Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bobbi Brown Beach Shimmering Fragrance Oil

Bobbi Brown's Beach is a truly delight of a  fragrance. I've talked about it before . It's a summer favorite and it really does smell of all the best things about the Beach.

It's old school coppertone, salty air, warm skin, mandarin and a  light breeze of jasmine that really feels, or well, smells tuberose like to my nose.

Bobbi has always done great ancillary products in the Beach line,  most notably Sandbar Soap which was a cult favorite that has been DC'd for now. **Please bring back Sandbar.

But while we wait for the soap, we have new Shimmering Fragrance Oil.  This has  a  softer version of the Beach scent and leaves a light sheen on skin. The moisture is not heavy, the shimmer is not heavy and the scent lasts pretty long .  So don't think greasy and glittery because these are 3 things it is not.  It's not quite a dry oil but close.

The only downside to this , I think,  it is a rather small bottle ( 1oz) for the price of $ 32.  The upside to the size? It's quite portable and plastic so you can easily take this on all your weekend journeys.

I love being able to get my Beach fix this way and the original scent is still available as well in new bottle design along with  a scrumptious lotion.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Duchess Kate's First Garden Party

Today at her Buckingham Palace Garden Party debut, The Duchess of Cambridge really got it right. Especially with her makeup. I am not usually a fan of her makeup at all, and while it's really not up to me obviously , it's drives me nuts.

Today was a softer look, she left off most of the deep, thick eyeliner that does her no favors and so now we can see her eye are quite pretty. The blush was a little more subdued, and her lip color is perfection.  It's been said she's a Bobbi Brown and Lancome fan, so I wonder ....

The dress is the Emilia Wickstead repeated from last week's Jubilee Luncheon, but she/it looks much better here. I thought then and still think it's a bit too old of a look for her, but somehow it suits the garden party better.  Of course I adore that hat so maybe that's made it better to me.

Even more surprising for royal watchers, Princess Anne pulled out another fabulous, feminine look. Today was  elegant beige  and brown  , last week was a  rich pink suit. This is not usual Anne but it should be. She does herself a disservice with her usual bad frocks.   These fitted  and pretty outfits are where it's at.

photos: daily mail

Scents of Summer - Redux

It's time to talk summer scents and I've a new article and an old one, hence the "redux".

 I did up a look at some top choices in  both new releases  and old favorites  including The Duchess Of Cambridge's wedding scent for Betty Confidential  here

And here's the link to one of my older summer fragrance posts . These were favorites all the way back  in 2008  and they still are today. If it's good, it's good.  I have only updated availability and points of sale.

Photo: Jasmine at Longwood Gardens by Beauty Alchemist

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Looking for a strong sunscreen that is  more natural ? Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 30+ might be just for you.  These are heavy,  physical/ mineral based SPFs .

They have  Zinc Oxide and  Titanium Dioxide, so are stable, and as I said,  physical sunscreens. I don't get a whit-ish cast but they are thick and white . They blend easily so you lose the whiteness fast and the tackiness goes away in about a half hour and then skin feels pretty dry. They provide UVA/UVB and are SPF 30+ . 

These are thick, slighty sticky sunscreens so you will feel them on skin. They are not the best choice for every day wear but that's what makes them good for outdoor activites like gardening, lounging poolside or the softball game. They will hold up better in hot conditions and so far this holiday weekend have done the job for me.

The 2 formulas are Tropical Scent and Green Tea. Both have similar scents, which are also both very light. It's not a Hawaiian Tropic type scent but a light herbal fragrance that fades fast for those who don't want a lot of fragrance.

Green Tea has organic matcha tea and 11 % zinc oxide and 6.3% titanium dioxide .  Tropical Scent has 12 % zinc oxide and 5.8 % titanium dioxide.  Both have shea butter and various organic oil emollients  like jojoba and macadamia nut oils.

Retail is $ 15.95 but currently they are on sale at the company website. You should also be able to find these at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppes and your local natural food store.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Molton Brown Skincare- Malachite Cleanser & Eye Concentrate

Molton Brown is know for luxe, great smelling but never fussy bath and body products. Now they've entered the skincare market with the same philosophy. It's good skincare  in a few products each tailored to various skin types . Molton Brown calls them low maintenance, high performance.

