Sunday, August 19, 2018

Soap & Glory The Way She Smoothes Body Lotion and Bubble in Paradise Body Wash

Channel your inner bombshell with this new duo from Soap & Glory. It's not hard to love the retro packaging images from this line and The Way She Smoothes and Bubble In Paradise are no exception.

With the tropical inspired "Call Of The Fruity" scent, which includes hibiscus , melon , cedarwood and ingredients like papaya extract and  coconut oil , these have a fun fragrance that's not strong and lightly fruity. No sweet fruit bomb here but a more muted creamy, soft tropical scent.

The lotion is mid weight and hydrates nicely with shea and mango butters, glycerin , sweet almond, coconut and rosa canina oils .  There's also urea in there and thanks to that this does  noticeably smoothe skin.

The shower gel has passion fruit,mandarin and papaya extracts , is creamy , lathers up, isn't drying and leaves a slight fragrance trail.

Both come in large bottles that hold 16.9 ounces so they'll last awhile. Plus the price points make these big bottles one big bargain.

Soap & Glory The Way She Smoothes Body Lotion is $12
Soap & Glory Bubble In Paradise Body Wash is $10

Available at Walgreens , Ulta and Target stores.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Bliss Eye Do All Things Hydrating Eye Gel

Your eyes get some TLC with the newest eye treat from Bliss. It's especially nice for all the Summer heat we've been having.

Eye Do All Things Hydrating Gel Cream is a lightweight gel cream that comes with a steel rollerball applicator.  It helps with  with puffiness and brightening,
sinks in quickly but leaves skin feeling nicely moisturized and refreshed  as it has a cooling  feel.  It's not a heavy moisturizer , so it works well for day use  under makeup along with nighttime. It sinks in quickly and doesn't feel sticky.

I like the rollerball aspect, they feel so good under the eyes and  it smoothes in the cream. I still pat a little with my fingers too, just to make sure the area is  well covered. Thankully I'm not puffy and  my under eye is  not too dark so I can't attest to how well it helps with those . I do feel well hydrated under the eye and a little firmed , so this gets a thumbs up.

Eye Do All Thing's ingredients include caffeine, peptides , glycerin, cucumber, horse chestnut, grape Seed and malus ( Swiss green apple) extracts among others along with sunflower seed oil.

Also of big note is that Bliss is now cruelty free with PETA certification.  Also free from phthalates, parabens and SLS.

 Bliss Eye Do All Things Hydrating Eye Gel is $ 22 at  and Ulta 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence

I am all about lightweight skincare in the Summer. Especially when it's as hot and humid as it here right now.

My skin still needs some moisture when it's hot out, but much less  and I don't want anything heavy or sticky. They feel too much and I worry about breakouts since my skin is tacky and oily these days.

An essence water is just right and Chanel's new Hydra Beauty Micro Essence hits the spot.

This is lightweight but not completely water like. It's a bit thicker, but only a bit. There are also micro droplets of cold extracted Camellia  that burst open on contact. I can't really feel them but you can see them in the bottle.

This gives  a quick feeling of  soothing , refreshing moisture. It doesn't sink in totally right away, you feel it on but it's  barely there .

In the AM , my skin feels a little softer and plumped after using. This is not going to do loads of anti-aging but add that little  boost .  In addition to the  Camellia flower  for hydration, there is ginger extract for antioxidants and glycerin . The Essence is lightly fragranced.  Much less than the very strong one , to my nose at least , of Blue Serum.

And that bottle ? It's  chic as anything. A welcome addition to the vanity.

Chanel Hydro Beauty Micro Essence is $ 100 at Chanel and wherever the brand is sold.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Wunder2 Last & Foundation

Wunder2  is a new brand to me and a very happy discovery. I'm always on the lookout for products that have long wear that also work/look good, and they've got them. I've been using their foundation and eyeliners for a couple weeks  with great results. So let's talk about their Last & Foundation. 

This liquid foundation is long wear, transfer resistant and waterproof with a semi matte finish .  It has medium , buildable coverage that perfects  and smoothes for  practically flawless skin while feeling very light and comfortable on . Not tight , masky or flat. 

