Friday, August 12, 2011

essie Fall 2011

essie's  fall collection is based around the love of  classic handbags with names like Carry On and Power Clutch. The shades are all cremes, mostly subdued , polished looking and ladylike. They're also very fall like.

My favorites are Carry On, a deep wine and simply pretty, Glamour Purse, an almond shade  as I love nudes  and beiges and this is not quite nude but a bit deeper and Very Structured , the most unexpected shade here as it's rust.

 I bet rust is one you don't have in your stash. In my considerable stash of polish going back, yes, 20 years I can think of one orange- rust frost, and one toffee with a hint of rust, Toffee Twist from Revlon.  They are out there I am sure but it's just not a shade you see a lot of. I don't think it's one that everyone will gravitate to either, but I like it because it's different, it matches my coloring and not everyone else will be wearing it. It's also very fall and very 70's feeling to me.

I hope to get some images of a few shades on my nails soon, but I can tell you that they run very color true to what's in the bottle .  For now we  have the whole new line in their bottles to ogle.

Shade list:

-Carry On- mulberry merlot
-Glamour Purse- almond Blush
-Case Study-camel beige
-Power Clutch-darkest green
-Very Structured-burnt sienna
-Lady Like -demure pink

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