I'm loving the Malachite  Cleansing Gelle  and Vita B3 Eye Concentrate. I am a cleanser fiend, I freely admit. I find so few that really, really "get" me. Ok so maybe a cleanser shouldn't  have to get me, but I think it should .  This smells like cool lime which is a major plus, and the lime also acts as a purifier.  It gets my oily skin nicely clean with no drying but leaving behind no moisture residue either .  It feels fresh .  It gets me . Ingredients include malachite, a mineral antioxidant and Enantia chlorantha bark which is said to help reduce shine.

The Eye Concentrate  is just what an eye gel should be -cooling  and firming with  just a hint of moisture. It has B3  obviously , and a tetra peptide complex.  For summer, this will be great .  Even better if popped in the fridge.

Malachite Cleansing is $ 48
Vita B3 Eye Concentrate is $ 69

Available at

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tints

I love Bite Beauty's tinted sheer lip balms, ok I love almost all tinted lip balms, but Bite's are pretty nice. New from them  is Lush Lip Tint , which feels like a cross between a balm and lipstick to me.

Don't take the "tint" too seriously. These pack pigment, or at least the 2 shades I tried- Tangelo and Raspberry do. The pigment and coverage here is medium to full , not sheer.  They feel nicely creamy on lips with organic oils, fruit butters and vitamin E for a smooth feel and light hydration. The finish is more of a satin with no glossy sheen. The color lasts longer than many tinted balms by virtue of that satin finish  and I got about 2 hours of full color and then another hour of a light stain left behind.

The "B" in the middle is packed with resveratrol , 10 mg per each B,  the good for you antioxidant found in red wine.

Lush Lip Tints come in 6 shades and are  $24 at select Sephora doors and at

Thakoon for NARS Nails Facebook Contest

Want to win some NARS? Who wouldn't right ?  Well here's your chance. 

To celebrate the Thakoon for NARS Nail Collection, NARS is inviting fans to show off their best beauty looks.

Beginning May 22 and thru May 28 , fans can enter the "Our Lips Are Sealed" contest on the "NARS FB Exclusives" tab  on the NARS Facebook page, , for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind scarf designed by Thakoon.  Created exclusively for NARS, the scarf features a print last seen on the runway of the designer’s SS2012 collection.


To enter, fans can upload a photo of themselves showing off their favorite NARS lip and nail combinations to Instagram using the hashtag #NARSThakoon. NARS will select five finalists, and fans will vote for their favorites.

First Prize: Exclusive Thakoon Scarf, set of 6 limited edition Thakoon for NARS Nail Polishes, and $500 USD worth of NARS cult classics

Second Prize: Exclusive Thakoon Scarf, set of 6 limited edition Thakoon for NARS Nail Polishes

Third Prize: Exclusive Thakoon Scarf


One entry per person. Enter from 9:00 AM EST May 22 until 11:59 PM EST May 28. Fans can vote on entries from 9:00 AM EST May 29, 2012 until 11:59 PM EST June 5, 2012. The three entries with the most votes will win. Winners will be announced at 12:00 PM EST on June 6, 2012. Please click here for full terms and conditions. Visit for more details and a full list of T&Cs.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

Extended Play Lash is the latest mascara from MAC , hitting stores on May 24.

I'm hit or miss with MAC mascaras but mainly only because I have so much trouble with mascaras smudging. If they aren't waterproof or super long wear they don't work, and that's in most any brand. So my MAC favorite thus far has  been Opulash & Opulash Optimum. It lasts and lasts, all day and night. It's also great at giving big lashes.

Extended Play is also all about long wear. 16 hours per MAC and they aren't  lying. This didn't budge on me even working outside in the yard all weekend in the warm temps.

You'll get length here and a nice curl that holds. Lashes look upright, long and defined but it doesn't add volume. Another hallmark of this mascara per MAC is that it helps to bring up all lashes even those that lay downward. If that's an issue for you it may well be worth trying.

