect for me right now with my summer oily/sticky skin. It's  a very thin gel/cream which  made me wonder at first how it would be since  the others I had tried were thicker, but it ended up working great and I find I am using all the time.

It feels  very light on , almost invisible once it sets on skin which takes about a minute. I have had a spot or two where I needed to blend it more where it stuck a bit , but  a little extra effort was all that was needed. Overall it goes on easy , does a great job of keeping my makeup set and lasting far longer than normal  and adds just a smallest amount of moisture.

Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm  is the one I will reach for come colder weather and the one for you if you have normal to drier skin. In cooler temps my skin normalizes so I can use more moisture and products with more substance. This doesn't have a  lot of moisture mind you, it's just right, but more than the lighter one ( and all that my skin needs ). It's a thicker balm with a tint that really gets the job done . It has more coverage than Water Fuse and could  easily be used on it's own for those who like a sheer look. It smoothes, perfects ,eases makeup on and adds long wear and a more finished look with some light coverage. 

Bonus- these have very high SPFs. 45 for Premium, 25 for Water Fuse. When they say all in with BBs they mean it.

Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm is $ 32.00 and Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm is $ 39.00  at  Sephora 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Queen and Her Corgis

Not fashion or beauty related, but as I love the Royals, and dogs, had to post this pic. It's from 1973 and shows the Queen and her Corgis . It's widely known how much she adores her dogs and often said she gets on best with dogs before people ( I can  relate ).

What's fun is it's unposed, so far we know( her purse and papers on the ground seem like she had just arrived and was loving up the dogs)  and shows an unguarded and fun side of the Queen. Super cute dogs too of course.

Picture via The Daily Mail

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oscar de la Renta "Live in Love" Perfume Ad

I think this may be the best looking fragrance ad in a very long time. Notice it looks different? Illustrated by  David Downton, it's very retro and  has no models, no photo. It's elegant and in these times, unique. Oscar said he wanted just such an ad.  To paraphrase,  he said he couldn't differentiate between any of the models and what perfumes they fronted. He knew their names, but that was it. Basically he is saying , they all look the same , which is true enough. And many don't look that appealing either.

Now I don't  try a fragrance based on the ad and frankly I would try most of them if there were no ads. But I love this ad and would give it the time of day in magazine if I saw it. Good for Oscar for bringing class as he always does.

The new perfume , by the way, will hit stores this fall and is said to be a green floral. It has hyacinth in it, so it's got my antennae up.

Friday, August 26, 2011

NARS Concealers Updated

NARS Concealer  will be re-packaged and have a broader shade range beginning September 1st. Now there will be 10 shades instead of 6  and  according to NARS "reaches a broader scope of skintones and is targeted to more  closely match NARS’ Sheer Matte & Sheer Glow Foundation shades"

Shades include (from lightest to darkest):

• Chantilly – for fairest of complexions, true ivory – NEW

• Vanilla – for fair complexions, tiny cast of pink tones

• Honey – for light to medium complexion, warm peach tones

• Custard – for light to medium complexions, yellow tones

• Ginger – for medium complexions, golden tones

• Biscuit – for medium to dark complexions, natural balance of pink and yellow tones – NEW!

• Caramel – for medium to dark complexions, yellow and golden tones – NEW

• Amande – for medium to dark complexions, golden olive tones – NEW

• Café – for dark complexions, warm red tones – NEW

• Cacao – for dark complexions, deep-gold-brown tones – NEW

Retail: $22 beginning September 1st

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Violet Blonde is the newest fragrance from Tom Ford.  From the name, you might think this is for the violet lovers out there, but you'd be wrong. It's actually more for the iris lovers. I love violet and iris, so this is  good.

Violet Blonde is heavy on the iris, using both natural Tuscan  orris root and  butter.  The violet comes along in the form of violet leaf which is less sweet than many violet scents  and more green. Both violet and iris can be powdery and there is definitely some of that here, but  not a lot. I like my iris rooty, thank you. There is also a small bit of the  cool metallic that Iris can bring.

Other notes that play a large part are benzoin and sambac jasmine, cedarwood  and musk. ( Notes also listed as part of the fragrance are  mandarin, baie rose, haitian vetiver and soft suede).

