Monday, October 22, 2018

Chanel La Creme Main - Texture Riche

I don't think anyone didn't love last year's  La Creme Main hand cream from Chanel.

From the egg shaped , almost ergonomic container to the luxurious but light  cream within, it was a hit.  Now with cold temps upon us again ,we get a new more rich version- Texture Riche.

Texture Riche is more creamy and hydrating with May rose wax, glycerin and shea butter but it's still light feeling, comfortable and non greasy.  Licorice and iris extracts are there for brightening properties and this helps nourish nails too.

There is a soft, pleasant, clean fragrance that doesn't linger.

Holiday season is coming and this is truly a perfect stocking stuffer or just a nice self care treat to yourself.

Chanel La Creme Main - Texture Riche is $ 50 at  and wherever the brand is sold.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Narciso Rouge

The first thing you notice about new Narciso Rouge is that lacquer red bottle. It's striking and beautiful.

The fragrance continues in the same vein as the previous versions , focusing on musks but adds  bulgarian rose.  Rouge is a cozy woods/musk scent that also has iris, amber, tonka , vetiver and cedar. The rose is there but not strong,  and it fades quite a bit by the drydown but it does add a  floral and powdery touch to the woods along with the iris. 

Overall this is very soft  and wears close to skin but has presence and is one of those perfumes that really comes alive when the temperatures drop and it mingles into your favorite sweater.

Narciso Rouge is $ 97 for 1.6 oz and $ 115 for 3.0 oz at Bloomingdales

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jergens Flawless Effects & Skin Illuminating Body Lotion

All year is lotion time but lets face it, when the weather turns cooler we need/wamt more .

Jergen's newest not only moisturize but highlight and brighten skin.  With Fall here and Winter  not far off, we need that. Plus they come in a new bottle that has a bit of a retro/vintage look & graphics.

Flawless Effects is said to even skin tone in 5 days of use. To put it to the test I used it on one arm to see what difference there might be.  And there was one. That side did look just a bit more even and perfected.  Subtle be definitely there. It's a great one to help get Summer tanned/parched skin back into shape. It's also nicely moisturizing ( glycerin , mango & cocoa butters are in there) , not heavy but not light either. My skin felt moisturized for hours after applying.  The scent is light and references the cocoa butter.  It blends into skin  after awhile, so it will pair with fragrance.

Skin Illuminating - Has just a slight hint of iridescence thanks to  to give skin some shimmer thanks to mica and pearl  powder , It's barely noticeable , you won't end up a glitter bomb, just highlighted. This is great for day when skin starts to have a pallor after Summer bronzing has worn off but we still want a little "look"  and to accent decolletage and legs for evenings out. This has shea butter  and adds light/medium moisture with a light, clean scent.   Holiday season is coming,  grab this and get the look makeup artists use on celeb clients for red carpets etc.

Both of these are currently exclusive to Amazon and sell for $ 11.99 each.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Commodity Best Of Book Gift Set

Commodity fragrance have launched this year's  Holiday gift set. Last year they featured a trio of their scents , this year it's all about Book.

Best of Book has all you need to get wrapped up in this cozy, and yes, book-ish fragrance.  You get a 1.4 oz scented votive, .33 oz EDP spray and in something new from the brand, a 2.5 oz body lotion.

The set comes in a gift box with a slipcase outer sleeve, making it giving ready.

Book, if you're not familiar is dry, dusky and green/ herbal with notes of  bergamot, cypress , eucalyptus , cedar and sandalwood . It really does remind of walking into a used bookstore loaded with old volumes  and as a fanatic reader, I love that smell.  This wears lightly, stronger in the candle. 

The  Best Of Book set is well priced too , at $ 35 and is LE at Commodity ,  and Sephora .


Monday, October 8, 2018

Shiseido Modern Matte, Visionary Gel & Lacquer Ink Lipcolors

Shiseido has always had some of the best lippies , in my opinion. I have several that have been go- tos for  a long time ,  ones that work every day .

Now the brand has upped the ante with a relaunch new formulas and repackaging.

There are three new lipcolor types - matte , satin,  shine and all are that good.

