Monday, May 21, 2012

MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara

Extended Play Lash is the latest mascara from MAC , hitting stores on May 24.

I'm hit or miss with MAC mascaras but mainly only because I have so much trouble with mascaras smudging. If they aren't waterproof or super long wear they don't work, and that's in most any brand. So my MAC favorite thus far has  been Opulash & Opulash Optimum. It lasts and lasts, all day and night. It's also great at giving big lashes.

Extended Play is also all about long wear. 16 hours per MAC and they aren't  lying. This didn't budge on me even working outside in the yard all weekend in the warm temps.

You'll get length here and a nice curl that holds. Lashes look upright, long and defined but it doesn't add volume. Another hallmark of this mascara per MAC is that it helps to bring up all lashes even those that lay downward. If that's an issue for you it may well be worth trying.

While this isn't a tube mascara, like them , it does take a little hot water to loosen and then it wipes off.

The shade is Endlessly Black  and it has a lightly shiny finish.  The narrow brush makes for easy application on even the smaller lashes.

Retail is $ 15.00

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