Monday, January 16, 2017

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection on Insta

I won't get a  full post up today on the pretty fab Makeup Art Cosmetics collection done with the three top makeup artists but if you hit up my Instagram page you'll get a look at Kabuki's Crystal  Glaze Gloss ( LOVE) .

Next up  there will be a peek at James Kaliardos lippies and face compact.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator

 Over the past month I gave a try to to my first ever electronic hair remover.  It's something I always wanted to test out but had never actually tried one.  Since I am seeing more  hairs pop out in places like my chin where I don't want hair, it seemed like a good idea. 

The Emjoi eRase e60 is a compact unit but one that gets the job done pretty easily. It has  60 tweezer action discs  so it can  remove hair from the root. There is also a sensitive skin shield that covers part of the tweezer discs and that's what I used.  It's worked well and my skin after feels fine. 

The discomfort is minimal.  You feel a slight , quick pinch and that's it. It works fast and once hair is out, skin feels smooth and the hair is gone. Not much too it I am happy to say. . 

You glide the unit back and forth gently over skin or you can use it in a circular motion while holding skin taut. It's also best if skin is clean and just out of the shower for less sting. Just don't go over the same area more than once, that's the only time I did have a tiny bit of leftover sting.  A lesson from my trial and error

The eRase e60  is a smaller unit that fits in the palm of your hand. It also comes with a storage pouch for easy transport if traveling or storing away  and  comes in the pretty floral pattern . 

You can grab yours at or on QVC for 79.95

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NARS Asphalt Jungle & Aragon Lipgloss

NARS Spring line, Wildfire, is heavy with  rich browns, burnt reds and bronzes . These are my colors so this whole collection has my name on it.

The two new lipglosses feel like they were made for me so if you also lean towards these shades , you'll love them . Both have medium pigment and are a comfortable not overly tacky gloss.

Asphalt Jungle could not be more perfect. It reminds of  a favorite lipshade I had years ( and years ago aka a teenager)  that I wore  all the time .  A medium bronzy brown shot through with shimmer , or Shimmering Sangria per NARS ( spot on description)  it gleams on lips.  This works now in the cold temps and come warm weather will look so good against a tan or bronzer.

Aragon is a creme  reddish chestnut brown . A '90s throwback but with more dimension. It's very wearable and will pop against our camel wool coats or black puffers. There are two eyeshadow duos in this collection  and one, the turquoise/copper Chaing Mai , is the perfect complement to this shade.

NARS Asphalt Jungle and Aragon Lipglosses are $ 26 and available now at, January 15 at Sephora and February 1 at department stores.

Monday, January 9, 2017

NARS Bumpy Ride Blush-Spring 2017

NARS is at again , bringing it with a hot new blush color for Spring.

Bumpy Ride is anything but , it's a smooth beauty of  orange/ coral bound to brighten  us up.  NARS calls this color "shimmering candy pink", but to my eye it's far more of a peachy orange .  It reminds a little of Torrid but is lighter and not as deep coral .

There is light shimmer, nothing overdone but enough to give you  a little bit of glow. The color payoff, as usual with most NARS blushes, is good with medium to full pigment and it is buildable and blends out well. My swatch is three  quick light layers. I'm going to be honest here , my top picture does not do the color justice, the swatch is more on point.

This is one of those colors that instantly gives your face "pop" but at the same time it's not really bold making it easily worn . It's going right into the rotation over here. Winter pallor begone.

NARS Bumpy Ride Blush is $ 30 and available now at, January 15 at Sephora and February 1 at department stores.