Friday, January 3, 2020

Gucci Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori

Gucci  Bloom Ambrosia Fiori is the new flanker scent in the Gucci Flora line. They've all been lovely and this new one adds iris to the tuberose of the earlier versions. 

The iris shows up here that Ambrosia Di Fiori is drier and powdery but I wouldn't call it an iris scent. The tuberose is still there and on the green side.  Actually the whole fragrance leans just a little earthy herbal but is still very  white floral with jasmine and also a soft soft rose hiding in there. I gave this bottle to a friend and she said it really reminded her of an older scent and after some guessing , she landed on Giorgio  from the 80s. It's not quite that loud but there is a similarity and also I should note this smelled far more tuberose and less green on her than it did I. 

The longevity here is serious . Next day longevity with lots of sillage. It's not super strong but not shy and light either. A sweater weather Bloom.

They've gone to a lacquer red bottle this time ,something we're seeing more of in newer releases and I like it. The front sticker is well just a sticker and close up lessens the pretty bottle look though but the red is still a stand out color and look. 

Gucci  Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori is $ 145 for 3.3 oz,  $ 107 for 1.6 oz and $ 34 for a .25 oz rollerball at Sephora , Macys and more. 


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