While this isn't a tube mascara, like them , it does take a little hot water to loosen and then it wipes off.

The shade is Endlessly Black  and it has a lightly shiny finish.  The narrow brush makes for easy application on even the smaller lashes.

Retail is $ 15.00

Saturday, May 19, 2012

StriVectin Sampling Offer

StriVectin has a limited offer to get a 30 day supply for just the shipping;and handling fee of $ 6.50. It's not an inexpensive product so that's a great deal. While I personally have never tried StriVectin, my  bestie swears by it and it has  worked really well for her.
Click here until June 1st or while supplies last

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray Anniversary Updates

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray was the first Bumble  product I ever bought. I was thinking it had to be more than 10 years ago and the email announcing a new campaign and size  said it debuted in 2001. I bought it right after it's release.
Since then I've tried many more Bumble items and rarely find them anything less than great.  
In a great move, they are now  making a travel size Surf Spray to debut in June.  There will also be a digital campaign with top stylists like a favorite of mine- Jimmy Paul, who is a Bb stylist and always so gracious during busy fashion week backstages.
He says : "When I need to make hair big fast, I always reach for Surf Spray. Recently, I was doing Jessica Biel for a fashion editorial and halfway through the day, with very little time, her hair needed to get bigger, fast. I spritzed her roots with Surf Spray and blew it dry. The whole process took five minutes and gave me the base I needed to backcomb and get the perfect volume for the shot." –Jimmy Paul, Bb.Editorial Stylist

 Are you a Surf Spray Fan ?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Donna Summer- An Appreciation

A break form our  normal posts but one I am feeling inspired to do on the great Donna Summer. And hey, she rocked some fierce makeup in her day , so it's not too off topic.

Music has  always been a passion of mine much like makeup. I started  listening/appreciating  in a big way as a little kid. I remember absolutely loving Donna Summer . Her music  was a huge part of the soundtrack of my life for many years and I  still love it to this day .  I wanted so much as a kid to be a disco diva. My poor parents. I dreamed of going to Studio 54 - at age 6.   But Donna was more than disco as her '80s hits proved.

As I sit hear listening to MacArthur Park, an all time fav while not an original Summer song, I hope  Ms. Summer realized how loved she and her music were as she battled cancer privately. Her fans wishes would have been with her and now her family has our sorrow. She was a big voice, defined an era and more.

MAC Hey Sailor - Suntints

Tinted Balms are  a great love here and now they are all the rage with many brands. Back a few years ago there were  some but not as many as now and MAC Suntints were first released in 2009 .  A new collection came along in 2011.

Now we have Suntints again with Hey Sailor.  What's great about Suntints? They have SPF 20, so are beach/pool/outdoor worthy. They are very creamy and moisturizing and they have tint. Now the tint here is usually very sheer. I am happy to see that Abalone has more pigment than many of the others. There is also a  coral/pink shade Rose Au that I don't have which sounds like it may be more pigmented as well. Sea Mist is a peachy nude , a YLBB shade . Both are nice and very wearable. And look even better in the fun Hey Sailor tubes.

These will be available May 24th  at $ 16.00

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Australian Gold Self Tanning Lotion

I love self tanner and I've tried a lot of them from high to low end. I like quite a few of them. New to me but on the shelves since last year is Australian Gold Self Tanning Lotion which now takes the title of most moisturizing self tanner ever. I kid you not, it feels like butter .

Perhaps the best part though? It dries really fast. You would never expect anything that feels this creamy and smooth to dry fast but it does. I had to wait maybe 5 minutes before dressing.

Application is easy since it blends so well. I take the time with all self tanners to really work it in and blend up and down and circular. I ended up with no streaks using this and had only one small spot that I missed on my arm. Color developed in about 4 hours and was a light tan. It's a gradual tanning lotion so two apps were needed to get more tan and to go even darker , you need another etc. I was tanning pretty pale skin the first time .While it is said to be Instant Bronzing also, it only leaves behind a slight bronze tint on application, but it does give you a little glow ( without shimmer).

Scent is barely there, you'll get no stinky tanner scent here, Australian Gold has their own trademarked Elimiscent technology and it works. Chamomile and Vitamin E are in the ingredients for skin benefits.

