Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2016

Eternity Summer returns for another season. I have a couple versions of this from  years past and while they aren't groundbreaking fragrances I like them  and always return to wearing them. Years 2011 and 2014 especially.

This year 's fragrance is very tropical and flower loaded, with fruits but not ones that are overly sweet.  There are lush white florals throughout along with a dewy green feel at times . It never goes too musky or too sweet which in my book is a good thing. I can detect a little of the tuberose and frangipani, two notes I love . Even by the drydown it's still quite floral .

Eternity Summer 2016 is a breezy, light floral that should work well in the heat. It's casual but not too , wearable for both day and evening.

Full note list:

Top: Palm Tree Accord, Pear Blossom, Bergamot
Mid: Frangipani, Jasmine, Tuberose Mist
Dry: Musks, Vanilla, Blonde Woods

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer is $ 66 for 3.4 oz and available at Macys.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Double Ended Shadow & Liner

Put long wearing eyeshadow and a dual ended together and you can count me in. Great price point? Even better.

These new 
Magnif'Eyes Double Ended Shadow & Liner eyeshadow/kohl duos from Rimmel tick a lot of boxes.  They are long wear, even on me with my extreme eye makeup melt. They didn't last all day on me but hours longer than most shadows. Most of you should get longer wear than that. They have a good grip on lids. Rimmel says they are crease, transfer and waterproof, just in time for Summer. 

These go on like silk, sliding right onto or across lids. They are very creamy, have good medium to deep pigment and apply easily. Nice for mornings and quick touch ups.  The kohl side is pointed for easier lining but works well on the lid too. They can be blended or smudged  as you want. 

I have two color combos here Queens of The Bronze Age which has a dark brown bronze on one end that has light pearl and a very shimmery gold on  the other. Kissed By  Rose has dark brown light pearl liner with bronze-y rose gold that is medium shimmer.

Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Double Ended Shadow & Liner are $ 6.47 each and come in five shades. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap

Looking for a clean , fresh minimalist looking hand soap for Spring?

Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap comes in Lemongrass and Fresh in a clear , foaming formula.  They have 100% natural fragrances and are dye and alcohol free. 

Both have a nice citrus scent with Lemongrass being a bit more lemon while Fresh is a crisper scent. Both seem very right for this time of year when we're opening windows and freshening up our rooms/houses. 

Softsoap Pure Foaming Hand Soap can be found all the usual drugstores  and groceries . Retail varies but is approx. $ 2.50.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Marc Jacobs Pear Splash EDT

The Marc Jacobs fragrances from a few years ago back are back. Remember those huge bottles or vats as I called them?  Now the fragrance is the same but they come in a smaller, more manageable  size , albeit for a similar price.

Rain , Cotton and Cucumber also return along with Pear .  For some reason I don't  remember Pear  but I generally like pear fragrances so this was a go. These are still more a body spray than a perfume (it's an EDT)  and with splash in the name, you get the idea.  They weren't strong nor had loads of lasting power  but I loved the fragrances anyway . It does seem though, that this iteration of Pear lasts longer than the others I had.

Pear has fruit and dry green notes at the beginning. While you get fruit, you also really get the Gin Accord and Juniper.  Then the dewy floral of freesia and musk come along.  As it dries down the musk remains along with the woods notes and some of the juniper lingering and it is far less fruity . Pear is not a sweet fragrance and has a unisex feel making it a  nice warm weather fragrance.

Full Note List:
Top:       Pear, Bergamont, Lemon Peel
Heart:    Gin Accord, Juniper, Freesia
Base:     Teakwood, Musk, Soft Amber

Marc Jacobs Splashes are  $ 62 for 3.4 exclusive to Saks  and are while supplies last.