Sunday, July 7, 2019

Lime Crime Sunkissed Face Palette

Looking for a perfect Summer glow palette ?  Lime Crime has got you.

This is my first time trying the brand although I've admired it from afar for awhile.  And let me tell you, this palette is a beauty.  There are six shades in shimmer and matte to give you the best Summer glow. It's also wake up makeup. Or perk up after a loong day.

Don't be scared by the brights either. I admit I was at first. I loved the orange shade in the lower left but thought can I wear it ?  Yes. It is bright but the powder is fine and easily blended. Just use  a light hand and quick dusting across it if you're pale like me. On darker skins it should look amazing. The Yellow Gold is a little much for me but again it's not as bold on as it looks in the palette.

The Shimmers  are silky feeling and that makes them wear nicely and settle into lines etc too much. A  dusting of one of the lighter shades all over my face is such an instant brightener.  Sun Daze, upper right, is just enough of a non bronze  warmed up color boost , while Bask is the perfect not too deep all over bronzer.  Then I use Sizzle and Malibu as  blush.  In all of the shades  pigments are rich so you don't need a  lot on your brush and they all blend together nicely, so I often dip my brush in one then into another to mix.

This is sized well for packing. Not small but not huge. 6 1/4 x 4 3/4 inches.

Lime Crime Sunkissed Palette is $44 at Lime Crime,  Ulta  , Nordstrom.

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