Semi nude, Peep Show, Flame, Velvet Rope, J Pop, Cyber Beige , Mirror Mauve

Modern Matte  Powder Lipstick is a creamy, non dry matte that is comfy and flexible on lips. It has full pigment with long wear that leaves a light stain after  after a few hours on me with drinking, light nibbling . The case is a heavy and solid with a strong magnetic cap . ( $26)

Visionary Gel Lipstick -   This has a truly weightless feel with a cooling sensation on application.  This gel based formula feels great on lips and has  a satin finish with a little sheen.  It's very creamy/moisturzing with medium pigment. The formula means it's not  very long wear but I still get a couple hours from it. The bullet here is very soft, so you need to not press to hard with it, or turn it out far from the slim case.  Also each stick is packaged inside a silver foil wrapper in the box. Superfluous ? Yes. Cool ? Also yes. ( $ 26)

Lacquer  Ink Lipshine - This is the updated version of the older Lacquer Rouge, which I loved. This gives big, bold pigment in one swipe, feels light and hydrating on lips with a decent shine  that's just below a gloss . This is a lippie that  has presence and makes for a fab look.($26)

All are available now at Shiseido and currently  they are having Friends & Family sale,  grab the code at their site . Shipping at $ 25.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum Intense

Tiffany and Co recently launched an Intense version of last year's Eau de Parfum

Meant to be a deeper version of the original ,  With this version they say they have added more iris for a deeper scent. I don't still have the original for comparison but I wrote then that it was a soft floral. Intense fits that description as well. There is a nice dry , powdery iris but it's light and mingles with pink pepper, benzoin for a touch of vanilla-ness and amber.

It's a fairly straightforward floral that's easy to wear and stays close to the skin  making it a  nice daytime  office fragrance. 

The bottle remains the same  pretty faceted one with the Tiffany and Co silver band tucked into the cap bottom , the juice is a blue tint. 

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum Intense is $ 113 for  1.7 oz 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Berkshire Trouser Socks /Anklets - Fall/Winter 2018

It's Fall  and that means falling leaves and dropping temps. Time to refocus our wardrobes for the season.

Tights and trouser socks are part of that cold weather repertoire for most of us and Berkshire  has new , fab styles for Fall/Winter 2018 to keep legs covered and warm while also looking stylish.

Trouser socks and anklets are more my go tos  , especially anklets. They've gotten harder to find so I'm thrilled that not only does the brand have them but has them in new  Comfort Cuff Cozy Hose, a thicker , brushed fleecy feeling inside version that adds extra warmth and softness. Cozy Hose also comes in full length socks along with  tights . I'm telling you, you need these. Comfort Cuff m by the way , is  a wide , forgiving elastic cuff .

Patterns are a fav too, and anyone who knows me , knows I love some sparkle, The Diamond Gold Lurex  trouser socks have just enough shimmer to not be boring but also not OTT.   The cable knit is a nice thick sock with a collegiate wintry look that's great with shoes and boots.

Also new is a gold lurex  Glittery Cuff anklet. These can be seen or hidden depend on what you wear with them and add a fun , festive touch.

There are several other patterns as well across all the types of hosiery Berkshire has.  It's also always worth noting that all their hosiery is Made in USA and well priced in  a large variety of sizes including curvy.

You can find them at , Macys  , Bare Necessities and many other stores.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Miu Miu Fleur D'Argent Perfume

Fall brings lots of new fragrance releases  including a new Miu Miu edition - Fleur D'Argent.

Fleur D'Argent is  musky and dewy with  orange blossom and tuberose. Jasmine  is in there as well for a nice white floral mix and then the woods and musk come in mid way including the line's signature note- akigalawood- which references patchouli and oud ( it's mostly patchouli here).

I am a big fan of  their last two Miu Miu editions-  L'eau Rosee and  L' Eau Bleue  and wear them often.  Both were different from the original which I didn't like as much and this is different from all of them again. Here the tuberose and orange blossom  stay well into the drydown, they are very soft though,  as is the fragrance itself overall. This stays close to the skin and has light sillage but the tuberose, especially , makes for a pretty floral fragrance.

I need to talk the bottle here too. Miu Miu always has a nice one, but Fleur D'Argent comes in a mercury glass like version .  I love antoques and I love mercury glass so this bottle hits it out the park for me. It's a beauty sitting on the vanity or shelf.

Miu Miu Fleur D'Argent Perfume is $ 99 at Sephora.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

My Amazon Storefront

Readers, I have an Amazon storefront now.  I've filled it with many of my favorite products including ones that I've reviewed here so you can pick up many of my recs in one spot.

Yes I do earn commission,  I 'll admit I have no idea how much but it's not a lot. And any will get plowed back into buying items to review and feature here. I hope you'll stop by.