Look for Australian Gold products at Walgreens , Target and online at

Sugg. retail for Self Tanning Lotion is $ 8.99

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects Nail Strips

In yet another of those why didn't they think of this sooner, Sally Hansen has brought us Salon Effects strips for toes to go along with the fab ones for fingers.

The pedicure strips are shaped more for toenails with some very tiny ones for the littlest toes. You get 18 strips so plenty of extra.
 I found these  actually easier to apply than the ones for fingers , which are pretty simple themselves. For some reason ( diff. formula ??) the pedi ones stick to nails better . Maybe we have less oils on our toes than fingers? No idea but you get even faster , stronger adhesion and they smooth right out.

I have Strike a Pose on my feet now and love it. It's hard to tell from the pics but these actually have a silver background.  You'll have to take my word for it since the pictures just weren't working and hey, it's feet. 

Just like the finger strips these are a fun way to get nail art on the feet without the salon. I think, too, they'll last far longer than the stated "up to 10 days" as we all know pedi polish always lasts longer.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Clinique Chubby Sticks - New 2012 Shades

 You loved Chubby Sticks right ? Everyone loves these fun balms and they been hugely popular since their release last year.   New shades are hitting stores in June and I've got a sneak peek at 5 of the 8 new shades.

The Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms are sold worldwide and each country has a favorite. Here in the US it's Super Strawberry, in the UK it's Woppin' Watermelon and in Russia, Whole Lotta Honey, which happens to my favorite from the first group.

What I have noticed with the new shades is that they seem to last longer, pigment wise. Even after the balm has begun to wear off , I still have  stain left for awhile after.

 I am loving the new shades  and the fav so far is Oversized Orange. I couldn't wait to try it. It looks bright in the crayon but goes on lighter and less bold. Perfect for summer. Heaping Hazelnut is a great nude and  these nude shades make a great base. All winter I  often used Whole Lotta Honey as a base under my lipstick .  Next fav is Bountiful Blush , which is not too pink but a your lips but better shade.

Shades not shown are : Mighty Mimosa ( light pale pink), Curvy Candy( Medium pink) and Two Ton Tomato ( red).

Price is $ 16.00

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lands' End Cotton Modal Drapeneck Dress ( With Sleeves)

Why is it so hard to find a nice short sleeves dress? Have you noticed this ? I have larger arms , so I am not a sleeveless candidate but almost every dress I see including plus sizes are  sleeveless. I know it's not me. I've had this discussion with a Twitter friend who has very thin arms, so size isn't her issue,  but simply prefers sleeves and was going crazy trying to find something  for a wedding this month. And the local paper had a story by a bride who wanted longer sleeves for her Jewish ceremony and only because Kleinfeld is doing a custom sleeve on a gown she loved is she saved from having to do a shrug over her dress.  We should not be reduced to always layering.  I get too warm to layer. One layer is all I need and that includes winter cold temps.

So when the Lands' End catalog arrived ( yes I still get a hard copy occasionally) , I was thrilled to see the new  Cotton Modal Drapeneck Dress dress. It had sleeves. Real ones too, not cap sleeves that  are hard to wear in their own way.  Thankfully this dress has  more going for it than just sleeves. It's a super soft and comfortable fabric blend of  cotton and rayon , comes in fun , bright colors  and will take you to almost any event save the most formal. Dress it up with fancy heels and jewelry or keep it simple with a necklace and  sandals.   Hooray for sleeves, say it with me.

Available now at for $ 55.00

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chanel Calypso Gloss & En Vogue Lipstick- Summer 2012

There are 2 new Glossimers and Rouge Coco Shines for Summer 2012. While I love golden beiges I went for the coral shades of the collection since I love them too and have been looking for  just the right one for summer.

I decided I needed deeper corals than what I had. I usually don't gravitate towards deeper but right now that's my taste. But they can't be too deep , and that's where the new Chanel comes in. Both the gloss and lipstick are just right. They are bright but not super bold  and both are semi sheer .

