Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat

Sally Hansen's Color Therapy nail polish has become a go to for me . I use it about 75 % of the times I do my nails. With it's oil based moisturizers it keeps my nails in better shape while polished.  I also use the nail and cuticle oil. My nails tend to peel very easily and also break if stressed and dry. Polish unfortunately does that to them . But of course I love having my nails done  that goes without saying.

While the polish is a staple I hadn't tried the topcoat until last week. I am a huge fan of the brand's Miracle Gel topcoat and use it over all my polishes.  But with my nails not in the best shape it was time to try Color Therapy.

I was pleased that wear time for my polish was much the same as with Miracle Gel top coat. It also gave great shine and dried pretty quickly.

The formula has argan oil like the polishes , so it adds another layer of potential moisture and with the nail color's already long wear , my mani stayed great all week.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat retail varies but approx. $6.99- 8.99

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Chanel Gabrielle Fragrance- The Film

The film to correspond with and promote the release of  Chanel's newest perfume Gabrielle next month, dropped today.

It stars Kristen Stewart , the face of the fragrance along with the new Gabrielle bag. It's pretty spare, not as  glamourous as past campaigns and that was intentional as Thomas du Pré de Saint-Maur, Head of Global Creative Resources for Chanel Fragrance & Beauty and Fine Watches & Jewelry says they were going for an emotion not a story. 

For a more in depth look at the perfume, you can hit my review here

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation

Part of the really large collection of new releases from IT Cosmetics this month is Bye Bye Lines Foundation.

 This new foundation use the brand's Light Blurring Optical Technology and
is meant to smooth and cover and it does both of those things well.  Bye Bye Lines is a thicker formula but one that goes on easily and blends out quickly and easily. It has medium coverage with a satin finish and   does not settle into lines and fills in pores well . I still needed some concealer under the eyes and where some of my spots and freckles are but depending on what your skin looks like or your preference you may or may not need that.

The formula is lightly moisturizing and does have argan oil in it but does not feel greasy on skin. However, with my oily skin I'm not sure if I would wear it in the hot weather. Come colder weather it will be much better for my skin. If you have normal to dry skin it it's well worth a try as IT packs their formulas with good for skin ingredients like collagen ,  peptides caviar, mango , licorice root, grape seed and aloe leaf extracts. Sunflower and avocado seed oil add moisture along with the argan oil. 

This works across all ages too. Besides me , the Mom loves it as does her much older sister . 

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation is $ 38 at Ulta  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mireness Secret Weapon Supreme Mascara

I struggle with mascara wear time. Anyone who's even a semi regualr reader has most likely read about my makeup melt. While I haven't tried every mascara out there I have tried a good many and I have only 3 that I can rely on to stay put most of the day  and in the heat , for all day wear that drops to 1.   

So when I saw Mirenesse touting 24 hr wear for the Secret Weapon Supreme Mascara.  I wanted to try it . The brand is new to me and is out of Australia.  

And yes it does last. All day. All night.  No smudges, no wear off under eyes. Nothing. From 8AM to 10PM it  stayed on and looked good. By the end of the  night it wore off a little bit ( as in my lashes weren't as defined , no wear off on the eye are itself) but there wasn't a huge difference from the morning.  

The formula is a tube type and I've used them before . I liked them but didn't love them. This seems different and I am liking far better. It's pretty easy to get off eyes . Warm water gets most of it, but a little remover like micellar or cold cream works well too. I like that I didn't end up with tubes on my eye area. It just washes away. 

The mascara is pretty wet but not prone to clumping and the brush is a nice size to the into the corners. It's very good at lengthening and adds some volume . It's not the boldest lash look but not skimpy either.  For a long wear formula , it gives a nice lash boosting . 

Mirenesse is as I mentioned , from Australia.  Their website is here. In the US the products are available on Amazon

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink - Fall 2017

Two new Rouge Allure Inks make their debut with Chanel Fall.

Lost and Highway are both very pretty and while the peachy coral of Highway seems to lend itself a bit more to Summer , it works with many of Fall's neutrals while Lost with it's pinkened nude is  great not only for Fall but anytime. It's an always looks good, apply and go shade.

Both  also  nicely complement the new Road Movie  eye quad .

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink are $ 37  and the Fall collection is available now.  Highway is LE.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tiffany & Co Eau De Parfum

Tiffany and Co is back in the fragrance world. Years ago they had some lovely scents and I remember going into a boutique to buy one for a gift. The SA wrapped in that blue box with a white ribbon , how beautiful it looked.

Tiffany & Co Eau De Parfum  is a new perfume  and will be the brand's signature fragrance. It's a feminine, clean floral with a citrus opening that leads to a light iris note then musks.  It all blends to a light scent where the floral notes are still very present in the drydown with a little woods in there.

This has good staying power and medium sillage. It's a very easy daytime fragrance that would work in any environment . It doesn't reinvent the wheel  or perfume in this case, but is a nice, pretty scent.

