Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Sunscreen Roundup


I have no idea why, but I find trying and looking for the best sunscreens , fun. Maybe it's because there's so many great ones out there incl. more high end ones that appeal to the luxist in me. For whatever reason, it means I use sunscreen more, so thats a good thing.

Now I have only touched the surface here. There's a lot of sunscreens out there, I am finding new ones I want to try every day. Hopefully this primer will help you either find one you love, or get you started on a search of your own.

Things to remember:
-According to a news report last week all sunscreens need re-appying after 40-60 mins., no matter what the bottle says. The government has been planning to regulate sunblock claims for years, but as they will, haven't gotten around to it. None are so waterproof as to last hours.

-Any SPF higher than 30 is not really needed. Ones with higher numbers only provide little more protection. However, it can't hurt either. Just know that if your favorite is 15 or 30, you're good.

-Lastly Mexoryl is the best protectant out there. Only one type is approved for use here sadly, but companies are making various antioxidant cocktails and mineral blocks to up the ante in protection and make up for lack of Mexoryl. Think Helioplex from Neutrogena among others.


- Ambre Solaire by Garnier- The best with BOTH Mexoryls. But only available outside the US. I grabbed this in Paris 2 yrs. ago and wish I had bought more. If you or anyone you know is going to Europe, get 1 or 10. ( In US there are several with one Mexoryl -SX. Lancome, La Roche Posay and Skinceuticals (highlighted further down).

-Cosmedicine Medi Matte Tint SPF- One of my favorite products now comes in a tinted version with SPF 20. Fabulous. This mattifier really works, and it's rare to see a mattifier( or tinted cream) for us oily gals with SPF. $ 42.50 ( Murad has a great looking non- tinted version as well, but haven't tried it yet)

Skinceuticals Active UV Defense SPF 15- One of the Mexoryl SX sunblocks. This is light but strong. Has a very light scent, but it's a nice enough one. One of my new favs. $ 29.00

being TRUE Essential SPF 30 gel- a gel/cream thats great for oily skins. Light , sinks right in . Ingredients incl. phytomelanin ,white and green tea . Can be used on face/body and under makeup. Oil free and oil absorbing. $ 35.00

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36- yes it's expensive for a lip product, but you're worth it. It comes from a great suncare line and looks very chic. Some complain of a white tint. If that happens, just blend. $ 20.00

Clinique SPF 25 Body Spray- I am loving the new Clinique suncare. Reviewed in detail Here this spray is easy , has their new Solar Smart technology and a high SPF. $ 20.00

Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Powder Suncare- There is a new oily/problem skin version with 4% Salicyclic Acid & Willow Bark ( This sounds awesome. Must Try) and an Unwrinkle version with their Syn-Ake wrinkle relaxing ingredient, a neuropeptide and Matrixl 3000.
The Unwrinkle one I have tried and it's a smooth powder that evens skin . Feels very light. Their Unwrinkle powder compact is great , now you can have a lighter sunblock version. These are perfect for mid- day touch ups or those who want no SPF cream on their face. $ 30-35.00

Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Kiss SPF 20 Lip Gloss- an older Hawaiian Tropic lip balm was all I used a few summers back poolside. Smelled so good. Now we have this yummy berry lipgloss version. I have Cat Marnell at Lucky mag and her column to thank for finding this. $ 5.99 approx.

Mission Skincare Fast Drying Spray- Yesterday I mentioned how Mission is now at CVS. One new item is the Quick Drying Mist in a pump spray. Especially good for the athelete, outdoorsy or men. $ 6.99

Neutogena Pure & Free Baby SPF 60- New formula made extra gentle for babies and acc. to Neutogena , made with PureScreen technology, a more natural mineral physical block. Has " a separate layer that sits on top of the skin. This layer reflects and refracts the dangerous UVA/UVB rays of the sun before they have a chance to touch your baby"
Plus if it's gentle enough for babies, then it's great for those with sensitive skin .

Sephora's Sun Safety Kit- remember I said discovering new sunscreens can be fun ? Well this kit gives you a chance to try a gazillion of them . There's some great stuff in here like Clarins, DDF, andSmashbox plus a bag. $ 22.50


Roxy said...

My favorite so far has been the sunscreen by 3LAB - it's magnificent.

Beauty Alchemist said...

3 Lab has some great products. Not tried the sunscreen, so there another new one :)


BritishBeautyBlogger said...

I love Institute Estherderm...especially the anti-ageing face protection....every little helps, I hope! I like testing sunscreen a whole lot better than I like testing self tans! x

Beauty Alchemist said...

Oh I do love the self tanners too :) We Americans hate being pale. At least most of us, I think.