Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mireness Secret Weapon Supreme Mascara

I struggle with mascara wear time. Anyone who's even a semi regualr reader has most likely read about my makeup melt. While I haven't tried every mascara out there I have tried a good many and I have only 3 that I can rely on to stay put most of the day  and in the heat , for all day wear that drops to 1.   

So when I saw Mirenesse touting 24 hr wear for the Secret Weapon Supreme Mascara.  I wanted to try it . The brand is new to me and is out of Australia.  

And yes it does last. All day. All night.  No smudges, no wear off under eyes. Nothing. From 8AM to 10PM it  stayed on and looked good. By the end of the  night it wore off a little bit ( as in my lashes weren't as defined , no wear off on the eye are itself) but there wasn't a huge difference from the morning.  

The formula is a tube type and I've used them before . I liked them but didn't love them. This seems different and I am liking far better. It's pretty easy to get off eyes . Warm water gets most of it, but a little remover like micellar or cold cream works well too. I like that I didn't end up with tubes on my eye area. It just washes away. 

The mascara is pretty wet but not prone to clumping and the brush is a nice size to the into the corners. It's very good at lengthening and adds some volume . It's not the boldest lash look but not skimpy either.  For a long wear formula , it gives a nice lash boosting . 

Mirenesse is as I mentioned , from Australia.  Their website is here. In the US the products are available on Amazon

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