Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Commodity 3x3 Exploration Set

Commodity fragrances 's holiday set is perfect to acquaint yourself with the brand or grab portable minis if you're already a fan.

The box set contains 3 each EDP fragrances in 5ml and 2.5 oz votive candles in Orris, Book and Tea.  Yes, Commodity has candles now.

Orris is an earthy iris spiked with spices for a warmer feel than  you usually see in Iris scents. As it dries down it's woodsy( you can smell the pathchouli and cedarwood) then a little vanilla mixes with the orris.

Tea is sweet and a little smoky.  Honey ,oolong tea,  rose , tobacco and sandalwood feature prominiently.  It's quite pretty and my favorite of the trio .  Very much a scent that  adds warmth to a cool day.

Book is dry , and does smell like old paper and antique books which partially comes from the eucalyptus note. Cedarwood adds to that along with cypress and amber. It's very woodsy in a not so woodsy way.

The set is beautifully presented in a minimalist looking gift box covered with an outer sleeve .  The candles are hand poured and soy based and the fragrances are unisex.

At $ 38 this a bargain for all you get. It's only at Sephora and LE.

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