Shades 10 and 20 

 I did indeed get all day wear from this, well into late evening with it still looking good and only a small amount of  barely noticeable wear off . LOVE that. ( Note- I do use a primer under all my foundations). I did need a touch up with powder midday on the T Zone  where I had some oil breakthrough , and that's the norm for me with most makeup .  But there was no makeup breakup , just shine. 

Last & Foundation is perfect one for my makeup melting self . It's hot out there and that makes my makeup go even faster. So this one  will be staying in the rotation all Summer and then some.  I think it will work for most skin types, except dry. 

There are  7 shades available at www.wunder2cosmetics  and Amazon for  $ 29.95 each.

You can find some of their products now at Ulta too , although so far not this foundation. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Maybelline Shine Compulsion Color Sensational Lipstick

New Shine Compulsion Color Sensational from Maybelline is the brand's first oil in lipstick.

These creamy, shiny lovelies  look and feel high end with a hydrating , full coverage formula .I have two of the ten shades - Pink Fetish & Undressed Pink ( the lighter of the two).

Shine Compulsion is old school lipstick in the sense of coverage and lots of look, but modern with the slick sheen and  moisture. Look at the shine in my swatch picture, it's practically reflective. They come in an on trend rose gold case.

These feel great on, balm like , lightweight and non sticky.  And while they are a Summer release ,will be so nice when the temps drop and the wind begins to blow.  They also wear pretty well. I half a day before needing a touch up and that's with  drinking.

Maybelline Shine Compulsion Color Sensational  Lipstick is available wherever the brand is sold.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Chanel Quite Revolution Eyeshadow Quad- Fall 2018

Fall from Chanel is all about matte.  Even the casing on the palette is a chic matte black this time, not the shiny one we're used too. 

While I have mixed feelings about mattes for lips , I do like them for eyes and  this collection suits the season well . There are two quads  for the Fall collection, one featuring neutrals called Clair Obscur and the one I have Quiet Revolution , which has mainly deeper, bolder shades.

With this palette you get a rich dark green, a deep , bright navy , a graphite and a taupe shade. All will pop against the looks of Fall when we pull out the grey sweaters, camel coats  and black turtlenecks. 

As mentioned all are matte . They have good pigment with some fallout on the blue and green, and blend well. 

Chanel Fall is available now wherever Chanel is sold. 

Quiet Revolution Eye Quad is $ 61.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Softsoap Earth Blends

Softsoap always does  a great job with their fragrances and new releases.

For Summer it's Earth Blends and these even come in a new mini travel size to go  wherever your Summer fun takes you.

Earth Blends are paraben and  dye free .

There are three scent varieties and I have  the Coconut and Fig scent.  This has a very light scent that leans fruity fig, I don't get much coconut. There is less lather here than others from the brand  but is still plenty to get the job done. They are light feeling ,  rinse clean and don't dry out skin.

The fragrances come in body wash , bar soap and hand soaps . The other two scents are Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber  and Pomegranate & Plum. 

All are available at Wal Mart with prices ranging from 2.47- 4.97 for the full sized products. 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Peter Thomas Roth Max Mineral Naked SPF 45 Protective Lotion

The second of  the two new Peter Thomas Roth  face products I've been trying is 
Max Mineral Naked SPF 45 Protective Lotion.

The  name gives you a clue , it's a lightweight mineral based sunscreen for the face. This has sheer ,light , non white , coverage that does perfect a little  with high protection  physical SPF of 45 making it a great base layer under makeup  or used on it's own. It adds light  moisture.  Enough for my normal to oily skin in this heat.  If you are drier you'll want a serum or cream underneath.

The lotion has a barely there tint that blends quickly in. For me it's not enough to wear alone as I like a good bit of coverage but it's worked really well under my foundation.  If you're more into a no makeup look or a tinted base , it does that too.  This is one of those  really works, easy to use , daily  products to add to your Summer routine.

Ingredients include Vitamins A, C and E , Safflower seed oil  with 1.93 % titanium dioxide and 19.24 % zinc oxide for sun protection.

