Thursday, August 18, 2011

SkinCeuticals Blemish+ Age Defense

Managing oily skin and acne prone skin along with using anti-aging products isn't always easy. It's hard to find products that won't break you out or make you more of an oil slick but will also work on fine lines,  brightness etc.

Earlier this summer I  tried  out a product I'd been eyeing for awhile, Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense.  I also went 3 step, using their LHA Cleanser & LHA Solution( toner).

Because this makes you photosensitive I stopped using the serum after a week since I am in the pool a lot and therefore  in the sun. I use the best sunscreen  I can get but even with  re-applying  you still battle keeping it on in the water all day.

However , I can still say that it works .  In that one week I noticed a difference quickly.  Actually, I noticed a big difference  in how smooth/brighter my skin was in one application.

Overall skin was smoother, less oily and looked brighter. I can only imagine what a months long routine can do.  It's  very strong ( I'll get to the ingredients shortly)  which is one reason  I imagine it works. Nothing has fazed my skin before but this did irritate  a little, but only a little and very  briefly.  I didn't have any drying of my skin either .

Blemish +Age Defense  has 2 % Dioic acid to reduce sebum production and  acne causing bacteria as well as prevent hyperpigmentation, 0.3 % LHA which decongests pores and reduces signs of aging, 1.5 % Salicyclic acid, 3.5 % Glycolic acid and 0.5 % Citric acid.

Derms often say that high doses of Glycolic acid is one of the few ways to truly reduce lines and darker spots .With that,  I plan on starting back on the serum once fall sets in to whip my skin into after summer sun shape.

I've continued using the  LHA cleanser and toner ( both of which have smaller amounts of glycolic and salicyclic acid)  and  my skin has stayed  fairly blemish free , more than usual I think considering how hot it is . Most happily I think it's kept the pores far less clogged and that's a big plus.

Bottom Line- Skinceuticals in general makes great skincare and if you want anti-aging but are afraid to break out your skin, then this is one for you to look at.  It won't add any excess moisture but will blast oils and spots as well as exfoliate the skin to a smoother look.

Blemish+Age Defense is $ 78.00
LHA Cleansing Gel $ 36.00
LHA Solution Toner $ 36.00

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