The jasmine gives it a floral heart while the cedarwood and musk bring  a soft touch of woods . All the time though, there is the iris and violet leaf. They remain throughout . This is no , sorry I have to say it, shrinking violet fragrance . It is bold , rich, has great sillage and lasts incredibly well. I rarely divide fragrances into day vs evening, but if I were, this would be more evening. It fits the Ford aethestic of slinky sexiness and a bold red lip.

1.7 oz $ 100.00
3.4 oz $ 145.00

Currently at Saks,  more stores to come in September.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush

I can't simply say  I love this and no more, but I do , love it that is.  I am sure many of you, like me, had been looking at this and thinking , do I need it ? Will it work ?  Need, well , need is a relative term, but I can say it works fabulously.

It's a brush obviously, and one that spins but... it doesn't have to spin. You can spin backwards and forwards or simply blow hot air through the bristles to dry. I use the spin  after partly drying my hair. My hair is thick so it needs drying first ( with my beloved Conair Infiniti Pro dryer). Then I finish with  the Spin Air Brush. It gives loads of volume like a pro blowout, straightens ends and lifts roots . It's very all in one and we like that. It's also super easy to use.

The heat is good there are 3 settings but not flat iron intense , and the bristles are easy on the hair. The spin is fast and it grabs hair but I  haven't had any tangling.

As you can  hopefully see from the top picture this is big. It weighs more than I expected and is far larger. The body is over 12 inches long and the brush is 2 inches. It comes with a cover for the bristles  for storing as well.

So if you've been thinking about trying this, go for it. I don't think you'll be disappointed .

 Visit  for more info.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Philip B debuts on HSN

Philip B , the luxury hair brand is making it's  HSN debut this week on Aug . 25th and 26th.  Not only will there be a large range of the line available,  HSN will offer the exclusive world launch of the Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo. I don't know about you, but I need that dry shampoo. Philip B makes some great products and isn't the easiest to find, so this is a great way for everyone to get a look.

The Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo will be $ 28.00

Salty Caramel Candle by Slatkin for Bath & Body Works

 Hands down this is one  of the best smelling candles EVER. Whether it's burning, or just sitting out, it smells so amazing. It's caramel ,vanilla , nuts and toffee. Rich and sugary  and just like what it's name implies.  It's Crunch n Munch in a candle but better.

This is part of the fall line, but there is not a time when this won't smell right. It's too delicious.  Go try it- if you smell it, you will want it.
I see they a have it in a room spray as well. Think that's going on the "to buy" list next trip.

Have you tried any of the fall  Slatkin scents yet ? Any favorites?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All -Smooth Makeup SPF 15

Just in time for cooler weather Clinique is bringing out a new foundation - Repairwear Laser Focus All Smooth Makeup SPF 15. And yes that is one very long name.  The foundation incorporates the technology  of their  serum of  similar name.

This is a moisturizing, light to medium coverage foundation. Best for normal to dry skin. It  looks great on   and smoothes nicely as promised and gives skin a dewy look and feel.( Which is why it doesn't work so well for the oily skinned). Coverage, I think, is more medium than light. It covers pretty well.

The formula is said not only to help fight new UV damage but to repair past damage with Ultrasomes that gradually help skin damage. There are several ingredients with very long names that help plump skin and  Murumuru seed butter and Vitamin E for moisture.

While it's too dewy for my skin and I can't use anything like Murumuru Butter on my face, I like the finish of this and  all the good for skin ingredients. I've always been a big fan of Clinique's foundations. They do  some of the best  and at good price points. Acne Solutions is staple all summer and last winter I wore Even Better almost every day. 

Repairwear Laser Focus All Smooth Makeup SPF 15 is on sale now at Nordstrom for $ 32.50 and comes in 12 shades. All outlets will have it in September.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Carolee LUX Fall

Lets take a look at  Carolee LUX  Fall  . Most of Fall is on sale now , the Art Deco collection will be available late September. I got to see many of these in person at the preview last month and wanted most if it.  Carolee LUX is a separate line from Carolee and filled with well, luxe pieces.

The jewelry  fits right in with the return to elegant dressing  that's starting to return as well as the Mad Men look that even has it's own line at Banana Republic now.

You can never go wrong with beautiful jewelry and Carolee makes  top quality. Pieces are heavy and well made. I've had some for 20 years ( I began my  love affair with beautiful jewelry very young) and they still look amazing.

This chain necklace comes in silver and gold. I like the silver. It's a lot like an Hermes piece I adored from afar a few years ago and one that you will  get loads of wear from . It can be  tough or elegant, depending on what you wear it with.  White T  , White button down, it all works.