Calypso gloss is actually more pigmented and less sheer than  En Vogue lipstick .  Both are a red coral as opposed to an orange coral. I tend to prefer orange than red , but again these have been a nice change of pace. They're not red,  just more red than orange.

So if like me, you wanted a slightly bolder summer lip , a wearable coral that should work on most anyone, these two are worth checking out. With a good bronzer or self tan, you'll have a great compliment.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chanel Le Vernis Beige - May 2012

Have you been wondering what Chanel's next exclusive Le Vernis color will be ? There's a wait list set up at their site but no shade info. Well I have that info right here. The new shade is called Beige and made several appearances on the red carpert at the Met Gala last night.

The best shot is this one of January Jones' nails.

According to Chanel:

CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour in Beige will be available starting May 16

 exclusively on Follow this link to be put on the waitlist for this gorgeous beige with a touch of luminosity:

Dita Von Teese Makeup launches in Europe

 Dita Von Teese is a gal who knows makeup. She does all her own for her shows and appearances . She's teamed up with German firm Art Deco to bring out her own makeup line.  Art Deco is a great brand. It's been ages since I tried it but what I had I liked. Once upon a time it was available at a Douglas Cosmetics  I went to.

 I assume this line is Europe only, so if you want it and happen to be vacationing there this summer or have friends who are , you might want to haul some. If you live there and check it out , please pop in and let me know your thoughts.

All images:beautypress

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Eye Contour Cream

Shiseido's newest eye cream, Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream,  is a super rich beauty. If you've had trouble finding an eye cream that really,  truly hydrates,  then this is it.  The cream itself is pretty thick and emollient and takes a little time to sink in but really not that long considering. 

 It was actually too moisturizing for me and I am dry under the eyes. The Mom took one try  and happily stole off with it , proclaiming it  one of the best ever.  After  a couple weeks of use she definitely feels that she is getting results. The eye area looks  brighter, smoother, lines are a little less noticeable . In general, they just look better.

The  eye cream is formulated with Burnet extract  for wrinkle reduction, Amino Acids for collagen boosting  and Super Bio Hyaluronic Acid for ultra moisture.

Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream is $ 55.00 for .51 oz  at  and all counters.

Sonia Kashuk for Target Kabuki Brush

Spied at this very cute Kabuki brush from Sonia Kashuk. It has a very Pucci-esque handle which is always summer appropriate and sells for 12.99. 

 Everyone, yes everyone, should have a good Kabuki brush. One that looks cute on the vanity is even better.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

NEST Grapefruit Liquid Hand Soap

Did  you know NEST does liquid handsoaps?  I only recently tried them myself and if you are looking for possibly the best smelling handsoap ever then the Grapefruit is it.

I love citrus, that's well documented here so it's no surprise I love this, and if you  like citrus type scents even a little you'll go crazy for this. It's a completely pure grapefruit that smells like you cut a grapefruit in half and squeezed it. NEST lists lily of the valley and coriander blossom as other notes, but really it's  simply grapefruit with the barest hint of green.

NEST is known for getting their scents right  and are best known for the equally great smelling candles they make. ( There is a matching Grapefruit candle as well. ) While I am in the thrall of grapefruit, the soaps come in many other scents including Orange Blossom and the new Beach.

With Mother's Day approaching next weekend,  a set of handsoaps or soap/candle duo would make a lovely gift. A high end handsoap is one of those things that just makes life better in a very small way. Silly perhaps, but true.  It's a luxury Mom might not normally buy herself but also something useable that won't sit on a shelf unused .

NEST Liquid Soap is $ 22.00 and available at , Saks and Neimans and a  big PS- they are made in the US.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bath and Body Works Mother's Day Event May 5th

Bath and Body Works will be having a Mother's Day Party on May 5th ( tomorrow) from 1-5PM .  It'll be a chance to browse and buy great gifts , check out the summer candles ( Root Beer Float anyone ?) and more.

Here's the details :

          WIN AN  EXCLUSIVE MOTHER’S DAY TOTE: Enter to win an exclusive VIP Wild Garden Mother’s Day Tote before it is officially available for sale! Valued at over $100, this pampering perk is filled with must-haves from Signature Collection Wild Garden, Anti Bac Wild Fusions and Home Fragrance Bloom Collection.

