Thursday, April 19, 2018

Yes To Super Eye Masks

My eyes need lots of TLC and I bet yours do too.  While I haven't gotten much onto the face mask trend , I am all for the eye versions.

Yes To has several new ones out to help pop your peepers into shape . Each mask is large , larger than I expected and they cover a bit of your face as well, especially up onto the forehead. So you get some bonus masking. 

These are paper masks that are well saturated with ingredients and liquid.  The Yes To Coconut  is hydrating and firming with coffee extract and coconut oil.   It doesn't feel super moisturizing but just enough and I did feel firming /tightening. 

Then there is Yes To Cucumbers Calming  for soothing and calming with cucumber , aloe  and chamomile extracts. 

Yes To Blueberries ( my fav of the Yes To lines) Skin Recharging mask has Greek yogurt and probiotics along with glycerin  aloe, and the blueberry fruit extract.

All are Leaping Bunny certified , have 95% natural ingredients  and no parabens, sulfates or silicones. They smell pretty great, too. 

Each  single use mask is $2.99  wherever Yes To is sold .

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Scentered Sleep Well Candle & Set

Have trouble sleeping ? Wildly waves hand in the air.

Trying to find things that are relaxing and help settle us for the night is always a good thing. Scentered , maker of lovely fragranced candles has something for that, called Sleep Well . You can experience the scent in both a candle and a balm that comes in an adorbale Insta ready set.

Both  are fragranced with palmarosa, lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang among others. The fragrance is very soothing, soft, gentle and worth a good deep inhale. Ahhhhhh.

The Sleep Well Essential Sleep Set makes a great gift ( and Mother's Day is around the corner). You get a Sleep Well therapy balm along with a 100% silk eye mask all in a serene shade of grey.  The balm has 14 essential oils in it's blend and can be applied to pulse points anytime, not just bedtime. I might need to carry this in my bag at all times, how about you ?

So tap on the balm, light the candle and slip on the mask. Breathe deep and work on a good night's rest.

Scentered Sleep Well Essential Sleep Set is $ 33.50
Scentered Sleep Well Candle is $ 24 for 3.0 oz or $ 39 for 7 oz.

The line is made in England and 100% natural. Find them online here 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Love Beauty and Planet Body Wash

I've finally gotten around to trying  some of the Love, beauty and planet line.  It's one that's interested me for awhile  and as it's a natural brand and it being Earth Day soon ( Apr. 22)  and all, it was the right time to test drive.

The brand is asking fans to  do #SmallActsofLove this Earth Day ,  knowing that even seemingly little things like turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth  and remembering to recycle bottles like the brand's own, make a difference without much effort from us.

Of course I also love a good body wash  , so I've got  their Tea Tree & Vetiver and Shea Butter & Sandalwood in the rotation.

Tea Tree & Vetiver Daily Detox is  herb-y smelling with a  good whiff of the  menthol tinged tea tree and green vetiver. It's very much unisex  and a refreshing  choice for a hot day with it's  overall feeling of coolness.

Shea Butter & Sandalwood Majestic Moisture smells cozy, warm and coconutty thanks to the shea butter and coconut oil .  This is creamier than the tea tree blend and helps skin feel soothed and hydrated. The one to wind down with.

 These lather well for a more natural formula, not heavy lather but enough that you feel like you've gotten enough  to feel clean.  The scents aren't strong either , more subtle and linger close to skin.

The bottles here 100% recycled  and 100% recyclable. they use plant based cleansers, no sulfates parabens, dyes . They are vegan and not tested on animals.

Love Beauty and Planet Body Wash can be found at  Amazon, Target, Walgreens and more.  There are six scent varieties in all , Retail is 6.99 - 8.99 depending on store/sale.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sally Hansen Insta Dri- New Shades

Sally Hansen's Insta Dri has been a fav for a long time due to it's fast drying. I seem to always think of doing my nails at  9 or 10PM on a Sunday , which leaves  not enough time for them to set well , usually, with regular polish.

New shades are ready for Spring into Summer and plenty have a pop of bright color we could use to kick start the season.  Also  the line has been improved with a one day longer wear per the brand and the bottle has gotten a desighn revamp.

I got complements when I wore the bright purple Va Va Violet.  I love a good purple and this fits the bill.

With Insta Dri you get full coverage in two coats. While Sally says you don't need a top coat, I think you do, or at least I do. I like max shine and a top coat provides that, along with longer wear generally.

This new formula wore well with  minor tip wear after 4 days ( and I am hard on my nails) .    One chip came in day 5.  Not bad . Faster dry polishes tend to not wear as long , and while that was still the case here, I got the  work week out of it.

Shown with Sally's new Big Polish Guards- these band aid like wraps go around your nail area before you paint  and keep your fingers free of polish. Especially handy if you're like me and a messy painter.  They aren't reusable though, the one drawback. Otherwise, they work really well.