Thursday, April 17, 2014

mark Sail Away Duo Charm Necklace

Here's another fun  piece of jewelry debuting tomorrow from mark. as part of their St. Barts collection.

Sail Away Duo Charm Necklace features two multi stone goldtone charms that perfectly channel the nautical theme we are seeing a lot of this year. I've been wearing mine a lot already . One of the things I love most is the longer chain. It's 24 " overall but can be adjusted shorter . This won't get lost under a crew neck or hang to far into a v neck . Plus it can be paired with shorter chains as well.

The charms are small but not tiny with the sailboat coming in at 1" not incl. the bale.   It looks cute on it's own but also makes a great partner to the White About Now watch I showed last week.

mark Sail Away Duo Charm Necklace is $ 20 at beginning April 18th.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lorde Teen Vogue May 2014 Video

I love Lorde . Do you ? First off there are her songs which I admit to listening to over and over . Then there's her not afraid to be herself  persona. She seems very cool and far older than her years. She calls herself a weirdo in the video below, but I wish she wouldn't. Different maybe but so what ?

She's  covering May's Teen Vogue . I love her as a role model for teens, girls etc. For one thing she keeps her clothes on. No sheer bodysuits or less for her. Her quote on the cover "prescribed ideals of how girls should look are over" is wonderful. I only hope it's true. 

I always gravitated towards rocking women as influences or whatever you will call them growing up. Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry. Yes they were pretty but they did it their own way. Pat was singing You Better Run, not come here and let me swoon for you. Debbie told us about the  Heart of Glass that bit her in the , you know where . The  ladies of Heart fall into this category as well along with Joan Jett . I loved and still love those songs. I was not a pretty in pastel flowers kid once I got past 6 and even then only on Easter. No apologies.

Lorde is such a  huge presence right now. I hope she has staying power and stays true to who she is. For a look at the makings of the cover and an  interview with her , hit the video.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MAC Mangrove & Pink Fringe- Proenza Schouler

The Proenza Schouler x MAC collab has been a hotly anticipated one.  It's almost here and  while it's a smaller collection there is plenty to choose from.

The packaging is a metal ombre look and I really like it. The tubes that house the lipsticks are heavy.

I have two of the new lipsticks , Mangrove and Pink Fringe. Neither are for the shy.

Mangrove is a bright coral red, more red to my eye and a matte, while Pink Fringe is a what MAC calls a "vivid flamingo pink" , and right they are. In the tube this looks to have less lip impact than it does on lips. It's bright and  a bubblegum sort of pink .   Pink Fringe is a satin .

MAC Proenza Schouler is on counters April 24th, online April 21st and is LE.

Monday, April 14, 2014

MAC Toying Around Lipstick & Live It Up Lipglass- Playland

MAC's Spring color collection Playland is all about fun, punchy bright colors.

Two lip shades have caught my eye ,  especially the orange one as once weather warms up I am all about those colors.

Live It Up Lipglass is what I'm calling Creamsicle. It's bright but not that bold. is more peach than orange and looks more toned down on the lips than the picture  makes you think. Love this one.

Toying Around is an amplified formula lipstick . It's called Hot Coral Pink, and I think of it as hibiscus , a shade we're seeing a lot for Spring and one that will go right into Summer. It's got high pigment saturation and will look good on  pale or bronzed skin .

MAC Playland will be online tomorrow and in stores April 17th. It is an LE collection through May 29th.

Kushyfoot Spring 2014

New Kushyfoot always gets my vote . I love this brand for those massaging soles on the bottom of much of their footwear. It's a small thing but really helps. They of course do many kinds of foot gear  and Spring brings a few new styles.

In the  Low Cuts Foot Cover  category , which have a nice pad under the ball of foot area, there are  new Extreme Low Cut  for the least coverage in addition to Ultra Low Cut. More low cut styles will also be offered in a larger size for sizes 9-12.   Foot Covers are $ 3.99 each or 7.99 for a two pack.

Also new are Sheer Anklets,  which come with a comfort top  in nude or black. I love anklets like this  far more than a knee hi and wear them through the seasons unless it's super cold or  hot out.  They're not easy to find, I've even grabbed some when I was in Paris , so these are a nice addition .  $ 3.99 each.

Kushyfoot is available at drugstores, and Rite Aid often has a BOGO with them.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow -Coming Soon

We got a sneak peek at new NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows first during fashion week and now with some official images.

These new shadows can be used wet or dry and are an upcoming  Summer release.
Rachel Comey A/W 2014

Are you liking the look of these new eyeshadows? NARS has been giving us a lot of new goodness so far this year.