Here's the link

Friday, September 14, 2018

Natalie La Rose Perfume Rollerball

Natalie Wood still has presence and gravitatas , and is well deserving of the term icon.

In her honor her daughters Courtney and Natasha created Natalie perfume, inspired by the gardenia fragrances she loved and wore.  Jungle Gardenia was  her signature scent and the smell of gardenias  was a strong scent memory for her daughters.

Now there is Natalie La Rose.  Wood loved to garden and filled her house with roses throughout the girls childhood. This is a beautiful straightforward rose fragrance.  I may be  little biased as I love rose fragrances , but it is lovely. The rose here is big but soft , fresh picked and  full bodied . Not overpowering, not old fashioned and using essential oils. 

Other notes mentioned also include geranium and heliotrope but I detect very little. Concentrated at 18% this  has lots of sillage , strength and presence. All good things in my (fragrance) book. 

It's also a nice deal . The perfume comes in a .25 oz rollerball for $ 25. A nice size to try and also to keep tucked easily in  a bag for touch ups and travel. 

Natalie La Rose Perfume  is available at Amazon  and 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum

I think most of us would say we are stressed.  Big things weigh us down with worry, I know it does me. We just have to keep our chins up and move forward and not sweat the small stuff.  At least that's what  I try to do.

Stress takes a toll on us , that we know both inside and out. It releases more cortisol and hormones.  Our skin can be damaged by stress and it can show. Who has ever said after a crying jag, wow I look good right now ?

Murad, makers of some great skincare, have a new serum to address  stressed skin.  New Revitalixir Recovery Serum  is a lightweight and is for both  face AND eyes.  Multitasking skincare? I like that.

The serum has  oil based spheres  suspended in a water based gel. It  uses caffeine, wild indigo , niacinanide, neuropeptides , paracress cannabis ( hemp seed oil), apricot kernal seed oil  and hyaluronic acid to soothe weary skin  and is said to work on expression lines, dehydration and dullness and dark circles.

This is nicely moisturizing but not heavy. It feels light on and sinks in quickly. For my skin it's enough on it's own right now. I'm combo and don't need a lot of moisture. I need some, and this is just enough. Anyone dry, might need a  cream to layer over it .  I've found it's kept my skin well hydrated, soothed  and looking healthy and brightened.

There is a light grape/wine like fragrance that I like. It's not strong but there.

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum is $ 89  at , sephora and more.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Malie Organics Botany Beauty Skincare

Kauai, Hawaii based Malie Organics uses organic and plant based ingredients including essential oils and botanicals for natural effective , fragrance free skincare . I've been testing some out and am coming away impressed. 

The Illuminating Moisturizer is a nice lightweight choice for day . With aloe vera juice, coconut oil , apricot kernal oil and and pineapple  and papaya extracts , it adds enough of a moisture boost to my combo skin and helps  keep skin more matte over the day.  It also adds radiance ,  something we all need in the AM. You can see a little mica like particles in the bottle but once rubbed in , they are barely there. You don't see any shimmer or shine but  skin looks brighter. The fruit extracts will help to brighten skin over time also.

I like this a lot as I don't want anything heavy in the day. It's just right and works great under my makeup. I don't feel like I have anything on my skin but at the same time it feels hydrated and soft. ( $ 46)

The Luxe Eye Cream  is also lightweight but plenty moisturizing with hyaluronic acid , aloe juice , cocoa butter, coconut, jojoba, evening primrose and sunflower seed oils . It's creamy, smoothes in easily and  feels nice on the eye area without being tacky or heavy.  There's a slight sensation of firming and Malie says it helps puffiness as well, which thankfully I don't have much of .   Other ingredients include alpha hydroxy acids , vitamins C , B5 and CoQ10, cucumber , and peptides. The texture here also means like the moisturizer it works nicely under makeup for day and at night. ( $ 48)

Lastly Hydrosol Facial Tonic instantly transports you to the tropics with a spritz. Facial sprays are unsung heroes  I think. I don't use them often enough but when I do , I love the burst of scent , uplift and refreshing feel. Malie's uses 100% pure rose and jasmine hydrosols and it smells great. This can be used on face and in hair to tame frizz. ( $ 45)

I'll say too, that I love that the line comes in glass containers. Yes they are easier to break , but glass is just nicer , more upscale and well better than  plastic in my opinion. Ok it lets light in true enough , but these bottles are semi opaque .

