Sunday, September 23, 2018

Miu Miu Fleur D'Argent Perfume

Fall brings lots of new fragrance releases  including a new Miu Miu edition - Fleur D'Argent.

Fleur D'Argent is  musky and dewy with  orange blossom and tuberose. Jasmine  is in there as well for a nice white floral mix and then the woods and musk come in mid way including the line's signature note- akigalawood- which references patchouli and oud ( it's mostly patchouli here).

I am a big fan of  their last two Miu Miu editions-  L'eau Rosee and  L' Eau Bleue  and wear them often.  Both were different from the original which I didn't like as much and this is different from all of them again. Here the tuberose and orange blossom  stay well into the drydown, they are very soft though,  as is the fragrance itself overall. This stays close to the skin and has light sillage but the tuberose, especially , makes for a pretty floral fragrance.

I need to talk the bottle here too. Miu Miu always has a nice one, but Fleur D'Argent comes in a mercury glass like version .  I love antoques and I love mercury glass so this bottle hits it out the park for me. It's a beauty sitting on the vanity or shelf.

Miu Miu Fleur D'Argent Perfume is $ 99 at Sephora.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

My Amazon Storefront

Readers, I have an Amazon storefront now.  I've filled it with many of my favorite products including ones that I've reviewed here so you can pick up many of my recs in one spot.

Yes I do earn commission,  I 'll admit I have no idea how much but it's not a lot. And any will get plowed back into buying items to review and feature here. I hope you'll stop by.

Here's the link

Friday, September 14, 2018

Natalie La Rose Perfume Rollerball

Natalie Wood still has presence and gravitatas , and is well deserving of the term icon.

In her honor her daughters Courtney and Natasha created Natalie perfume, inspired by the gardenia fragrances she loved and wore.  Jungle Gardenia was  her signature scent and the smell of gardenias  was a strong scent memory for her daughters.

Now there is Natalie La Rose.  Wood loved to garden and filled her house with roses throughout the girls childhood. This is a beautiful straightforward rose fragrance.  I may be  little biased as I love rose fragrances , but it is lovely. The rose here is big but soft , fresh picked and  full bodied . Not overpowering, not old fashioned and using essential oils. 

Other notes mentioned also include geranium and heliotrope but I detect very little. Concentrated at 18% this  has lots of sillage , strength and presence. All good things in my (fragrance) book. 

It's also a nice deal . The perfume comes in a .25 oz rollerball for $ 25. A nice size to try and also to keep tucked easily in  a bag for touch ups and travel. 

Natalie La Rose Perfume  is available at Amazon  and 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum

I think most of us would say we are stressed.  Big things weigh us down with worry, I know it does me. We just have to keep our chins up and move forward and not sweat the small stuff.  At least that's what  I try to do.

Stress takes a toll on us , that we know both inside and out. It releases more cortisol and hormones.  Our skin can be damaged by stress and it can show. Who has ever said after a crying jag, wow I look good right now ?

Murad, makers of some great skincare, have a new serum to address  stressed skin.  New Revitalixir Recovery Serum  is a lightweight and is for both  face AND eyes.  Multitasking skincare? I like that.

The serum has  oil based spheres  suspended in a water based gel. It  uses caffeine, wild indigo , niacinanide, neuropeptides , paracress cannabis ( hemp seed oil), apricot kernal seed oil  and hyaluronic acid to soothe weary skin  and is said to work on expression lines, dehydration and dullness and dark circles.

This is nicely moisturizing but not heavy. It feels light on and sinks in quickly. For my skin it's enough on it's own right now. I'm combo and don't need a lot of moisture. I need some, and this is just enough. Anyone dry, might need a  cream to layer over it .  I've found it's kept my skin well hydrated, soothed  and looking healthy and brightened.

There is a light grape/wine like fragrance that I like. It's not strong but there.

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum is $ 89  at , sephora and more.