Wednesday, May 1, 2024

AKT London All Over Scented Deodorant Balm


When was the last time your deodorant had a scent profile ? And you looked forward to applying it ? The new  AKT deodorant balms  do that.  Made in the UK with scents of violet or citrus ( the ones I have here, there are others) they smell that good . 

I haven't done much with the more natural  all over deodorants, I've tried a  couple here and there but none really worked that well for me. I admit I sweat,  and when it gets warm, a lot.  Not much is going to stop that sweat on me, I've used used clinical ones in the past as they worked . But most natural deodorants and many aluminum ones haven't completely stopped odor either. AKT does . 

AKT SC .05 Ext. Columbia Rd.  smells amazing like you've gone through a field of Violets on a rainy spring day while SC .01 Ext. Orange Grove is a crisp green citrus . Rind, fruit and a little of the tree itself.  They keep the odor at bay all day , all night and into the next morning., I had no breakthrough. I still had perspiration but again I'm not expecting anything to fully stop that. And hey we all sweat but we hopefully don't reek of it. 

The formula is a thick balm that comes in a very apothecary chic aluminum tube you apply wherever you need or want it . AKT also has a "key"  made from heavy brass that you can get to make turning the tube extra easy. You don't need that per se, but it does make it easier to use. It acts as a little bit of fragrance too, with that you might want to tailor your perfume, if you wear  it, to coordinate because these do not have  a strong scent but it's not a light either. You can smell it but you have to be close.  

 There are  five fragrances available along with a discovery set and a starter set. I believe there is a unscented option on the UK website.   Price wise these are  higher than many but not at luxury brand level. Each tube is 29$. For me,  it's something I will definitely want to keep on hand. Elevate the everyday is something I say  and this does just that. 

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