Peter Thomas Roth Max Mineral Naked SPF 45 Protective Lotion is $ 38 for 1.7 oz tube at Peter Thomas Roth, Sephora , Macys and Ulta.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Gucci High Shine Lipstick

If you like your lipstick to be vibrant, full coverage and elegant in the old school way, then  check out Gucci's High Shine Lipstick.

This reminds of old fashioned lipstick with it's coverage and look but it's modern and ready to wear.

The pigment is full, rich and bold with a sheen that is slightly glossy.  It covers well in one swipe and feels very comfortable on lips. It's creamy but light , feels moisturizing and butter smooth.

The packaging is a slim wand case with the Gucci logo on the cap and in gold around the lipstick bullet . You twist from the bottom to turn up the color.

I have four of the eight shades  available shown in order- Ginger Rose, Heartbreaker, Temptation and Blossom.

Gucci High Shine Lipstick is $ 40 at Saks ( all shades don't look to be available right now ) and at 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Maybelline Summer Fundle Bundles On Amazon Prime Day

Maybelline and Amazon are partnering on these fun bundles, called Summer Fundles coming for Amazon Prime Day . 

There are four available, each with makeup and a Summer worthy accessory. 

Instant Glow-Up: an all in one kit that allows you to glow up in just minutes. Just add a dab of Master Chrome Highlighter to your cheekbones, swipe on the SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, pop on the colorful sunnies and you will shine brighter than the sun itself. In addition, with the lasting power, you’re good to glow on all day.
  • Includes Maybelline New York Master Chrome Highlighter in Molten Gold, SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Pioneer and bright frameless sunglasses
  • Price: $24.99 ($35.00 value); Prime Day Price to be announced on Prime Day

Makeup Artist: a creativity-unleashing pack complete with the eight-shade Lip Studio Lip Color Palette, Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner for drawing the perfect cat eye, plus a crayon kit with colors to match the shades of the palette! Not to mention, a meme-filled coloring book for any beauty junkie.
  • Includes Maybelline New York Lip Studio Lip Color Palette, Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner in Black, crayon kit and meme-filled coloring book
  • Price: $19.99 ($30.00 value); Prime Day Price to be announced on Prime Day

Balm-y Day: a grab-bag you take straight from the Amazon box to the beach – with the lip-print beach blanket, a go-to tubes of Baby Lips Balm (hello SPF!), The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara and Baby Skin Primer, this bundle is perfect for a glamorous beach day.
  • Includes Maybelline New York Baby Lips Lip Balm in Dr. Rescue Coral Crave, The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara, Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser and lip-print round beach towel
  • Price: $29.99 ($40.00 value); Prime Day Price to be announced on Prime Day

Send Nudes: a palette lover’s pack to take yourself back to Art History 101 – toss The Nudes Eyeshadow Palettes in your Venus di Milo tote and swipe on some Vivid Hot Lacquer in Charmer for a sun’s out, buns out kind of day.
  • Includes Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, Color Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer in Charmer and Venus di Milo tote
  • Price: $19.99 ($30.00 value); Prime Day Price to be announced on Prime Day
Available now at 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dove Anti -Stress Micellar Water Body Wash & Body Soap

Micellar water has been the word in facial cleansers for awhile . Now Dove is the first brand to bring it to bodycare in the US  with their new Anti- Stress Micellar line. 

Dove makes some of the best creamy cleansers and I am a big fan.  With the Micellar line , the cleanser is a gel this time , not a cream. It's still plenty moisturizing as we would expect from Dove and it has their Nutrium Moisture . The formula has a thick consistency , is very gentle on skin and washes clean.

There is a fairly strong fragrance here of a floral blend, chamomile and sandalwood. The scent doesn't seem to linger long after using though  , it's stronger out of the bottle or bar. 

Both the body wash and soap are sulfate free. 

Dove Anti -Stress Micellar Water Body Wash is sugg. retail $5.97 
Dove Anti -Stress Micellar Water Bar Soap is sugg. retail $ 3.49 per twin pack

Sunday, July 8, 2018

CK One Summer 2018

CK ONE Summer is back with the 2018 edition.