Malie Organics  has a full skin care line including my picks and you can find it all at  . They don't use  petroleum, mineral spirits, sulfates or parabens or ever test on animals or use animal products. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Power Eye Cream

I am a big fan of Peter Thomas Roth's serum and face creams. Their Camu Camu  Power C line and Potent C Power Serum have been fabulous for my skin. This Summer Potent C Power Eye Cream came on board. 

This mid weight cream packs 10 % C THD  Ascorbate ( a stable vitamin c that's 50 times more powerful than traditonal C acc to the brand)  for  max brightening power  along with 3% vitamin E and 2% Ferulic Acid, caffeine shea butter, olive fruit oil and hyaluronic acid .

The eye cream gives you  medium moisture, a little firming /tightening  and feels lightweight on .   I do feel my undereye is well hydrated with this as well as keeping it brighter. Thankfully I don't have much in the way of dark circles so I can't speak to that but I do feel as though I've had some brightening along with  a bit more firmed up , toned skin.  I'll  take it. 

Since it isn't a heavy moisturizer this is great for daytime  under makeup and at night and will transition nicely into Fall skincare. 

Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Power Eye Cream is $ 65 at Sephora , Ulta and

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Calvin Klein Women Perfume

Calvin Klein Women is the newest CK pillar fragrance in awhile and the  first under their new designer Raf Simons. 

It's a woodsy floral with main notes of  eucalyptus, black pepper, cedarwood , magnolia, jasmine and ambroxan. It's herbal and soapy clean to my nose with  the eucalyptus and ambroxan coming on strong with only a light hint of the florals  and a burst of black pepper spice. It's a fairly quiet , easy to wear scent but you must like ambroxan or it won't be your cup of tea. 

Despite the name Women this is a very unisex fragrance . It's got medium sillage and lasting power.  

The bottle cap here is very unique . It's plexiglass like  and not super sturdy  but has a sense of whimsy and I do really  like the eye illusration. 

Calvin Klein Women is  $65 (30ml), $84 (50ml) and $106 (100ml) at Macy’s 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist

I'll have pasty face all Summer no more and keep my glow into Fall with St. Tropez's new  Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist.

I wanted a facial self tanner that wasn't a moisturizer. My skin is combo to oily all Summer and I add very little extra moisture to it. Anything heavy would break me out so this " water" seemed like a good bet.

It is very light, you just spritz over face and go. Personally I like to rub a little with my fingers too but you really don't have too.

After one use I had just a hint of color. Another, it got a little deeper. So this won't make you super dark, over bronzed or orangey. It has a smaller amount of  100 % naturally derived DHA so it tans gradually.

It really feels like almost nothing on  and dries immediately but it does have avocado and rosa canina  fruit oils in the ingredients so it will add a tiny bit of moisture. So far it hasn't been an issue for me, but if you're already super oily, it may not work.

Also the scent is fantastic.  Juicy Mandarin and hibiscus , so when you blast your face with the mist, it smells great. After a few hours I notice the barest bit of self tanner scent but it's really light and I have a sensitive nose.

St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist is $ 30 at Ulta, Sephora .

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lipstick Queen Method In The Madness Lipstick

There's no madness here except in the name of  Lipstick Queen's new Method In The Madness lipsticks.  With these, I've got my Fall lipstick game on lock.

These have  two shades swirled together to make one fabulous lippie with full, rich pigment in one swipe.  The color  clings to lip contours , easily defining them right from the bullet.   With Vitamin E  and shea butter they have a creamy and lightly moisturizing feel on lips with a satin finish.

The marbleized swirls here are of course a lot of fun to look at , but each of the two colors on the mix is a good one and when you apply you may find you need to blend a bit. They apply each time differently. Most times they blended evenly, once I  had to work the deeper color in a bit at the edge of my lip .

Poppy King always get lipstick right. I have one  from her early namesake line  , a perfect nude called Honesty from the '90s and it was pretty fabulous. Lipstick Queen continued that and keeps at it.

There are 5  versions of Method In The Madness. I have three - Nonsense Nude, Peculiar Pink and Manic Mauve. I love them all but Manic Mauve is going to be my IT color come Fall. That mix of lilac and nude for a greyed lavender is spot on.

Wear time is long too. By late morning I've had just a little wear off and that's with drinking. By lunch a stain is left which still adds a good bit of color.

Lipstick Queen Method In The Madness Lipstick are $ 25 each at   and  Ulta.