Friday, September 12, 2008

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Dare Fragrance

One of the new products that I got to test out at fashion week was the newest Victoria's Secret perfume -Very Sexy Dare.

Now I have had a hit or miss relationship with VS fragrances in the past, and wasn't expecting to love this, but I do . I really love it. Now one of the main notes is blood orange, and then grapefruit. Two of my huge favorites, so it would be hard to go wrong for me there.
The perfume starts off with a big burst of the blood orange but it settles down quickly , and mixes in with the other notes which include grapefruit woods, and freesia.

This is not a strong fragrance, which is nice. It stays fairly close to the skin and has light sillage. It doesn't hit you over the head and therefore can be spritzed more liberally.

I didn't detect too much sandalwood or tonka bean, and tonka being a no- no note of mine, thats good, but I wouldn't call this a citrus scent either. There is a nice touch of woods and a tiny hint of the musk to ground it all.

I can see myself buying the mist and lotion in this as well. Luckily it's all extremely well priced.

Here is the note list:

Top: Bergamot, Blood Orange, Pineapple Juice, Tamarind Nectar, Hazelnut Leaf

Middle: Yellow Jasmine Lily, Purple Freesia, Nutmeg, White Peony

Dry-down: Grapefruit Wood, Sandalwood, Musk, Tonka Bean


Eau de Parfum - 1 OZ. $39 , 2.5 OZ. $49, 3.4 OZ. $59

Sexy Sheer Mist - 8.4 OZ. $22

Body Lotion - 6.7 OZ. $20

Body Wash - 6.7 OZ. $15

The scent launches next week I believe. I will keep you posted.

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