Monday, October 10, 2022

Altaia Atacama

The newest fragrance from Altaia is a beauty. I've been wearing it almost every day for a couple weeks and with my fragrance collection that's saying something. I don't wear the same one over again too often. 

Atacama celebrates the line's  South American heritage and was inspired by the the Atacama desert. It's the highest desert on earth and also the driest (parts are covered with dried salt)  but also one that with a little rain brings out the blooms of pink mallow flowers throughout.  I'm a geography and travel buff but I admit I had never heard of it  so it was interesting to learn about it. To see how beautiful it is when the flowers bloom check out the second slide. 

The scent is not exactly desert like but it is  dry. Also creamy and beachy with a suntan lotion feel but nothing too overt , nothing that screams sunscreen. More like the coziest sunbaked beach day with the salty breeze,  fragrant flowers nearby and damp driftwood .A lush jasmine , freesia, clary sage and tonka  are the main notes here  along with cashmere woods.  The jasmine combined with the sage, a note I tend to love and then the tonka makes  it cozy and nuzzly as it dries down ,with a hint of vanilla sweetness. I can't stop sniffing myself when I wear this. 

Atacama has good lasting power, I get whiffs of it most of the day . The sillage is light to medium.

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