Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chap Stick True Shimmers

I love lip balms, and everytime I tell someone that, they say the same. Seems most of us love lip balms, so today's post looks at a shiny new one from ChapStick- True Shimmers. I had my eye on these as soon as I saw them at a drugstore but when on rare trip to Wal Mart, was in the " must buy one now " mood and picked up Blended Fruit Sherbet. I haven't seen this flavor anywhere else, and although I think I would like Tropical more , I bought it.

The scent it very tutti frutti with a tiny hint of vanilla. It reminds me a lot of gummy bears. In other words more fruit , less sherbet, which I like. The scent is pretty strong, the taste not too much. As for the shimmer, it's a pale , silvery shimmer. Not overly pearly but it's visible. Just a touch and nice for a quick , almost made up look.

It's nicely moisturizing, too but no SPF.

I love when companies like Chap Stick do this type of balm. I don't do boring , plain ones if I can help it. I had lab samples of the Flavor Craze ones and a shimmer they made about 10 years ago and loved them. Dearest friend's fiance worked to formulate them at the time. The flavored ones lasted in the line , the shimmer didn't and it was a great lip balm. Even nicer than these new ones. But I digress, as I am often wont to do.

These sell for 2.99 at most stores. I paid 2.49.

It's always nice to buy a fun product you love and not spend the bank.

Also comes in Tropical and Berry Blend.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Holiday Sneak Peek from Victoria's Secret

One of the cool things about Fashion Week is getting the first look at new items. Victoria's Secret Beauty unveiled several new holiday lines. Now I know, it's early to talk holiday but not in retail. These will actually be out in October, just days away.

Everyone was wowed by the new home line of candles, diffusers and soaps. These are different from past VS collections. This one has a very old fashioned and elegant look to it . The set of 3 soaps all smell really good( I especially remember loving the Cashmere Fig) and would make a perfect gift for so many people.

The new makeup is pretty as well. I can say that I've paid very little attention to the VS makeup line in the past. Getting to hands on sample in a no pressure way ( my store has super pesky salesgirls) was really nice. This new duo blush and the metallic eyeliners were my favs. I am loving the silver-y liner. It's not too silver, not too grey, and not too dark. Just medium and sparkly.

The new Home line consists of the scents :
Mandarin Woods
Vanilla Orchids
Cashmere Fig.

There will be :
hand lotion $ 18.00 for 6.7 oz
hand soaps $ 15.00 for 6.7 oz
solid soaps $ 28.00 for trio
scented candle$ 28.00
room spray $ 12.00
reed diffuser $ 28.00

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute Flats from Jamie Kreitman

New York designer Jamie Kreitman has these cute flats out in many colors/prints. Perfect for fall and holiday these are at her site on sale for $ 65.00. In Leopard pattern they are $30.00 ( I had to type in flats as a search term to find all styles). Thats a pretty good price for a fun shoe.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes

Bobbi Brown's newest collection is Shimmering Nudes. Yes this has been out awhile, but I am just getting to posting the images. Now Shimmer and Nudes sounds like a good combo to me. Pretty, soft and wearable.

The eyeshadow palette is the big item here. It's a mix of seven cool and warm nude tones in both flat, sheer shimmer and high shimmer shades. The palette includes four new and five exclusive eye shadows . I love every color in here.

There are also 4 color additions to the Creamy Lipcolor Line. This is a favorite , reviewed last January when they came out here as they have shea butter and are super moisturizing with great coverage.

A quick look at Milan Fashion Week

I have barely had time to cruise through the London and Milan Fashion Weeks but managed today to grab a few images from a quick look at some collections from Milan.

Dolce and Gabbana ended the week yesterday with a well received show including silk pajama like pantsuits. Loved them. Back in the 80s I had a vintage pair of silk pjs and I wore the top out over a tank usually. I still have that top, I think it may be dryrotted now, but perhaps I should take a look. Is this a practical look? Well no, D&G off the runway isn't in the budget anyway, so no worries there. However, a daring celeb or model could pull it off easily.