The lariat necklace , station bracelet and large pin are from the  Art Deco line. I have an older bracelet similar to this  as well as some vintage ones ,  and again they make lots of appearances. The pin-  on your  winter wool coat, it will look fabulous and  seriously dress up  your every day look .

18 " Link Necklace  $150.00
Art Deco Lariat Necklace $ 150.00
Art Deco Bar Pin  $ 85.00
Art Deco Pearl Station Bracelet $ 85.00 for more and where to shop.

Jessica Alba in Lia Sophia

We've been seeing a lot of pcitures of Jessica Alba in Lia Sophia jewelry lately. What's nice is they are personal time pictures meaning she choose to wear the pieces  as opposed to them being picked for her for an awards show etc. Her husband, Cash Warren,  tweeted the one  picture from a friend's wedding reception just days before she gave birth to daughter Haven.

Lia Sophia is a brand I got a look at last September's fashion week and really liked, especially the big industrial looking pieces. You have to shop via a brand advisor much like Avon,  but they have it all online to view.

In the Twitpic she is wearing the   Cabana Necklace priced at  $82 and the Sculptured Bangle Bracelet at $ 98.00

In the other she wears the  Global Tassel Necklace with Black Diamond Crystals and Moss   Tortoise Resin in Matte Gold priced at $375. Way to dress up a dressed down look.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Beautystat/ Beauty Alchemist Giveaway

** Contest now closed . The winner is Melissa.  Thank you all for entering **

This is the  post is for  my readers of Beautystat's  celebrity fragrance preview to comment and win a bottle of Jessica Simpson's I Fancy You perfume.  Good Luck.
(US Only )

You can see the original post here

Bargain Buy : Floral Enamel Ring From Macy's

I put this on my Tumblr but since that's so new, decided to share it here too. This ring was my weekend bargain find at Macy's. It was $7.00 before coupon and from C*C( City by City) on the clearance rack.

It's more cute than I usually go , but I love the late '60s vibe going on and the pretty coral enamel.  It's a fun, rest of the summer piece.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Missoni for Target Picks- Makeup Bags and Hat

Missoni for Target  is coming September 13th and with images finally out people are getting excited. There are styles across all categories, but I've picked 2 favorites- the makeup bags ( assorted sizes ) and the floppy hat.

The hat is Veruschka   from the 70s chic and will look great  alongside your trench coat on days when the wind is blowing and a good hair day isn't going to happen  Instead you'll have a chic hat and it won't matter.

The makeup bags come in many sizes and prints and lets face it we all love fun makeup bags. My tip,  think Christmas shopping . These won't be in stores that long so  pick some up now for great gifts later ( providing your giftee hasn't already bought them herself. note-save receipt).

Hat $24.99

Makeup Bags:

Weekender $29.99

Train Case $24.99

Medium Purse Kit $12.99

Cosmetics Pencil Case $7.99

SkinCeuticals Blemish+ Age Defense

Managing oily skin and acne prone skin along with using anti-aging products isn't always easy. It's hard to find products that won't break you out or make you more of an oil slick but will also work on fine lines,  brightness etc.

Earlier this summer I  tried  out a product I'd been eyeing for awhile, Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense.  I also went 3 step, using their LHA Cleanser & LHA Solution( toner).

Because this makes you photosensitive I stopped using the serum after a week since I am in the pool a lot and therefore  in the sun. I use the best sunscreen  I can get but even with  re-applying  you still battle keeping it on in the water all day.

However , I can still say that it works .  In that one week I noticed a difference quickly.  Actually, I noticed a big difference  in how smooth/brighter my skin was in one application.

Overall skin was smoother, less oily and looked brighter. I can only imagine what a months long routine can do.  It's  very strong ( I'll get to the ingredients shortly)  which is one reason  I imagine it works. Nothing has fazed my skin before but this did irritate  a little, but only a little and very  briefly.  I didn't have any drying of my skin either .

Blemish +Age Defense  has 2 % Dioic acid to reduce sebum production and  acne causing bacteria as well as prevent hyperpigmentation, 0.3 % LHA which decongests pores and reduces signs of aging, 1.5 % Salicyclic acid, 3.5 % Glycolic acid and 0.5 % Citric acid.

Derms often say that high doses of Glycolic acid is one of the few ways to truly reduce lines and darker spots .With that,  I plan on starting back on the serum once fall sets in to whip my skin into after summer sun shape.