The bottle  is deceptive. At first  you don't notice all the details. When  you lay it on it's side you see that it is faceted like a diamond and catches the light.  Also inside the cap is a ring of silver with the Tiffany logo .

Naturally it also comes in that iconic blue box. Ready for giving, so think Holiday gifting with this one.

Tiffany and Co. Eau de Parfum is $130 (100ml), $100 (50ml) and $75 (30ml)  and currently only at Bloomingdales beginning in August  with full store distribution beginning in October.

Monday, August 21, 2017

NIA StriVectin Fully Charged Serum/Moisturizer & Fake Awake Triple Action Eye Gel

StriVectin/ NIA  has some new skincare I've been checking out . The formulas use the brand's patented NIA -114 technology, which they say " strengthens the delicate moisture barrier, this potent formula amplifies the key ingredients for maximum performance while fortifying the skin and defending against future visible damage" .  

NIA Fully Charged™ Serum X Moisturizer is a combo serum and moisturizer. I like that. I am a serum fan  and like to use them alone , not layer products as that can  be too much moisture for my skin.  Fully Charged is lightweight but very hydrating.  More than I expected from a serum, making this easily an all in one , nice for busy mornings where it gives you a little  glow and smoothing . It does need some time to sink in, so let it set before makeup.

Ingredients include Hyaluronic-Amino Complex, which provides the hydration  Dragon Fruit extract  which helps with brightening , Wild Indigo extract  to fight dullness and plankton and lecithin for skin health.  Glycolic and Lactic acid are a little further down the ingredient list and add some smoothing . 

NIA Fake Awake™ Triple-Action Eye Gel is  a soothing gel cream that glides on and adds a little brightening thanks to barely there light reflecting optics that wake your eyes up. There's no major shimmer or shine, but just a boost.  Late nights need this.  It also packs anti- aging ingredients to fight lines, smooth  and depuff.  It has a cermaioc tip applicator which is cool to the touch that you can use  to apply, but I still use my fingers.  I really like this . In the morning espeically it's just enough to soothe the eye area, but not too heavy for quick makeup application over it. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture while caffeine helps with puffiness.   

NIA Fully Charged Serum Moisturizer is $ 39 
NIA Fake Awake Triple Action Eye Gel is $36

Both are available at Ulta

Friday, August 18, 2017

Shiseido Hello From Tokyo Skincare Bonus Gift

Through Aug, 27th Shiseido has a great bonus gift going on.  With a $ 75 purchase you get this super cute tote filled with a sample set of your choice. 

I chose the Boost Radiance set, since I am all about brightening. You can also pick from Clear Skin, Tighten and Firm , Fight Lines and Fight Dark Spots. Pretty much all Shiseido skincare I've ever tried has delivered so all the sets should bring some great products to try and every one includes an Ultimune Concentrate mini. 

So what to buy ? Here are three of my top picks  including suncare and a lipstick, because  a new lipstick is always good.

Rouge Rouge Lipstick is one of my favorite lipstick formulas. Semi matte  and creamy so it has no shine but isn't flat or dry . It feels good on lips , has full coverage with many shades that are easy to wear, every day colors that you can count on to look good. I'm partial to Sweet Desire  and now there are new shade additions including Desert Quartz , a  pinkened beige nude.  The lacquer look magnetic close case is a luxe touch.  $ 28

Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 34 - I  don't have to tell you it's not easy to find eye cream with built in SPF. I probably also don't have to tell you that Shiseido's suncare is that good  .  Sun Protection Eye Cream has both chemical and physical SPF 34. It's hydrating and lightweight, perfect to wind up the hottest Summer days and remember snow reflects a lot of sun too.  $ 32.50

Wetforce Sports BB SPF 50+ -  I mentioned above about how well Shiseido does suncare.  This BB is so good. Not only do you get high SPF but it has really good medium, smoothing coverage with a dewy finish that lasts. It holds up to water and sweat, activating their Wetforce technology to hold on even better when wet. I use this when I'm in the pool and it works.   $38

Ready to shop ? Head over to now.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rimmel Insta Conceal & Contour/ Insta Conceal & Correct Palettes

Rimmel makes so many great products at super price. Now you can contour, highlight and color correct with two new palettes.

Insta Conceal & Contour comes in three shade combos ( light , medium and dark)  with three choices in each pan for all your color needs.

Insta Conceal & Correct has three color correcting shades to brighten, reduce redness and cancel darkness.

Both retail for $ 5.87 each and are available now.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Touch in Sol No Poreblem

Pore filling/reduction runs my morning. I spend so much time trying to fill these Lincoln Tunnel  pores of mine. I use primers over primers , powders and still I see more spots than smoothness.  And thru the day, same. Makeup breaks down, pores visible.  Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am self conscious about them. 

I think I have finally found a primer that truly works -Touch In Sol No Poreblem .