Armani's dresses and suits looked like typical, but pretty, Armani. Here we have a photo of the makeup which Linda Cantello did. More metallics again here. She created the "steamy" look with a charcoal grey eye that had a shimmery silver accent in the corners. She also applied pink-gold blush, and daubs of Kiehl’s Since 1851 lip balm on the eyelids, brows and cheeks.

I always like the Blumarine show and this one had a gorgeous coat and a fab pair of big sunglasses. Beautiful.

Lastly Burberry Prorsum gave us some nice new trench coats. A gold brocade and a beaded black one.

Friday, September 26, 2008

LUSH New Soaps and Gels

I've been trying many new Lush bath items this past week. They keep coming out with fab smelling stuff and I have to try it. Although, this is the first time I have used one of their shower gels.

Rub Rub Rub is a shower scrub with tons of sea salt. It's very fine and not too scrubby. It has a bit of a floral scent and a bit of a salty water scent mixed together. The scent isn't too strong in any case, but the gel is very nice.

Next up is Godmother Soap. This one is strong smelling. In fact before I used I left it sitting in rooms to scent them . It's a cherry berry sort of scent with a hint of vanilla. The scent is the same as the holiday Snow Fairy shower gel. It has sparkles, but they are very minimal. Use as an room scent or soap.

B Electro is my favorite of the 3. Love the neon glow color and the scent is more faint. It's a lot of fennel and a touch of citrus. Good lather and a keeper except it's limited so get it soon if you think you'll like it. It even looks good just sitting there.

Prices are :
Rub Rub Rub $8.95 for 3.3oz , larger sizes available
Godmother $6.75 for ¼ lb
B Electro $7.95 for ¼ lb


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Estee Lauder for Breast Cancer Month Awareness

For the next week or so I will be highlighting many of the products now available with donations/proceeds going to Breast Cancer Charities and Research Foundations. As I am sure you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I lost a beloved grandmother to the disease many years ago, so am happy to help support anything that may help eradicate this hideous disease. Total Beauty also plans a month long campaign of which I will be part of. More to come later on that.

There has been some controversy in the past over which organizations were donating how much to whom,and where the money went etc. It is obviously up to you whether or not to support by buying these items , but I can tell you that the Estee Lauder companies are very dedicated to the cause and all proceeds go directly to research. My take is, if it's something you have been wanting( say the Jo Malone Red Roses cologne, gorgeous stuff), or if it's time to stock up on a product you always use ( Like Dramatically Diffferent Clinique, which my mom has used for at least 20 years), then why not buy it now? Many of the products have a specific dollar amount from each one sold that will be donated so you know exactly whats what. These are highlighted here. I like knowing what the exact donation is myself, and had a feeling you might too.

Today features many of the Lauder companies offerings , many of which make great gifts. I already have the lipstick set picked out for an aunt. EL donates to the BRCF which was founded by Evelyn Lauder.

-Aveda Hand Relief $ 21.00, $ 4.00 from each donated

-Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray $ 11.00, $ 1.00 from each donated

-Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 6.7 0z $ 35.00, $ 10.00 from each donated

-Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Ribbon Pink $ 16.50, $ 10.00 from each donated ( this is a pretty pink and one of the best for large donation vs. sale price)

-Darphin Predermine Wrinkle Corrective Serum $ 205.00, $ 20.00 from each donated

-Ojon Revitalizing Mist $ 26.00, 20 % of sales from October donated

Estee Lauder , Bobbi Brown, Donna Karan fragrances, Tommy Hilfger, Jo Malone ,La Mer origins, Prescriptives and Sean John are all making one large donation in connection with their products and many have special items/bottles for the month:

-Jo Malone Red Roses cologne and bath oil( truly an amazing true rose)

-Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection Lipstick and gloss set

-Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume, Perfectionist CP+ , Evelyn Lauder Lip Color Collection, Elizabeth Hurley High Gloss collection , jeweled ribbon pin and Jay Strongwater set

-Lab Series for Men Daily Moisture Defense

-Creme de La Mer

-Origins Peace of Mind On The Spot Relief

-Prescriptives Pink Ribbon Collection

-Tommy Hilfer Dreaming and Hilfiger for Men

-Sean John Unforgivable for women and men

-Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rock and Republic Cosmetics

I just had the chance to sneak peek at the new Rock and Republic makeup line. I do mean sneak too. The samples I looked at , I had to to return, but it was very worth it. I am not anywhere near a store that sells it so I was thrilled to get my hands on these for even a little while.

