Tuesday, December 31, 2019

L'Occitane Honey Harvest Shea Ultra Soft Cream

Winter time is time to stock up on the heavy duty body moisturizers and they don't get much better than the shea butter packed ones from L'Occitane.

New this year is Honey Harvest and it's become a favorite here. As the name says this one is so soft and easily absorbed so no heavy feel or greasy residue. But it also works to get skin feeling soft and moisturized .

The texture is whipped and mousse like with 10% shea butter and a light honeyed fragrance. It's just there and as honey as a scent isn't always to my taste or nose, this one is just right. Comforting and cozy but nothing you'll notice unless you're up close.

They still also have their original Ultra Rich  cream with 25 % shea butter and the new Festive Garden Ultra Light version with a floral scent and 5 % shea butter.

All three come in a tin ( shown) and a larger tub. Sales are online now too for various products and sets.

At L'Occitane.com

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