Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alexander Wang/ Rodarte Backstage

Aveda supplied the hair styling and products for the Alexander Wang fashion show. The look is meant to be "the girl who’s just left the gym and has pulled her hair back into a "sweaty," textured, undone half-pony. The bottom is loose and the texture is dry."

According to the stylist here's how to get this at home: "This is a look that works well for long hair and can be easily adapted to create a slightly more polished effect. The key to this look is to create texture at the roots and loose, messy waves at the ends."

The makeup here at Wang was done by Dick Page for Shisiedo and includes a new lipstick color called Pink Mesa that will be out in Feb. 09. Page wanted a look of heat on the cheeks and used cream blush without foundation.


Here we have these what I call " Cinnamon Bun" buns. Pretty cool and the final look is quite cool. These were also styled by Aveda.

The look : " is alien-like; the hair is wrapped around in circular motions to create a tight, pure bun covered with a gold or silver leaf."

This look has quite a few steps, but if want to give it a whirl- here they are:

Step 1: Separate hair into top and bottom sections leaving a wide strip from the front to mid-way down the head.

Step 2: Separate bottom section into three parts. Beginning with the middle section, dampen hair with water, spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, and comb through. Secure into a tight pony tail approximately two inches above the nape of the neck. Wrap hair into a bun using a circular motion and secure in place with pins.

Step 3: Take bottom left section of hair to work with; dampen with water, spray with Air Control Hair Spray and brush through, then comb using a fine tooth comb to smooth. Wrap hair around the bun tightly in a circular motion and secure with pins. Re-spray with Air Control Hair Spray to seal fly-aways. Repeat with bottom right section of hair.

Step 4: Separate remaining top section of hair in half. Dampen bottom half with water, spray with Air Control Hair Spray and comb through. Divide again into two more sections—right and left. One at a time, wrap each section around the bun in a circular motion, securing in place with pins. The bun becomes larger and wider with each section of hair added.

Step 5: Take remaining top strip of hair; dampen, spray with Air Control Hair Spray and comb through to smooth. Comb hair back and directly over bun, securing in place with pins and Air Control Hair Spray. Tuck ends into the bun and seal with pins.

Step 6: Coat bun with Brilliant Retexturizing Gel. Place a gold (for blondes) or silver (for brunettes) leaf over hair to cover the bun. Smooth in place with fingers and spray with Air Control Hair Spray.

all pics: jon gurinsky

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