Thursday, September 4, 2008

Plugging a fellow blogger- From The Plus Side

Sarah Conley of Style It Online is a blogger and plus size lady. Thanks to Charu at The Butterfly Diary, I just read about her Fashion Week project to bring the view from the tents of a plus size woman.

Love this idea and I look forward to her updates. The link is:

Most women in this country are a size 12 or larger( and no I do not see 12 or 14 as plus size). That means the real women. I will say I was happily surprised at the number of real women I saw at the tents. No not a lot, but I wasn't the only one, thank God. Every woman stresses on what to wear and how to look great, but hitting the biggest and skinniest fashion event in town with a budget and a waistline is not always an easy task. Sometimes you hit it lucky, others you scramble.

With the advent of bloggers getting more entry and noticed, perhaps this will help. I have met many and we all range in size from 6-20 I guess. Everyone is done up and looks fab and is proof that fashion and beauty are all sizes. After all a great lipstick cares not what size you are.

Would I like to be a size 6, well kinda , yeah. ( although thinner than I am, would be fine.)There's no doubt clothes would look better and the selection would be huge. Did you ever notice at a sale how many great pieces there are in sizes 2-6? Thats because how many women actually are that size ? I do have a good friend who is a 2( and really she needs 10 pounds on her badly, you know- collarbone protuding skinny?) and she scores the most amazing deals when we shop in her size. That said I wouldn't want to be her size. More people tell me how too skinny she looks than they have ever said about how too heavy someone is. So there.

So kudos to Sarah for putting herself out there, and it will be fun to see behind the scenes look that isn't just models.

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