No Poreblem is a lightweight , fairly thin pink tinted gel/cream  that smoothes and fills really well. I spend extra time smoothing to really get into the pores and then allow it briefly to set. On goes my foundation ( matte for Summer) and a dusting of powder if I feel I need it. It doesn't feel tacky or sticky on, there's no heavy silicone feel and you only need a small amount each use.

 I use a magnifying mirror to check all this ( aren't they just the greatest and scary all at once ?)  and at last I see far less noticeable pores .  I have also noticed that midday to even end of day a quick powder touch up is all that's needed and there's very little to no wear off/separation or caking up at the nose and chin like I usually have. In fact my nose looks better later in the day than I when I first apply. Everything has had a chance to mesh and set.   

It seems to help with oil control as well. I still get shiny but not as shiny . 

 Touch in Sol No Poreblem is $18 at Sephora , Urban Outfitters 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Concealer/Treament

It's not easy to find a concealer for oily  and /or acne prone  skin.  There are more than there used to be but many concealers  are hydrating, smoothing and have anti aging properties. Good things all but not if you're acne prone/oily and need something to cover a pimple.

New Bye Bye Breakout from from IT Cosmetics delivers anti -acne medicine and helps to dry them while also concealing. Where was this was I was 25?  But hey I still get the occasional spot and currently have one on my chin.

 Bye Bye Breakout comes in what looks like a jar of drying lotion. Inside is a doe foot applicator .  This is a full coverage concealer and comes thick out  of the jar. That means you only need a very tiny dab to cover , less than what comes out on the want and it blends out very well. Wear time is good too. It stayed in place through the bulk of the workday and didn't crack .

Anti acne ingredients include  colloidal oatmeal, zinc,tea tree, sulfur, witch hazel, kaolin , glycolic and salicylic acid. Also Aloe, cucumber and licorice extract.

There are seven shades available .

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout is $ 28 and available at Ulta now.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Chanel Road Movie Eyeshadow Quad- Fall 2017

Chanel Fall is gorgeous ( ok that's no surprise ).  The collection is front loaded with wearable neutrals with jewel tones thrown in the mix for a pop of Autumnal color.  Lucia Pica was inspired by road  trip through California and it's easy to see the inspo here. 

Road Movie is  one of the eyeshadow quads in the collection and it's a beauty.  The bronze is an everyday shade for me and the muddy tan comes close to that as well.  I don't wear green as often as I should ,  although it is a shade I love, so the rich shimmering deep green here might be just the ticket .  The last shade is  a blackened dark navy . It looks almost black in the palette but goes on more blue. This one would work well as a liner too. 

 I look at this palette and think of cool breezes and turning leaves and how it will go with  all the neutral clothing we wear come Fall- camel , hunter green, black ,charcoal.  Like most Chanel eyeshadows the pigment here is deep except for  with the lightest shade which needs building. They glide on smoothly .  The green shade is shimmery and does have fall out. 

Chanel Road Movie Eyeshadow Quad is $ 61 and available now. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser

We have Confidence in our skin and eye cream ,  now we can have  IT in our cleanser.

Part of IT Cosmetics new August launches is a cleanser to not only complement their other products but also do a great, comfortable job cleaning our skin .

 Confidence In A Cleanser is  fairly thick gel cream that deeply cleanses without drying or irritating skin.   IT calls it a "cleansing serum " and that's pretty accurate .  It got all my considerable makeup off including waterproof mascara  .  My skin is on the oilier side this time of year but it didn't feel greasy on as some moisturizing cleansers can. It was just right , the balance between enough moisture to soothe skin while cleansing but also strong enough get all the gunk , oil etc. off without stripping skin.

The lather is light and you need a normal amount, about a nickel size blob .

The formula contains  a ceramide complex, colloidal oatmeal ( known for soothing ) collagen and hyaluronic acid along with the brand's Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate™ .  It is sulfate and soap free and has a light herb-ish scent.

IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cleanser  is $ 28 for 5 oz at Ulta and IT 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon Trio Set @ Ulta

When I was in Ulta last night I spotted this very cute set of Baby Lips Balm from Maybelline. The Mom had my phone so I couldn't snap a pic but they are online as well.

The set includes three shades of Baby Lips Color Balm tucked in a flip top box.  I reviewed these previously  here . They are moisturizing with a lot of pigment. Great easy Summer color but also good going into Fall when the weather begins to cool. This is my kind of back to school supply.

Colors included are :
  • Blush Burst 
  • Sassy Scarlet
  • Strawberry Pop 

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon Trio Set is $ 16.99 and only at Ulta

Thursday, August 3, 2017

NARS Blissful Blush - Fall 2017

I can't have enough blushes and new ones from NARS are often at the top of the list. We all know they make one of the best out there.

New in the Fall collection is this beauty,  described a shimmering raspberry . It leans a little plum to my eye and  I call it a must have .

NARS Blissful Blush is $ 30