Monday, September 15, 2008

Dr. Obagi ZO Skin Health

In August I got the chance too meet Dr. Zein Obagi and have sneak peek at his new skin care line ZO Skin Health. The Dr. is a friendly, effusive man who clearly knows his stuff, he not only is a top Beverly Hills dermatologist, but well versed in the science side of skincare as well.

The product to most catch my attention was the Oclipse SPF Primer. I haven't done much with primers, but was attracted to this one seeing as it had high SPF levels, was good for skin and is not too heavy a product. It also has natural melanin as well as antioxidants. The Occlipse has an almost mousse like feel when it's pumped out. It goes on like silk, makeup applies over it very easily as well. It has the slightest of tints so can be used by itself too, for outdoor sun protection with a bit of base but no makeup look.

We sampled several other products as well. The Mom immediately grabbed up the main skincare items. She's the skincare tester supreme here . Her favorite is the Radical Night Repair.

Two of the main products contain very powerful retinol concentrations. 1 % which outside of using Retin A is a very high amount for over the counter skincare. The Retinol here though is buffered by soothing ingredients to help it better penetrate and not irritate skin.

Ossential Growth Factor Serum has lipopeptides and epidermal grwoth factors, vitamins C& E, and is a lightweight gel to be used day and night.

Ossential Radical Night Repair is nightime only , the retinol here is stablized in a water free , time release system. This is the product the Mom has been using the most. Her skin is definitely smoother and several areas of hyperpigmentation have almost disappeared. This she wasn't expecting but is happy to see. She has also not experienced any irritation.

Dr. Obagi wants women to have healthier skin, not simply mask signs of aging, which makes sense if you think about it.( Although, obviously obliterating any lines works well for us too)

Dr. Obagi's entire line is avaliable at Nordstrom and at
Oclipse is $ 85.00 for 1 oz
Radical Night Repair is $ 325.00 for 1.7 oz

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Anonymous said...

Got a sample of the Obagi skin cleanser. It was great! The cleanser not only cleaned those clogged pores around my nose but left the skin so soft.