Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Chanel La Pausa Spring/ Summer 2022


A little sunshine for your day -Chanel style  from the so pretty La Pausa S/S22 color collection. This line brings the gold and bronzes for eyes with a pop of color for lips in their new balms. It's your trip to the Cote d'Azur without leaving home. 

The eye quad Mediterraneen is all gold kissed shimmer shades. These are creamy , blend well and  have good pigment. They are not dark but also not sheer except for the top left shade which goes on with a lighter look on than the others. I've been wearing this so much. It's pretty  perfect for an easy but not so basic eye. 

The Blush Lumiere comes in two shades, I have Peche Rose, a warming terracotta peach with a tiny bit of shimmer.  It's a gorgeous color with medium pigment.  It looks like it will go on deeply colored but it doesn't making it easily buildable. There is a deeper brown bronzy shade as well . 

The Rouge Coco Baumes come in an extra chic Summer ready white case.  There are several shades of pink , nude and more. The red shown is In Love. The balms are nice , I love a tinted balm, but don't get them to wear against cold temps.  They have light moisture and an almost matte pigment rich finish. Not for the cold weather unless you layer a heavier balm over them.  They are def a Spring lippie but for then, they're perfect.  You'll look good popping one out of your season ready straw bag . 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tiffany Rose Gold EDP


New from Tiffany & Co. is Rose Gold EDP.

It's sparkly, fruity and light  . You get blackcurrant right off , it reminds me a bit of a bubbly sweet rosé like the old Asti Spumantes I drank as a young adult. Then you have musk and woods start coming in with a soft , non powdery dry rose . This could be the iris note but I really don't smell much iris to be honest. Musk and ambrette  are the drydown and it's very musky , light musks nothing heavy .

Overall this isn't anything unique , it's the Tiffany association that people will go for and I have no problem with that.  It's pretty , light and easy to wear if not unlike something else you've sniffed. I can think of many people I know who'd be thrilled with it for a gift.
My favorite Tiffany remains the unfortunately named &Love For Her,  cool cologne like citrus floral.

Something else fun is if you buy Rose Gold from Tiffany's you can have the bottle engraved.

Tiffany Rose Gold is $ 108  for 1.7 oz 

Maybelline The Colossal Long Wear Mascara


Maybelline generally new rocks the mascara game and their newest is The Colossal long wear. I  have the waterproof version because my eyes often laugh at "long wear ". I need super durable mascara. The Colossal has a large wide spoolie (mega on the packaging) and the formula is thick but not overly wet or gloppy. I like that. It adds volume and length with 1 coat but 2 gives much more of both and it is buildable without looking spidery. I've done 3 coats with no problem. It is definitely long wear, going all day with no smudge ,runs etc. The claim is 36 hr wear but I don't know about that. I haven't tried keeping it in that long , wash your face every night peeps.

By late night it's worn off some ,still there but not as "new" looking. It removes easily with cold cream but doesn't wash off . It really holds onto lashes. Again though non waterproof might be different.

Solid winner for me and I've given one to The Mom and she really likes it too. If you need long wear with a big lash look The Colossal has got it.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Alpyn Beauty

While I've visited the Southwest many times I've never been to the West , but Wyoming has always been high on the list of beautiful places to see. Alpyn Beauty is based in Jackson Hole, uses the plants of the area in their skincare and is inpired by the Alpenglow  there that bathes everything in a warm pink light at Sunset.   If skincare can bring a little of that to me, I'm in.  I can visualize sitting in a field  of wildflowers, the snow capped Tetons in the distance and maybe  a moose or elk grazing across the meadow. Ok, that might be over the top but it's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

The Line Filling Eye Balm is my  top pick, but then again I am all about the eye creams. This is lightweight with  medium moisture that also smoothes and fills a little. That makes it perfect for under makeup and day wear. 

I also  really like the Creamy Bubbling Cleanser.  I also love a good cleanser and while it's something you don't really need to spend a lot on, I'm all for a more luxe one. Self care right there. This gets the makeup off, isn't drying and has a light herbal scent leaving skin feeling soft after rinsing. 

The Calming Midnight Mask is one I'm still playing with. It's got a lot of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid , sweet almond and sunflower oils, shea and mango butter, but it's lightweight.  It also has bakuchiol( my first product with this )  and melatonin.  For drier skin it might not be enough but as we move into warmer weather I think this will be great for my combo skin. It sinks in fast, leaves no sticky feeling and smells good .  Alpyn's  site does rec  using this over a moisturizer which  I am not doing so if you are drier , that would be the way to go. 

Alpyn Beauty Calming Midnight Mask is $ 68
Alpyn Beauty Line Filling Eye Balm is $ 62
Alpyn Beauty Creamy Bubbling Cleanser is $ 36