This line has been getting a lot of pre release hype, and it's really good. I am wowed by how much I like it and how luxe it is. The cases with the silver R&R are edgy-elegant and they come in a neat hat box presentation.

The lipgloss I tried was Luxe and it'a beautiful sheer light coral shade. Barely there on but enough. Very long lasting for a gloss .

The eyeshadow shade is Snakeskin, a very deep army green. The shadow is really smooth and pigmented. Blended well and lasted long. After more than half a day it was still there looking fresh and I don't get that often. I am definitely buying a shadow when I am near a store that sells the line. There is a wide range of shades but am emerald green one has caught my eye online.

I look forward to seeing also the Swarovski encrusted Bronzer/highlighter. Won't be buying that but ogling it.

One doesn't expect a jeans line to do makeup this good. At their fashion week show they had makup artist and founder of Stila, Janine Lobell doing the makeup.
Here's the info on what Lobell used for the show:

In conceptualizing the collection’s makeup look, Rock & Republic President Andrea Bernholtz parlayed this nonconformity into a striking take on the conventional spring aesthetic. "While most brands present spring fashion with light, bright, pastel makeup, that look just doesn’t reflect the audacious, rock-inspired edge of the brand," Bernholtz explains. "Instead, we used a rock style spring smoky eye, with pale grays to lighten the eye and luminous skin to create that enviable dewiness we look for in spring."

Celebrity makeup artist Jeanine Lobell collaborated with Bernholtz to realize her vision for the show using the brand’s indulgent new cosmetics. "The focus of the dramatic yet feminine look we created is a smoky eye with gradated grays, bringing an airy lightness to a sultry look," Lobell reveals. "I was really inspired by working with the new line. The range of colors and the textures made it easy to bring the look together."

Lobell began with Saturate Eye Colour in Ciggy for a light dove gray shadow base, melting into Saturate Eye Colour in Asphalt (matte lead shadow) on the lid and Saturate Eye Colour in Fatalistic (smoky black shadow) at the lash line, smudging the shadow under the eye and blending with Saturate Eye Colour in Asphalt.

Lobell added intrigue to the look by rimming eyes with Bound Gel Eyeliner in Black and accentuating lashes with Extremist Mascara in Black.

Lobell tempered the dark, smoky eye with a luminescent complexion using Trickery Tinted Illuminizer on the face. "Trickery was my secret weapon in creating this look, providing medium coverage with a dewy, natural, radiant finish," Lobell explains. "The sheer, luminous formula perfectly offset the bold eye while evoking the freshness of spring." To add a natural flush of color, Lobell applied Rock & Republic’s Imitate Mousse Blush in Rumor or Scandal, depending on the model’s complexion. The rosy, lush hues lent a feminine sweetness to the edgy aesthetic as the whipped soufflĂ© texture contributed to the glowing look.

Lobell finished the look with a nude, glossy lip, using Luxe Lip Gloss in Imposter or Vacant. The understated, pale lip balanced the strong eye, making the look cohesive and bringing it into spring.

Available at Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks.

Eyeshadow $28.00
Luxe Lipgloss $ 26.00
Mousse Blush 28.00
Refillable Swarovski Bronzer/Highlighter $ 225.00

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DKNY's New & Cute Delicious On The Go Keychain

DKNY fragrances is putting out the cutest darn little beauty item I've seen in ages. I can't help myself, it's just too fun.

Called Delicious on the Go, it's a keychain that comes with 4 charms to attach to it. 2 lipglosses, one Delicious Night and one Be Delicious and 2 rollerball perfumes in the matching scents. Also on the holder is a small DKNY charm. You can keep all 4 on there or switch them around.

