Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mamonde Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream

A lighter weight cream feels so much better in Summer than something heavy. I usually put the winter skincare aside once it gets hot for something a little more fresh and light.

Mamonde's  Floral Eye Gel Cream fits the bill as it's light with an almost water burst feel.  Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid provide the  moisture and it also has the flower essence of Narcissus.  It's  very refreshing on the eye area and adds light hydration . It takes a little time to sink in but not too long and works well under makeup.   That makes it a great daytime cream but the refreshing feel is nice after  along hot day so it's good for nightime too. 

So while this may not be the best pick when it's 20 degrees outside ,when it's  85 degrees it's  spot on adding some firming as well.

This was my first time using anything from this K Beauty brand  and I'm looking forward to trying more.  It's worth noting, too, that it's certified Vegan. 
You can find the line at Ulta and Mamonde's website for $ 32 

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