This year it's a fab blod  blue bottle.  While I've always been  so - so with the fragrances, I love the bottles and this year's is the best yet.

CK ONE Summer is  a new version  although one that stays close to previous versions.  Scent wise I've often been so- so with this but it's very much a refreshing , cool fragrance that works well in the heat.  

The EDT begins with citrus ( lime mojito acc. to the brand) and cedarwood notes.  Pineapple and guava are also listed but on me they really didn't register much. And I would love to clock that pineapple note. As it dries down it gets lighter and less masculine with some barely there dewy florals and coconut milk.  That last note starts to bring the mojito reference  and that makes this a great, easy to wear Summer scent . 

As always,  there is an atomizer packed separately , so you can use as a splash or spray. 

CK One Summer 2018 is  $ 58 at Macys for 3.4 oz

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

INC.redible Shook To The Core Lipgloss

 INC.redible has some new Summer season ready lipgloss. Wherever your fun takes you , this lippie will give you shine and pop.

Shook to the Core is a  glitter formula but not all over glitter.  It's not full of  glitter pieces,  they're scattered throughout and I think that makes it a more wearable for those of us who are past festival age but thinks lips like this are fun.  They have semi sheer color that really wakes you up and brightens .

There is a little streaking with them when you apply, but that blends out easily. They have no scent or taste.

There are three shades-  Fairy Extreme ( fuschia),  Off the Hook ( violet blue) and  Not Your Average Bird ( hot pink with flashes of coral ). 

 The INC.redible line, founded  by Nails INC creator Thea Green makes a lot of trendy lip looks at great price points.  I reviewed their Foiling Around   metallic colors previously.

INC.redible Shook To The Core are $ 8 at Nails INC  .

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Peter Thomas Roth Skin To Die For Mineral Matte CC Cream SPF 30

Peter Thomas Roth makes some of my favorite skincare  and for Summer there are several great new launches to help us keep our skin  protected and cared for this season.

First up is the new Skin To Die For  Mineral Matte CC  Cream. We don't see nearly enough matte CCs  and this is perfect those of us who are more oily but still want to use a CC, BB or perfecting primer.

Mineral Matte CC has good medium coverage that perfects ( it has light scattering optics) and smoothes.  It is a thicker cream but not too thick and blends well. It is a breathable , comfy matte. Not super dry , not heavy , chalky or cakey  and  it doesn't settle into lines so it can be used by all ages, in my opinion.  The Mom loves this one too.

The coverage along with the matte finish , physical SPF 30  and other good for skin ingredients make this a no brainer for days when the heat is on and you want a lighter, less makeup look or to wear by itself all the time if you don't use foundation.

Ingredients include high potency THD ascorbate vitamin C , glycerin  which adds light hydration and kaolin to absorb oil. 

Paired  up with the brand's also good Skin To Die For Mattifying Primer  and us oilies are good to go.

Peter Thomas Roth Skin To Die For  Mineral Matte CC  Cream SPF 30 comes in three shades( shown in Medium) and is $ 38 at Sephora

**Also shown is new Max Mineral Naked SPF to be covered in a separate post soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

NAILS Inc Flock You & Bright Ambition

Get nails so bright  you'll have to  wear shades with Nails Inc Summer colors.

 I'm loving these Neon brights and one hot shimmer . 

The shimmer Birds Before Boys is part of the Flock You duo. It's a pretty rose gold that flips color  and works well alone or as a topcoat. It's paired with Glamingo , a full coverage  neon pink . Pretty much Summer in a bottle. 

Bright Ambition are the individual shades and they've got some POP.  It's 12PM Somewhere is a medium purple, Strictly Bikini is an coral/orange and Not Invited is pool water blue.  I'm definitely going to rock some pedis with these pretties.

Wear time is great with these and the neons are fade resistant per the brand making them ready for wherever the season takes you. 

Nails Inc  Bright Ambition polishes are $11 each and Flock You duo is $15 at Nails Inc and Sephora