I have to tell you that this is a must for Christmas gifts. It's 35.00 exclusively at Sephora next month. You will make many smiles with this under the tree or in the bag. ( Great for Bridesmaids gift bags as well).

The lipglosses by the way, each have some likeness to the perfume and are quite moisturizing. Delicious Night has a blackberry martini taste and a tint of berry. The Be Delicous is clear with a green apple-ish taste. I like Be Delicous the best of the two, but with this you don't have to choose.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Solid Perfumes from Missoni & Harajuku Lovers

I love solid perfume, have since I was a kid. Suddenly and happily for me, it's getting more popular again.

I picked up a Harajuku Lovers in Music , but am thinking I may have made the wrong choice. It's just not smelling that good on me, and maybe I should get G which has the coconut. Now I see that the collection of solids has arrived at Sephora. Maybe I should just get them ? They are cute but also kind of too cute-sy , so maybe not. 60.00 for the set

On the other hand( literally) we have the new Missoni solid perfume bracelets. These are elegant and functional- good things. I prefer the Acqua to the Original, but both bracelets are pretty. The Acqua one has turquoise accent colors , the original the coral- red . These were inspired by Margherita Missoni's charms that her grandmother used to bring her.

These are 50.00 each and at Nordstrom, Neimans and Saks.

A Quick Trip thru Emmy's Fashion 2008

A quick, opinionated run through of some of the Emmy fashions. I missed a lot of people here, but grabbed what I thought were some of the best and one or two misses. Feel free to weigh in.

Eva Longoria's Marchesa was a mess. The bow was kind of cute but overall she looked like a reject from a Vegas showgirl reunion and that hair, it defines helmet head, but also looked like a total doppelganger for a Victoria Beckham look. On E they praised her as a risk taker, hmm, well this one was a bad one. Take risks, but have better hair is my advice.( I do, however love her shoes)

Julia Louis Dreyfus is never the person I think about when I think Glam on these events. Maybe because she plays more frumpy characters and doesn't do the Hollywood thing of parties and premieres. So when she shows up at the Emmys or Globes I am always stunned by how fabulous she looks. She picks great dresses( Narciso Rodriguez this time) and has a great figure. Love this coral number with just a hint of skin and lots of bangles.

Felicity Huffman is a total wow in her Reem Acra dress. Thats it, just wow. I want to buy her body if I can and make it onto my own,please.

Kyra Sedgewick in L'Wren Scott another wow, love it and it is also a riskier choice but it works well ( love that beading which was actually real diamonds) and she has the right hair and makeup for it. Another lady who manages to stun on the red carpet each time and surprise us.

Jennifer Love Hewitt just has way too much going on at once. Too busy, hair too messy.

4 ladies wore bright yellow,I think it looked best on Mariska . With her coloring it's perfect. Yellow was definitely the color of the evening, and I bet each woman thought they would be the only one there in it.

Our first Mad Men Emmys and Christina Hendricks brings it on. The redheads look good in green and she knows it. Bravo.

Jennifer Morrison looked goddess lovely in her goddess dress. One shoulder was a major trend last night. Her soft nude/ golden makeup was the best . She could lose those shoes though. Strapy heels needed here.

Look at Mary Tyler Moore, isn't she amazing? Love her.

Not shown:
Hayden Panettiere looks pretty but a bit too grown up. Of course at that age we all did that. It's a maybe. A very pretty dress, but maybe less smoky eye.

Vanness William's dress is another miss for her.

Christina Applegate looked amazing in Reem Acra and rocked ruby red lips , perfect for her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anthony Logistics for Prostate Cancer Awareness

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month and men's skincare line Anthony Logistics is having a special (32 oz) Hair and Body Cleansing Gel in a brand-new Blue Chamomile blend created to support the fight against Prostate Cancer.

It isn't easy to get men interested in pro-active health much of the time, so any awareness helps. This would also be a nice gift to buy now and put away for birthdays or Christmas and holidays. Treat the guys to some good skin care.

