Wednesday, December 5, 2018

It Cosmetics Brush Believer Super Squad Gift Set

Every year It Cosmetics does great gift sets  and this year is no exception.

I especially love the brush sets , because,well you have tried their brushes right ? So, so soft.   I have to run my hands over the display every time I go to Ulta.

The Brush Believer Super Squad set is exclusive to  Ulta  and comes with 5 full size  Heavenly Luxe  brushes and a folding vanity  tray.

In a neat feature both the brushes and  tray are magnetic so you can stand the   tray  on one side and  place the brushes there. It makes for a nice look.
I'm   not sure that I'd call the folding piece a tray but it  can be laid flat and has a zip pocket in the middle also .  It folds up pretty thin so it'll  store away  or travel  easily .

It  Cosmetics  Brush Believer Super Squad  is  regularly $68 at Ulta but is currently on sale for $47.60


FourViews4U said...

I love my brushes however the gray is useless ! Mine is not holding the brushes and to be honest how is it supposed to work ?

Beauty Alchemist said...

Hi FourViews , the magnet isn't really strong, that I did notice. It did hold my brushes , but if bumped even a little they would fall off. make sure you fold the tray like I have in my pic, the brushes are meant to "hang " off it .