Sunday, February 10, 2019

Chanel Les 9 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette -Quintessance

For Spring Chanel has upped the ante on their well loved eye quads. This time we get a nine shade palette.

I can't recall a large eye palette from them before, I could just not remember but I do have a large back collection of older makeup to check .

Edition No 2 Quintessance 's shades  are mostly all easy to wear and you've got plenty of color combos right in one palette with both shimmer and matte formulas.  I am loving the sparkling metallic green in the bottom center pan. It's  a muted olive with flashes of silvery taupe. Hard to describe but very pretty. 

The deep chocolate matte brown and two lighter highlight shades will get a lot of use from me as well as the light tan matte in the upper right corner. It's an everyday shade.  I don't personally wear blue a lot and dark green while I love it, again I don't wear a lot . I like having them both here though, it's make for a well rounded palette and when I do want to wear green I don't have to dig through individual pans to find one.

Chanel  9 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette -Quintessance is $ 70 and available now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Olfactory NYC Custom Fragrance

I recently was offered the chance to create my own fragrance from  Olfactory NYC. 

Olfactory NYC is a new concept brand that allows you to have a semi custom scent blended for you by picking from one of their numerous core fragrances and adding an accord scent . All of their base or core fragrances have been created by top perfumers including Frank Voelkl and Honorine Blanc , the nose behind my choice- Taylor.

Taylor is comprised of two jasmines - sambac and absolute. I added the smoky mate tea and lemon accord. The result is a soft, airy jasmine with bright not sharp lemon and wafts of the tea note here and there for depth. It's very sunny and lifting but light , wearing close to the skin.  That just allows for more liberal spritzing . It's very Spring in a bottle. 

I admit I played it safe with my blend but I couldn't resist a creamy jasmine, lemon and tea mix and it is lovely if not overly unique . There were many other combos that appealed to me and it took me awhile to make my choices . 

Olfactory NYC has a NYC studio you can hit up in person or do as I did and go online. It's a pretty straightforward ,fun process. A discovery Tinkerers Box   or Explorer Box is also available , you can play with blends then order your creation.  

A custom scent is $ 75 for a 1.7 oz bottle and the Tinkerers or Explorer Boxes are $18 and include a discount code. 

Create or learn more at


Sunday, February 3, 2019

L'Oreal Signature Lasting Matte Lipsticks

I'm not the biggest matte lipstick fan, I've said that many times. They're just too dry and flat . I wear them sometimes but always topped with a balm or gloss. I love the richer pigments but not the feel.

L'Oreal's newest Signature matte is a different (lip) story.  These are really comfy on lips. They feel barely there and not dry.  I don't even need a balm topper. I'd call them a liquid lipstick/stain hybrid.

These have good pigment but I do need two coats for full coverage. First application gave medium pigment, 2nd was full coverage/pigment. It's not as heavy/bold color as most liquid mattes I've tried and is more buildable. I like that.

The wand is a bent doe foot that applies the color easily. It's thin but not runny . Wear time is long and once it begins to fade you have a stain left behind.

Props too , for the nice, rather luxe looking packaging. The tube has a weighted, higher end feel.

Colors shown are I Rule ( rosey pink), I Am Worth It ( red) and I Explore ( medium nude brown) an everday fav. for me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Miu Miu Twist

Miu Miu Twist takes the Miu Miu fragrances in a slightly different direction with both fragrance and bottle.

I have some favorites from the brand ( Eau Rosee and L'Eau Bleue ) that I wear a lot and I am a big fan of their retro bottles. Twist has a new bottle , a taller urn shape that is also a bit retro looking while still using the matelasse inspired print for the glass.

The new fragrance is fruity off the top with apple blossom and bergamot. Cedarwood features prominently along with, according to the brand a new accord called " pink amber" , invented by perfumer Daniela Andrier  . It's said to bring a "woodiness of burnt sugar cane" . There is a definite clean woods feel here at times , it's not super sweet but has wafts of vanilla and sugar.  The dewy, fruity apple blossom stays well into the drydown .

Twist is  bright , youthful and Spring like . It's got medium sillage and wear time.  It is an EDP but wears more like an EDT.

Miu Miu Twist is $ 71 for 1.0z ,  $ 97 for 1.7 oz,  $ 30 for travel spray .  Currently exclusive to Sephora .