The gel is only on sale through the end of September (since this month is PCA month) at Nordstrom, http://www.nordstrom.com/, bluemercury stores and http://www.anthony.com/.

100% percent of proceeds will be donated to the Aureon Protocol Study at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City for its Prostate Cancer Research program.

Also, for the month of September, 10% of sales of all blue products in the line go to the cause and Anthony Logistics will sell blue prostate cancer awareness bracelets on http://www.anthony.com/ for $5, or you can receive one as a gift with purchase at Nordstrom locations.

Hair and Body Cleansing Gel sells for $ 32.00

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

The Triple Oxygen mask from Bliss is meant to be a quickie version of their in spa version. I mean really quick, 5 minutes fast. Now if your're like me you thought, can it work that fast? Will it be any good, and the answer is yes. It doesn't work miracles but it does tighten ands brighten and smooth things in that 5 minutes. I did notice a difference.

This is great for after a late night, or a morning when you look like you've had a late night, pre -date, whatever. The great thing is that 5 minutes. You can put it on, be refreshed and ready in no time.

You spread the mask over your damp skin, ( it's gel like ) and then it becomes a fizzy foam while working. You get a bit of tingle, wait the full 5 minutes and rinse. Thats it. It can be used up to 3 times a week.

The mask has Vitamin C, NaPCA, and free radical resistors .

It sells for 52.00 at Blissworld.com

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spring Mega Trend- Metallic Eyes

One of the major makeup trends seeming to emerge from Spring 09 is metallic eyes. Many shows went with thislook and did it well. Of course, I am a big fan of that look and have an arsenal of gold shadows. I also picked up a new Victoria's Secret pewter/silver eye pencil that I am loving right now.

As for gold type shadows ( and one silver) , a few quick picks:
1. YSL Eclat De Givre in shade 2
2. MAC Cash Flow Paint Pot
3. MAC pigment in Copperized
4. Victoria's Secret Metallic eye pencil in Chrome

Here are some details on 3 of the best examples of this look

Donna Karan-
Using a beige-to-natural palette, Tilbury brushed gold and silver hues (which looked almost wet) on eyelids, and accentuated eyes with individually placed false eyelashes, and a chocolate brown eye shadow worked into the socket of the lid. She made the eyes appear larger with a dusting of white gold shadow in the corners. Skin was “seamless” with base and bronzer. On the mouth, she applied a soft caramel lipstick with clear gloss on top. “It’s Lauren Hutton meets supermodel,” she declared.
What she used :
Eyes: Dark Brown M·A·C Pro Cream Colour Base – Blended into
the crease of the eyelid.
-Shell Cream Colour Base – Blended over the lid.
-Coffee Eye Pencil – Lining top and bottom lash lines and pulled
out beyond the outer corner of the eye.
-Gloss Texture – Swept over the lid.
-Vanilla Pigment – Used to highlight the iner corner of the eye.
-30 Individual Lash – Added to entire top lash line.
-Plushblack Plush Lash Mascara – Applied to lashes.
Fa e: Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder – Applied under the
cheekbones to contour.
Lips: Fleshpot M·A·C Pro Lipstick – Applied to nude out the lips.
-C-Thru Tinted Lipglas – Layered over lipstick

Vera Wang-
Lucia Pieroni, working for Cle de Peau at the show, was “inspired by the jewels” in Wang’s collection. She used metallic silver eye shadow to reflect the light, a touch of foundation on the face — “very light, so skin looks perfect,” she said — and a touch of lip gloss. Black mascara finished the look

Makeup, by Val Garland for MAC, made eyes the focus with gold creamy shimmer pigment, complemented by velvety salmon lips, apricot cheeks and long lashes

Creative Nail Design goes Black at Staerk

When I was backstage for the Staerk show in NY , I got to peek a bit at the nail color going on. It was a pretty ,deep graphite, almost black. Now I had been noticing myself that a lot of black was in play both at shows and on guests, but for Spring ? The manicurist for CND said that many designers were requesting black nails , even though it's Spring 09, but they were showing romantic, gothic clothes.