I've continued using the  LHA cleanser and toner ( both of which have smaller amounts of glycolic and salicyclic acid)  and  my skin has stayed  fairly blemish free , more than usual I think considering how hot it is . Most happily I think it's kept the pores far less clogged and that's a big plus.

Bottom Line- Skinceuticals in general makes great skincare and if you want anti-aging but are afraid to break out your skin, then this is one for you to look at.  It won't add any excess moisture but will blast oils and spots as well as exfoliate the skin to a smoother look.

Blemish+Age Defense is $ 78.00
LHA Cleansing Gel $ 36.00
LHA Solution Toner $ 36.00

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion Week Wish List- Givenchy Iris Print Skirt

Any fashion lover has the wish list . And each season we see more that we add to that list. We have just that season's wish list. Fall always gives me a big list . Add to that having the wonderful opportunity to attend fashion week and you get the fashion week wish list . In other words, what you would most want to wear there. That's a whole separate category.

 This Iris print skirt from Givenchy is my most wished for  to wear to fashion week next month.  I am skirt person vs. dresses and this just hits all the buttons.  Pair it with a simple black top  and off you go.

Nails Inc St. John's Wood & Farrington Gold Crackle

St. John's Wood is my favorite of the Nails Inc shades I've tried so far. It's also a shade I didn't have in the stash, a  deep periwinkle.  It shows a little more blue in the  picture but it really is periwinkle . I did 2 coats here and I did 2 as thats's what I usually do, but  Nails Inc is pigmented enough for 1 coat.
I did the tips with Farrington Crackle Top Coat  which has converted me to the Crackle finish. I've tried some before but  dark shades . Farrington looks like gold leaf and I love it. I think it makes  a perfect mix with the  St. John's Wood periwinkle. I've had fun with this mani this week. ( Sephora color swatch  shown below, which shows more purple).

Nails Inc is now at  as well as
 and are 9.50 each.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Charlotte Casiraghi Covers French Vogue

Finally someone has put Charlotte Casiraghi on a magazine cover. She  gets the coveted September issue no less, of French Vogue.

Personally I think she's one of the most stunning ladies on the planet.  She has Princess Grace of Monaco for a grandmother and Princess Caroline for a mother and has inherited the best of their ( impressive in the beauty realm) genes  and seemingly no bad ones . She's a bit more made up  here than we usually see her  , since she tends for a more natural look and well when you're that pretty you can. I hope someone publishes the inside pages soon, so far we just have the cover shot.

Up until  recently she's kept a fairly low profile , concentrating on being an equestrienne and hitting the occasional couture show ( Caroline wanted her kids raised out of the paparazzi's eyes. ) Now she could conquer the world if she chose.

( I also secretly thought she and Prince William would have been THE match. Those Grimaldis are a bit wild for the Brits but would they have made a  stunning couple or what? )

Slatkin & Co Holiday Candles - Bath and Body Works

My favorite candle collection has arrived- Holiday from Slatkin & Co. for Bath and Body Works.

It's a big list of great sounding scents that will be available beginning in October.

Which ones sound like your favorites?

Winter Cabin Collection-

Winter Cabin: A warm, comforting blend of creamy chestnut, crisp cedar and pine, infused with cinnamon and spicy cloves.

Winter Wonderland: A sparkling blend of cool peppermint and fiery cinnamon with notes of crisp apple and creamy nutmeg.

Winter Night: Fir tree, warm Cyprus and clove bud blended with cedar and a touch of incense.

Spiced Apple Toddy: A warming blend of apple brandy and spiced plum, infused with mulled cider and tart cranberry.

Cranberry Cider: Bright fresh cranberries mulled in warm brandy and infused with cinnamon stick.

Merry Mistletoe Collection-

Merry Mistletoe: A magical blend of frosted cranberries, blue spruce and iced citrus

Sleigh Ride: Frosted juniper, green noble fir and rosemary blended to evoke a morning sleigh ride

Deck the Halls: A blend of fresh green balsam, red berries and cinnamon bark, infused with honey and sandalwood

Holiday Treats Collection-

Dark Chocolate Mint: A luscious blend of dark chocolate shavings and pure peppermint, layered with rich vanilla cream and a touch of caramel.

Gingerbread: The perfect blend of spicy ginger, rich buttercream and brown sugar topped with whipped vanilla frosting.