· PERSONALIZED SHOPPING WITH BBW GIFT GURU: Are you shopping for the mom who has everything or just don’t know how to express your gratitude with fragrance? Let our Gift Gurus help you take some of the guess work out of creating a gift that she is sure to love. Complimentary gift wrapping will be provided for those who make a purchase.

 · FREE MOTHER’S DAY TOTE: And for celebrating your special lady with us, you can get a limited edition Wild Garden Mother’s Day Tote Bag that includes a full sized Malibu Heat Body Lotion FREE with any full size Signature Collection purchase made during the event! Pick one up while supplies last.

Visit the Event Page at or go to for details.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chanel Delight Nail Polish- Summer 2012

Delight  is one of three new polishes from Chanel as part of Summer 2012. It's definitely my favorite. It's super metallic which you know I love  and has great pigment.  I used one polish coat in the pics, no topcoat. There is a lot of shimmer but not gritty feeling. Nail is perfectly smooth.

It's a golden bronze shade but in the swatch images  looks more gold. It really is a blend of both leaning a bit more towards bronze . First pic is with flash, bottom one, without.

Available now for $26.00 and LE.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MAC Fall Trend Palettes - Sneak Peek

The folks over at The Makeup Show posted these  photos  of the new Fall Trend Palettes from MAC . These were used a lot during NYFW . They look to be Pro only, but I am not sure.    They will be available for sale at The Makeup Show exclusively.

Sally Hansen x Avril Lavigne Salon Effects

I ADORE the Salon Effects nail strips so any new collection grabs my attention. Sally Hansen has teamed up with Avril Lavigne for a whole new selection.   I just got these so haven't even gotten them on my nails yet ( I also have 2 other polishes being tested on them right now) .

Beat You To It, Amp It Up, Fur-Ocious Vocals

One that look to be favorites are the sparkly emerald green Beat You To It , cause  you can never go wrong with green sparkle , the leopard Rock N' Roar, cause you can also never go wrong with leopard, and Amp It Up which if you look closely is little guitars.

Rock N'Roar, You're A Star, Good Gene's, Red-Y To Rock

These are in stores now.  Do you see any favorites you simply must try ?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

L'Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen

 We know L'Oreal knows suncare.  Unfortunately until now much of it has all been international. They make the great Ombrelle line in Canada and the  Amber Solaire under Garnier in Europe and Asia. It's long been a peeve of mine that we can't get Ambre Solaire here and SPFs with both Mexoryls.  Of course they also make La Roche Posay Anthelios which is amazing and available here , ditto for Skinceuticals .

L'Oreal has at last entered the US sunscreen mass market  with the Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen range. 

Subime Sun has a nice  , wide range of products , all are broad spectrum, chemical sunscreens, and have high SPFs. L'Oreal lists them as having a patented UV filter system along with  antioxidants in the form of grape seed extract and Vitamin E in most formulas .

Let's take a look at all the products:

The Liquid Silk Sunshield  SPF 50 + is  very similar to some higher end products out there like Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense which happens to be a huge favorite of mine.  The difference is this one is moisturizing where Skinceuticals is mattifying.   The Liquid Silk  goes on smoothly, and yes silky, and  is a milky , lightweight liquid . It has  a  lightly moisturizing feel so for the oily skinned this won't likely work. Those looking for a good facial SPF for normal to dry skins, then it's a solid choice and will work under makeup .

The Spray range includes a Crystal Clear Mist and  Hydra Lotion Spray. Despite one being a lotion and one not, these both dry fast and the mist actually seemed more tacky than the lotion, but neither feels very noticeable on skin. They have a light  typical sunscreen scent . Both come in SPF 30 and SPF 50+ .

Lastly there is the  SPF  Lotion . This is in a tube and comes in  SPFs 30 and 50+. It's lightweight like all the others and sinks right into skin . You feel some moisture but nothing heavy  and there is almost no scent making this great for every day use.

The full L'Oreal Sublime Sun range should be at your mass markets stores now. Retails are 9.99 to 10.99