The colors she mixed to get this shade were Voodoo as the 1st coat, and Hide in the Dark as 2nd coat.
It was very pretty and I can tell you black is still hot. All over NY people were sporting the dark nails and they looked great.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Philosophy Fall/Halloween Scents

Each season usually brings new and fun scents or re- promotes of old favorites in the Philosophy Shower Gel 3 in 1 line. For Halloween season we have Caramel Apple, Black Licorice and Spicy Pumpkin Muffin.

I sniffed these just yesterday and they were all super yummy.

The Caramel Apple is really mostly apple ,red apple to my nose. There's a touch of something else, but it's not overly caramel. A nice , subtle apple for everyone.
Spicy Pumpkin Muffin is really spot on and true to the name. Very cake smelling with tons of those spices we think of as " fall" like nutmeg , cinnamon and ginger. The downside- it makes me hungry .

Black Licorice, again, is really true to the name. It's licorice all right and the gel is black too which I think rather cool. Now this is an odd scent to have as a shower gel, but I think it works . If you love that smell, then it's for you and is one the men might like too.
Each scent comes individually for $16.00 or as a set called The Haunted House for $30.00.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chanel Haute Chocolat Nail Polish

One of fall's hottest new nail shades is bound to be Haute Chocolat , new from Chanel. This polish was the winner in a Seventeen magazine 's Chanel color of the year contest. How cool would it be to win that ??

I remember well the last time Chanel did this, when the "odd" nail colors were just starting to really hit big and someone designed the polish called Night Sky.( shown) It was a deep, dark sapphire blue with a lot of sparkle. I bought it right off and still wear it. It's one of my favorite fall pedi colors.

Amy Gonzo was the winner this year and thats her in the picture .She's from Port Washington, WI, and created Haute Chocolat, a shimmery brown nail lacquer with flecks of gold. It was inspired by her favorite holiday drink, hot cocoa.

The new shade will be available beginning on October through December( yes it's LE) at all the usual Chanel outlets for $ 20.00

Congrats Amy , well done


Monday, September 15, 2008

Dr. Obagi ZO Skin Health

In August I got the chance too meet Dr. Zein Obagi and have sneak peek at his new skin care line ZO Skin Health. The Dr. is a friendly, effusive man who clearly knows his stuff, he not only is a top Beverly Hills dermatologist, but well versed in the science side of skincare as well.

The product to most catch my attention was the Oclipse SPF Primer. I haven't done much with primers, but was attracted to this one seeing as it had high SPF levels, was good for skin and is not too heavy a product. It also has natural melanin as well as antioxidants. The Occlipse has an almost mousse like feel when it's pumped out. It goes on like silk, makeup applies over it very easily as well. It has the slightest of tints so can be used by itself too, for outdoor sun protection with a bit of base but no makeup look.

We sampled several other products as well. The Mom immediately grabbed up the main skincare items. She's the skincare tester supreme here . Her favorite is the Radical Night Repair.

Two of the main products contain very powerful retinol concentrations. 1 % which outside of using Retin A is a very high amount for over the counter skincare. The Retinol here though is buffered by soothing ingredients to help it better penetrate and not irritate skin.

Ossential Growth Factor Serum has lipopeptides and epidermal grwoth factors, vitamins C& E, and is a lightweight gel to be used day and night.

Ossential Radical Night Repair is nightime only , the retinol here is stablized in a water free , time release system. This is the product the Mom has been using the most. Her skin is definitely smoother and several areas of hyperpigmentation have almost disappeared. This she wasn't expecting but is happy to see. She has also not experienced any irritation.

Dr. Obagi wants women to have healthier skin, not simply mask signs of aging, which makes sense if you think about it.( Although, obviously obliterating any lines works well for us too)

Dr. Obagi's entire line is avaliable at Nordstrom and at http://www.zoskinhealth.com/
Oclipse is $ 85.00 for 1 oz
Radical Night Repair is $ 325.00 for 1.7 oz