Holiday Gumdrop: A bright blend of cinnamon stick and peppermint bark infused with vanilla and a touch of anise.

Candied Sugar Plum: Rich, sugared plums and boysenberries blended with sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and a touch of apple.

Marshmallow Peppermint: A delicious blend of sweet peppermint, fluffy marshmallow cream and rich vanilla cupcake.

Monday, August 15, 2011

MAC Art of Powder Collection

Art of Powder is one  fab looking trip from MAC. Each is it's own little work of art. I can't decide if I like the bronzer or eyeshadow best. I'll wait to see in person to decide. But it's not like  I or you can't like them all.

On counters September 29th.

Here is the official info:


In The Abstract Soft pink base with yellow gold lines and lavender and midtone pink dots

$38.00 U.S./$46.00 CDN

Eye Shadow

Street Art Eye Shadow Graffiti design with light brown, white, light cool blue, warm orange, pastel pink, and pastel blue

$38.00 U.S./$46.00 CDN


Optical Bronzer Bronze with gold pearl and neon pink with gold pearl

$38.00 U.S./$46.00 CDN

Fan di FENDI

Fan di FENDI is the fragrance that is the re-launch of Fendi  in the world of fragrance. In years past they have made some famous ones, including  the hard to find Theorema which is one I have heard many perfumista friends talk about in revered tones.

Created by Francois Demachy, Fan di FENDI  is a rich ,deep and warm floriental .  The opening notes are listed as fruits mainly, but aside from a bit of blackcurrant and the pink peppercorn  on me it heads right into the floral territory with the Damascus rose and jasmine . As it dries down the leather note gives it that richness and a cozy-ness. It's like wearing a black cashmere sweater under a leather jacket . The leather isn't too prominent but there enough to make this more than simply a floral. Patchouli rounds out the bottom notes and  gives enough woods to pull the flowers and leather together. It's a very elegant perfume , one that has the feel of luxury and is strong, and a bit sharp,  but not overdone.

I  also have to  mention the bottle here as well , since it's quite beautiful. Based on the famous Fendi baguette  bag's buckle , it's gold , bold and makes a statement.

Note list:
-Top Notes: Pear blackcurrant accord, tangerine from Calabria and pink peppercorn from Reunion Island
-Heart Notes: Damascena rose and yellow jasmine
-Base Notes: Soft leather accord and patchouli from Indonesia

Fan di FENDI is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue  in  August and in September it will be available in specialty and department stores.
$ 76.00 for 1.7 oz

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fierce Feline Bangle at ShoeDazzle

I  adore anything in Panther jewelry. It's the Cartier thing. I 've got a nice collection going , no Cartier, but fabulous nonetheless.

So this new bangle from ShoeDazzle definitely caught my eye. Yes it's a shoe  website, but one that is branching out into jewelry and accessories with several pieces including this " Fierce Feline "  designed by Anya Sarre excusively for the site. Ms. Sarre is the Head Fashion Stylist for “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider   and is bringing some of her know how to ShoeDazzle.

Inspired by some of Ms. Sarre's personal collection ( I wonder if she has a panther collection too ?) the piece retails for $ 39.95 at beginning in September.

Friday, August 12, 2011

essie Fall 2011

essie's  fall collection is based around the love of  classic handbags with names like Carry On and Power Clutch. The shades are all cremes, mostly subdued , polished looking and ladylike. They're also very fall like.

My favorites are Carry On, a deep wine and simply pretty, Glamour Purse, an almond shade  as I love nudes  and beiges and this is not quite nude but a bit deeper and Very Structured , the most unexpected shade here as it's rust.

 I bet rust is one you don't have in your stash. In my considerable stash of polish going back, yes, 20 years I can think of one orange- rust frost, and one toffee with a hint of rust, Toffee Twist from Revlon.  They are out there I am sure but it's just not a shade you see a lot of. I don't think it's one that everyone will gravitate to either, but I like it because it's different, it matches my coloring and not everyone else will be wearing it. It's also very fall and very 70's feeling to me.

I hope to get some images of a few shades on my nails soon, but I can tell you that they run very color true to what's in the bottle .  For now we  have the whole new line in their bottles to ogle.

Shade list:

-Carry On- mulberry merlot
-Glamour Purse- almond Blush
-Case Study-camel beige
-Power Clutch-darkest green
-Very Structured-burnt sienna
-Lady Like -demure pink